Luke Williams is the main, later secondary antagonist in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. He was advertised as the main antagonist, but this was the plot to be outranked by the true main villain.


Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

He is introduced as a proud member of the rival camp, Camp Star. He and Mitchie quickly become enemies after getting off on the wrong foot and Luke is shown to be extremely loyal to Axel Turner, the owner of Camp Star. He has to share the stage with Tess Tyler after she switches camps but that does not go well when they're constantly fighting for the spotlight due to clashing personalities. In the end, he celebrates his victory with Camp Star and is one of the few who refuses to switch to Camp Rock at the end of the summer.


He is a talented singer and dancer. He thinks very highly of himself as shown when he says "I know right" when people compliment him and his talents.


  • Mitchie refers to him as Luke "I'm Giving You The Fire" Williams.
  • He sings the songs: "Fire", "Tear It Down", and a bonus song "Walkin' In My Shoes". This song is included on the soundtrack and as an additional scene in the extended edition of the DVD.
  • Though Luke basically drives the plot of the film, Axel is the true main villain because he had bigger plans than Luke.