Lord Lowden Clear

Lord Lowden Clear is a Bright Red Dog and the leader of the Toon Resistance. He only features in the Toon Resistance part of "Toon News...for the Amused!"

He usually reveals weaknesses of the Cogs in his section of the news or a portion which is related to destroying Cogs, Such as jobs, HQs etc. He will also appear in the upcoming Field Offices giving the Toon objectives.


  • His name is a play on "loud and clear".
  • Apparently, Lord Lowden Clear wears a Cashbot suit, possibly from a Short Change or a Tightwad.
  • Lord Lowden Clear makes Super secret films, one know is "How to Storm Sellbot HQ".
  • Lord Lowden Clear is the Toon who organizes ALL the Toon operations to attack Cog HQ's.
  • He sometimes helps the Resistance Rangers.
  • He is an NPC; he can never be found in Toontown.