"Love is an Open Door" is a romantic duet and Hans' villain song for the film Frozen, sung by the film's major characters Anna and Hans. The song is sung after Anna explains her loneliness by being shut out from Elsa for years, with Hans promising to never shut Anna out. They ask to marry in the end.


Anna: Okay, can I just, say something crazy?

Hans: I love crazy!

Anna: All my life has been a series of doors in my face
And then suddenly I bump into you...

Hans: I was thinking the same thing! ‘Cause like...,
I've been searching my whole life to find my own place
And maybe it's the party talking or the chocolate fondue

Anna: But with you...
Hans: But with you

Hans: I found my place...
Anna: I see your face...

Both: And it's nothing like I've ever known before!
Love is an open door!
Love is an open door!
Love is an open door!

Anna: With you!
Hans: With you!
Anna: With you!
Hans: With you!

Both: Love is an open door...

Hans: I mean it's crazy...
Anna: What?

Hans: We finish each other's—
Anna: Sandwiches!

Hans: That's what I was gonna say!

Anna: I've never met someone--

Both: Who thinks so much like me!
Jinx! Jinx again!
Our mental synch. Ro Ni-zation
Can have but one explanation

Hans: You--
Anna: And I--
Hans: Were--
Anna: Just--

Both: Meant to be!

Anna: Say goodbye...
Hans: Say goodbye...

Both: To the pain of the past
We don't have to feel it anymore!

Love is an open door!
Love is an open door!
Life can be so much more!

Anna: With you!
Hans: With you!!
Anna: With you!!!
Hans: With you!!!!

Both: Love is an open door...

Hans: Can I say something crazy?
Will you marry me?

Anna: Can I say something even crazier? Yes!

