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Long john silver
Long John Silver (Muppets)
Background information
Feature films Muppet Treasure Island
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by Tim Curry
Portrayed by
Performance model
Inspiration Long John Silver from Treasure Island
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Charismatic, greedy, ruthless, sneaky, evil
Appearance Brown hair, thick beard, has one leg
Occupation Cook, pirate
Alignment Bad, later good
Goal To find Flint's treasure
Pets Polly Lobster
Allies Jim Hawkins
Minions Polly Lobster, Clueless Morgan, Mad Monty, other pirates
Enemies Jim Hawkins (formerly), Kermit the Frog/Captain Abraham Smollet, Miss Piggy/Benjimina Gunn, Sam the Eagle/Samuel Arrow, Gonzo, Rizzo the Rat, Fozzie Bear/Squire Trewlaney, Bunsen Honeydew/Dr. Livsey and Beaker, Spaam, Animal, Janice, Dr. Teeth
Likes Jim, treasure
Dislikes The black spot
Powers and abilities None
Weapons Swords, pistols
Fate Gets marooned on a island
Quote "Hey ho and up she rises, Hey ho and up she rises, Hey ho and up she rises early in the morning! Put him in a longboat 'til he's sober, put him in a longboat 'til he's sober, put him in a longboat 'til he's sober early in the morning!"
"Easy, Jim. T'is all in good fun. Pleased I am to initiate you into our enterprising... um... company... which entitles you to all the benefits thereof."

Long John Silver is the ship's treacherous cook and the main antagonist in Muppet Treasure Island. He was portrayed by Tim Curry.

Role in the film

Silver befriends young Jim Hawkins. He even confessed one night that when he was eight, his father died at sea -- "first mate he was", after Jim tells him his own father (also a first mate) died at sea when he was seven. However, Silver is actually planning a mutiny amongst the crew of the Hispaniola, so as to seek Captain Flint's treasure himself. He is a deceptively charming man at first, until he is overheard by Gonzo, Rizzo and Jim as he reveals his dastardly plans to his fellow pirates aboard the Hispanola. At the end of the film, Silver makes off with whatever treasure he can in a lifeboat - but not before saying a rather touching goodbye to Jim Hawkins, where he declares he could "never hurt" Jim, because he is "honest and brave and true", something he himself isn't. Silver lost his right leg as the result of a cannonball in Madagascar. His feature solo number which resulted in the fellow pirates joining along was "A Professional Pirate". His fate is that his lifeboat was faulty and leaked. He had to swim to an island maroon for the rest of his life with an annoying talking Easter Island-looking, pig-nosed, head statue.


  • Tim Curry has stated in several interviews that playing Long John Silver is one of his most favorite roles. He also said that he had always been a fan of the Muppets.


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