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Lou is a main character in BUNK'D.


She is the cheerful head counselor and Emma's close ally and friend. Lou is an easygoing camp counselor who becomes very good friends with Emma after they meet. She's usually a bit over the top in her enthusiasm and excitement.



She is really cheerful. She is very nice and friends with Emma, Zuri and Ravi. She has similar traits with Jessie Prescott.

Physical Appearance

Lou has chestnut hair with brown eyes. She appears to be only slightly shorter than Emma, her friend. She also has a curvy body.


  • Lou shares many similarities with Jessie Prescott.
  • She has a stronger bond with Emma then with anyone who goes to Camp Kikiwaka.
  • She has many followers on Farmpage, mainly tech savvy pigs.
  • She seems to understand another language that the directions were in.

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