Other Versions

Performer(s) Title(s) Translations(s) Language
شروق صلاح (Shorough Salah) & مصطفى رشاد (Mostafa Reshad) "الحب هو الدار" (Al-hobo howa al-dar) "Love is home" Arabic
Gabi Porto & Olavo Cavalheiro "Vejo Uma Porta Abrir" "See A Door Open" Brazilian Portuguese
Весела Бонева (Vesela Boneva) & Владимир Михайлов (Vladimir Mikhailov) "Може би е любов" (Moje bi e liubov) "Maybe this is love" Bulgarian
黃山怡 (Kandy Wong) & 杜偉恆 (Do Wai Hang) "愛是大門開" (Ngoi Si Daai Mun Hoi) “Love is opening up like a door" Cantonese
Carmen López Pascual & Tony Menguiano "La puerta hacia el amor" "The door to love" Castilian Spanish
Paula Ribó & Ivan Labanda "La porta d'on surt l'amor" "The Door where Love comes from" Catalan
Sementa Rajhard & Nikola Marjanović "Ljubav Je Ova Dar" "This Love is a gift" Croatian
Tereza Martinková & Ondřej Brzobohatý "Otevře Láska Má" "My Love will open the doors" Czech
Kristine Yde Eriksen & Christian Lund "Vi lukker døren op" "We open up the door" Danish
Noortje Herlaar & Oren Schrijver "Liefde Geeft Ons Ruim Baan" "Love Gives Us Make way" Dutch
Hele Kõrve & Andero Ermel "Armastus muudab kõik" "Love changes everything" Estonian
Saara Aalto & Tuukka Leppänen "Ovi nyt auki on" "The door is now open" Finnish
Aline Goffin & Jelle Cleymans "Liefde is een Open Deur" "Love is an Open Door" Flemish
Emmylou Homs & Guillaume Beaujolais "L'amour est un cadeau" "Love is a gift" French
Pia Allgaier & Manuel Straube "Liebe öffnet Tür'n" "Love opens doors" German
Βάσια Ζαχαροπούλου (Vassia Zacharopoulou) & Μπάμπης Αλεξανδρόπουλος (Babis Alexandropoulos) "Σε Άλλον Ουρανό" (Se Állon Ouranó) "In another sky" Greek
עינת אזולאי (Einat Azoulay) & לירון לב (Liron Lev) "ונפתחות דלתות" (Veniftachot Dlatot) "And doors open" Hebrew
ऐश्वर्या मजूमदार (Aishwarya Majmudar​) & Ryan Dias "?" "?" Hindi
Bernadett Vágó & Tamás Pál "Nyitom a szívem már" "I open my heart has been" Hungarian
Þórdís Björk Þorfinnsdóttir & Orri Huginn Ágústsson "Ástin Er Opnar Dyr" "Love Is An Open Door" Icelandic
Nadia Rosyada & Nur Kamal Nasution "Cinta Buka Semua" "Love to Open All" Indonesian
Serena Rossi & Giuseppe Russo "La mia occasione" "My chance" Italian
神田沙也加 (Sayaka Kanda) & 津田英佑 (Eisuke Tsuda) "とびら開けて" (Tobira akete) "Open the door" Japanese
Назерке Серікболова (Nazerke Serikbolova) & Жасұлан Ерболат (Jasulan Erbolat) "?" "?" Kazakh
박지윤 (Park Ji-Yun) & 윤승욱 (Yun Seung-Uk) "사랑은 열린 문" (Sarangeun yeollin mun) "Love is an open door" Korean
Romina Marroquín Payró & Hugo Serrano "La puerta es el amor" "The door is love" Latin American Spanish
Beāte Zviedre & Juris Jope "Mīla Mums Spārnus Dos" "Love will give us wings" Latvian
Neringa Nekrašiūtė & Vytautas Leistrumas "Meilė Pakels Aukščiau" "Love will raise above" Lithuanian
Amylea Azizan & Lokman Aslam "Cintamu Yang Indah" "Your Beautiful Love" Malay
劉軒蓁 (Ray Liu) & 謝文德 (Xiè Wén-Dé) "愛就要說出口" (Ài jiù yào shuō chūkǒu) ”Love should be expressed" Mandarin
May Kristin Kaspersen & Anders Baasmo Christiansen "Alt Blir En Åpen Dør" "Everything Becomes An Open Door" Norwegian
Magdalena Wasylik & Marcin Jajkiewicz "Miłość stanęła w drzwiach" "Love stood in the doorway" Polish
Isabel Jacobetty & Diogo Pinto "A porta é o amor "The door is the love" Portuguese
李潇潇 (Eva Lee) & 张江 (Zhāng Jiāng) ”爱的门打开了" (Ài de mén dǎkāile) "Love opened the door" Putonghua
Véronique Claveau & Charles Pomerlo "L'amour est un cadeau" "Love is a gift" Quebec French
Cătălina Chirţan & George Papagheorghe "Asta e dragostea" "This is Love" Romanian
Наталья Быстрова (Natalia Bystrova) & Дима Билан (Dima Bilan) "Это моя любовь" (Èto moja ljubov) "This is my love" Russian
Лејла Хот (Lejla Hot) & Никола Булатовић (Nikola Bulatović) "Љубав Је Мени Спас" (Ljubav Je Meni Spas) "Love is my Salvation" Serbian
Lucia Molnárová Bugalová & Michal Klučka "Dvere Ku Láske Mám" "The door to my love" Slovak
Tanja Ravljen & Klemen Slakonja "S Tabo Mi Je Lepo" "I'm beautiful with you" Slovene
Mimmi Sandén & Erik Segerstedt "Hjärtat Slår Upp Sin Dörr" "The heart opens up its door" Swedish
? & ? "Nabuksan ang Puso Ko" "My Heart Has Opened" Tagalog 
หนึ่งธิดา โสภณ ("Noona" Nuengthida Sophon) & สุวีระ บุญรอด (Suweera Boonrod) "รักมาเปิดโลกสดใส" (Rák maa bpèrt lôhk sòt săi) "Love opens into a bright world" Thai
Deniz Sujana & Bülent Tekakpınar "Yol Açıldı Aşka" "We beat a path for love" Turkish
Марія Яремчук (Maria Jaremcuk) & Артем Кондратюк (Artem Kondratiuk) "Все Одімкне Любов" (Vse Odimkne Lyubov) "Love opens everything" Ukrainian
Võ Ha Trâm & Nguyễn Xuân Lân "Hát Cho Tính Yêu Bừng Sáng" "Let's sing to make love shine" Vietnamese


