Mackenzie Falls is a fictional drama show originating from Sonny with a Chance, featuring comedic overacting. The show is similar to Dawson's Creek and Gossip Girl, among others. The show's name, Mackenzie Falls, comes from Chad's character's name and the name of the town (which is located near a waterfall). In the season two episode "The Legend of Candy Face", the cast of So Random! made a parody of Mackenzie Falls titled Mackenzie Stalls, which was set in a bathroom. Minisodes and promos can be seen on the Sonny with a Chance website.

Starring Chad Dylan Cooper (Sterling Knight) and several recurring actors, who vary by episode. Cooper portrays Mackenzie, a private school student who is having trouble with his relationships with his friends, especially love interests.


Yearbook Photo Name Actor
Mackenzie Sterling Knight
Trevor DeVaughn Nixon
Penelope Leslie-Anne Huff
Devon Will Georges
Chloe Ashley Jackson


Sonny with a Chance

Behind the camera, the cast of Mackenzie Falls are rivals with the cast of So Random! and will do anything they can to remove them from the picture. It is unknown how long exactly they have been rivals.

When Sonny Munroe joined So Random!, she did not know they were bitter rivals with Mackenzie Falls after meeting it's star Chad Dylan Cooper. She would tell Nico, Grady, Zora, and Tawni the news when they would drop their jaws in disgust.

Coming up with a way to end the feud, Sonny organized a peace picnic, which failed as the cast ended up glued in their chairs and losing their stolen TWEEN Weekly award which Cooper retrieved for himself again.

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