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Lord Hater
Lord Hater
Background information
Feature films
Short films
Television programs Wander Over Yonder
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Craig McCracken
Voice Keith Ferguson
Performance model
Designer Craig McCracken
Inspiration The Horned King
Mojo Jojo
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Hatey, Hater
Personality Short-tempered, fierce, selfish, aggressive, impatient, cruel, violent, assertive, immature, awkward, "emotionally unstable" in spite of him claiming otherwise
Appearance See below
Occupation Conqueror
Alignment Bad
Goal To control the entire universe
Home Skull spaceship
Pets Captain Tim
Minions Peepers, his Watchdog army
Enemies Wander, Sylvia, Emperor Awesome, King Bingleborp, Binglebops, Bill Cipher (Villains Unite!), Sir Brad Starlight
Likes Power, enslaving civilizations, ruling the universe, heavy metal, anything vicious, Captain Tim, harassing Wander
Dislikes Wander, non-evil things, failure, defeat
Powers and abilities Energy blasts, force fields, super speed and strength
Quote "The universe will soon be mine!"
"Get back here. Slow down. I just want to destroy you!!!"

Lord Hater is the main antagonist of the Disney XD animated series Wander Over Yonder. He is Wander's nemesis and ruler of the Hater Army. His main and number one henchman is Peepers, while his minions are known as the Watchdogs. He is voiced by Keith Ferguson.

Disney Bio

Lord Hater is the most powerful and evil villain in the entire universe. He's also a whiny, insecure, selfish jerk.

Physical Appearance

Lord Hater is a tall, skeletal being. His face is a skull with ragged looking shards for teeth, and his eyes are sunken in and have green sclera with black pupils. He wears a black and red cloak with a hood covering most of his head. Behind his head, two yellow horns in the shape of lightning bolts can be seen like the watchdogs. He has skeletal looking arms and wears long, yellow, raggedy gloves over his seemingly clawed, four-fingered hands. Underneath his cloak, he wears underwear and black shoes on his feet.


Lord Hater is a power-hungry, evil, and cruel dictator. He hates being told what to do by those he declares lower than him, including his own henchman Peepers. What he desires most is absolute rule of the entire universe under his fist, and no one stands in his way. However, he incredibly hates Wander, the physical opposite of everything that he is, and cannot stand him due to his superfluous optimism, obliviousness to his evil and one-sided friendliness. This antipathy not only infuriates him, but also drives him over the edge to complete impulsiveness and attempts to obliterate Wander, even putting his plans aside just to do so. He can also be arrogant and is easily distracted when he believes he has the upper hand. But when worse comes to worse, Lord Hater is a dangerous tyrant and a foe not to be taken lightly, for instance when he realized his other nemesis Emperor Awesome was almost going to receive the chance of universal control before he could, this caused him to abandon Wander and easily took out the entire Fist Fighter army with one punch while rushing to Awesome and defeated him in under a second.

Despite his reputation, however, Hater is exceedingly immature, prone to throwing temper tantrums and irrational thinking, acting more as a cranky teenager rather than an intergalactic conqueror. It is also because of this that right after he accomplishes such feats it is his own ego and overconfidence that quickly causes him to lose in a situation with one like Wander, robbing him of intimidation and his dignity. Even most of his plans are somewhat frivolous or out of spontaneous desire.


  • Lord Hater is voiced by Keith Ferguson, who previously voiced Bloo in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, another show created by Craig McCracken.
  • Lord Hater shows similarities to Mojo Jojo in another Craig McCracken show The Powerpuff Girls.
    • They are both the main villains in their tv show.
    • They are both unintentionally comedic.
    • They are both easily ill-tempered.
    • They both use robots and inventions as wepons.
    • They are both easily annoyed by the heroes or other villains of the tv shows.
    • Their goals are similar, Mojo Jojo's was to rule the world while Hater's is to rule the universe.


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