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"Lucky Charmed" is the eighty-second episode overall and the third episode of the fourth season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


Harper tries teaching Alex how to live without magic, but the strain of taking responsibility for her actions instead of using magic causes a disagreement between the two best friends when Alex gets in big trouble for crashing Mr. Laritate's car. As punishment, Alex has to clean the school's garbage cans. Mr. Laritate forgives Alex after seeing how the crash influenced her, and Alex realizes that she will be okay without magic. Wanting to thank Harper, Alex uses Mr. Laritate's lucky life-saving hula girl figurine, Leilani, for luck, as Mr. Laritate does. During Harper's driving test, Alex turns into the hula girl and guides Harper through the test, knowing that she might fail. In the end, Harper passes her test. Meanwhile, Jerry wants to pass on the wizard family robe to Max, but Justin has a hard time letting go of it.


  • María Canals Barrera as Theresa Russo

Guest stars

  • Bill Chott as Mr. Laritate and Julio Oscar Mechoso as DMV Instructor


  • After Alex accidentally crashes the car, standing outside can be seen posters for The Crazy 10-Minute Sale, the same sale that Alex went to in the first episode, "Crazy 10-Minute Sale".

Magical Objects

  • Magic Robe, Magic Washtub

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