"Lost on a Desert Island" is the very first story arc from the Mickey Mouse newspaper comic strip, published from January 13th through March 30th of 1930.


Mickey Mouse, inspired by Charlies Lindbergh, decides to create an airplane of his own. Minnie Mouse accompanies him on the maiden voyage, but the plane goes out of control and Minnie jumps out, using her bloomers as a parachute. Mickey's plane soon falls apart and he crash lands on an island. After several failed attempts at catching food, a band of cannibals captures him and try to make him into soup. Mickey evades the cannibals and hides in a nest, making a mother bird think he's one of her newborn chicks. Mickey soon manages to walk back home to Minnie and the two get back together.


  • There is a noticeable continuity error in this storyline - Mickey is clearly shown to have flown to the island over the ocean, yet he is shown walking back to his home later in the story. Italian Disney comics editor Nerbini noticed this gaffe and had staff artist Giorgio Scudellari make two new strips in which Mickey get picked up by the mother bird and flown home, along with a third strip continuing from the gag of Mickey hitting an ape on the head with his gun.
  • The first part of the story is a loose adaptation of Plane Crazy.
  • Several gags in the story were taken from early Disney shorts. For example, the scene of Mickey escaping a cannibal through a crevice in a cliff came from Hell's Bells, the scenes of Mickey shooting the seemingly fat bird and finding the lion in the log came from Africa Before Dark, the scene of Mickey throwing a spear through the cannibals' nose-rings came from Alice Cans the Cannibals and the scene of the bird wearing large boots comes from Cinderella. In addition, the lion was originally from Jungle Rhythm.
  • The gag of Mickey escaping a lion by having it jump into a crocodile's mouth and tying it shut with the lion's tail would later be used in the short The Castaway.