  • As Hans's villain song, the song's lyrics subtly allude to his true motives; however they are only truly clear in hindsight:
    • "I've been searching my whole life to find my own place" represents his desire to conquer Arendelle, helped by the fact that he gestures towards the kingdom as he sings the line.
    • "But with you, I've found my place/And it's nothing like I've ever known before" reflects how he is using Anna to claim Arendelle as his own, and his pleasure of having a kingdom for himself.
      • "I see your face," Anna's counterpoint to "I've found my place," hints at how she only sees his front, but not his true persona.
    • The titular refrain acts as a double meaning: for Anna, it displays how her love for Hans is a gateway for her to escape her former life; for Hans, it instead shows how he is using Anna's love for him as a gateway, or a door, for him to conquer Arendelle. In other words, love is an open door for the both of them, but they both see the door from different perspectives.
    • Hans looks bewildered during the "We finish each other's sandwiches" exchange before quickly saying, "That's what I was gonna say!" The expression hints that he is tailoring himself to fit Anna's personality and to put himself further in line with his plan.
    • While singing, "You and I were just meant to be," Hans sings, "You..." while Anna finishes with, "...and I," with both pronouns referring to her. Through this clever use of pronouns, the exchange conveys that Anna is the only one who is really in love, with Hans pretending to reciprocate her feelings in order to facilitate his goals.
    • "Say goodbye to the pain of the past/We don't have to feel it anymore" represents how Hans is using his scheme to rid himself of the humiliation he suffered with his older brothers.
      • Foreign language dubs, however, have altered lyrics. For instance, the Japanese version's lyrics seem to cleverly hide Hans' intentions, and sound more like a typical Disney love song.[1] Several alterations to the lyrics exist; for instance, the "We finish each other's sandwiches" exchange has Hans ask Anna what she likes and her response is sandwiches, which Hans says in surprise, "That's the same as me!" The European French version also reworks several lyrics as well.[2]
  • This song also introduces the audience to the constant use of doors as a metaphor in the film. This doubles as a villain song, for it is later revealed that Hans' love for Anna was not real love, and that he was only using her as a tool to marry into the throne, though the audience does not know this yet.
  • "Love is an Open Door" is the third hero and villain duet, with the first being "Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee" from Pinocchio, and the second being "Out There" from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
    • This is also the first hero and villain duet to be a love song.
  • In Disney's Frozen on Ice, the song is sung just after Anna meets Hans. It is also slightly altered, since the final refrain in the end is replaced by two more refrains. Hans also does not propose to Anna in this version of the song, and instead proposes during the coronation party.
  • In Frozen: Live at the Hyperion, the song is sung at the ballroom, with the rest of the guests singing along. The final refrain is replaced by a dance break, followed by a reprise of "Say goodbye to the pain of the past" before the finale.
    • A reprise of the song is also included as the finale of the show, while an instrumental cover occurs during bows.
    • Similarly, Frozen: The Broadway Musical includes an instrumental of the song during the bows.
  • In Once Upon a Time, Anna briefly references this song when she yells, "And I sang with you!" to Hans.
  • When Hans and Anna dance in the 'spotlight', their movements are not actually centred, and indeed Hans is always slightly behind Anna in his movements and as he sings, as if trying to keep up his act with her. Even the heart-shape they make at the end has Anna making the symbol first with Hans following her motions.
  • While the "We finish each other's sandwiches" exchange may seem like an Arrested Development reference, it was merely written because Kristen Anderson-Lopez was eating a sandwich at the time and had never seen the show. It wasn't until Robert Lopez's brother pointed out the connection that the two realized that audiences might hear the line as one. The Lopezes also tried pitching alternative lines, but ultimately, the "We finish each other's sandwiches" exchange remained.


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