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Lord MacGuffin
Background information
Feature films Brave
Television programs
Video games Hidden Worlds
Disney INFINITY: 2.0 Edition (townsperson)
Park attractions Disney Dreams!
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Kevin McKidd
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Demanding, tough, serious
Appearance Tall, stout but strong, blond hair and beard
Occupation Lord of Clan MacGuffin
Alignment Good
Goal To have his son win the Highland Games, then to assist King Fergus to stop Mor'du
Home Scottish Highlands
Relatives Young MacGuffin (son)
Allies King Fergus, Queen Elinor, Princess Merida, Lord Dingwall, Lord Macintosh, Young Macintosh, Wee Dingwall
Minions His clan
Enemies Mor'du
Likes Glory, fighting
Dislikes Merida's stubbornness, bears, being insulted
Powers and abilities
Weapons Sword, dagger
Fate He is friends with the clans again and he and his son leave DunBroch
Quote "Good majesty, I present my eldest son, who scuttled the Vikings' longships, and with his bare hands, vanquished two thousand foes!"

Lord MacGuffin is a character in the 2012 Pixar animated feature film Brave.


Strapping Lord MacGuffin is full of brawn and dignity. Though a man of few words, his deep voice resounds across the land demanding respect and contributing to his reputation as the most even-handed and reasonable Lord in the kingdom. Even so, like his fellow Lords, MacGuffin isn’t opposed to a first-rate brawl or full-throated belly laugh. He wanted his son to win Merida's hand in marriage.



  • Lord MacGuffin is the only Lord to have a mustache and beard, his hair and mustache tied up. And to appear larger and wider than the others almost like King Fergus.
  • Lord MacGuffin may have a wife (Lady MacGuffin).

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