Luck Luck Ki Baat is an Indian produced ‘made-for-TV’ movie on Disney Channel India.


The movie centres around a 16-year old Amit who is a class hero and an incredibly lucky student who attributes all his luck to his special gold coin. In a bid to find out about his heritage, he visits a local fair styled around Arabian Nights where the mystery deepens as he encounters a series of mystical and sinister characters; amidst colourful stalls, Arabian dancers and magical tricks. By the next day his luck starts to wear thin as he enters the unknown yet familiar world of magic, genies and more.


  • Satyajeet Dubey as Amit Kumar
  • Mahesh Thakur as Kishore Kumar
  • Vandana Sajnani as Leena Kumar
  • Lilliput as Abul Jan
  • Damandeep Singh as Ifrit Bula Bin Abdulla
  • Kishan Savjan as Manpreet
  • Ayesha as Kainaaz
  • Maninee De as Mrs. Mukherjee
  • Shubh as Shubham Mishra

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