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Luki in the original film

In the original film, Luki is seen wearing a blue shirt and dark blue pants with white tennis shoes. He wore round rimmed glasses and had fair white skin. His hair was brown and slightly shaggy in the front with his bangs pointed.

In the series, his appearance changes. He now wears blue glasses and a green collared shirt. He also has much tanner skin and darker brown hair that is more well kept.


Luki in the tv series


He is a kind person who enjoys serving shaved ice, but because his appearances are usually short, not much else is known of his personality. He gets along well both with Lilo and Stitch and is one of the few people not annoyed with Lilo and Stitch, though he was afraid when Stitch threw his shaved ice stand, telling them politely not to do it again because he didn't have that many.


He appears in the Lilo & Stitch movie for a short time, giving Lilo and Stitch shaved ice, albeit with a lighter appearance.

He appears sporadically throughout the series for brief periods of time.

He appears in "Dupe" where Stitch throws his snow cone cart at Gantu. He is later shown serving MertleElena, Teresa, and Yuki shaved ice before telling Stitch not to throw the cart again since this is his last one. At the end of the episode, Lilo finds Dupe a home with Luki making half calorie shaved ice.

He later appears in "Slick", giving Mertle her unlimited supply of shaved ice before warning her not to eat any more as she has eaten sixteen already. Mertle says she will eat until she is sick, which she is and throws up. Luki then tells Elena, Teresa, and Yuki that Mertle is too competitive.

He appears in "Slushy" when Lilo and Stitch go to his shaved ice store and says his freezer is busted because of the heat storm. He makes a Lilo experiment snow cone with blue purple and pink colors, Elvis' favorites. He also offers to give Stitch one but Lilo declines, saying Stitch hates trying new things. At the end of the episode, Lilo finds Slushy his one true place working with Luki to mave shaved ice. Luki thanks Lilo and Stitch for bringing Slushy to him and gives her and Stitch shaved ice.

In "Hunkahunka", he serves Keoni and Lilo shaved ice.

In "Shush", he is sen putting the manga juice in the coconut juice bin and calls himself loco, with Lilo eavesdropping on him through Shush and giggling upon finding out Luki talks to himself.

In "Spats", Spats causes Luki to get into a fight with a customer who insults his shaved ice and throws it at him, saying it is not fresh.


  • Strangely enough, in the first movie he was shown with white skin and brown hair wearing glasses but in the series he has tanner skin and short darker brown hair. It is possible that they changed his design to make him look more polynesian.
  • Both Dupe and Slushy work for him.
  • He seems to see Slushy more as an equal than a worker, as there are times such as in "Angel" and "Snafu" where Slushy is seen making snow cones for guests without Luki around.

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