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Lula is a character from the TV series Dave the Barbarian. She is voiced by Estelle Harris.


Lula is Dave's shrill, impatient, sarcastic enchanted sword. Her main ability is shooting a lightning discharge from the tip of her blade. She was once the sword of Argon the Ageless, but was used by Argon as the nose of a snowman, and left there for centuries.

Role in the series

In the series first episode "The Maddening Sprite of the Stump", Lula gets stuck in a tree stump during Dave's attempt to guard the Enchanted Forest against a giant man-eating muffin. When the royal family is unable to free Lula, a tiny, winged sprite establishes himself as the ruler of Udrogoth.

Lula played a larger role in the episode "Lula's First Barbarian", Lula's old owner, Argon the Ageless, comes to town and Lula wants to find some way of getting him to come back to her.

In the episode "Thor, Loser", Lula's older sister Mjolnir decides to pay her a visit.


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