Loki is a Smugglet Ghoul Slug who belongs to Twist. One of Loki's powers is to disguised himself as a Thugglet Slug.


Loki debuts in "The New Kid Part 1", helps the Shane Gang to save the Ghoul Slugs.

In "The New Kid Part 2", shows us his real self.

In "The Unbeatable Master", used illusions to help Blakk to kill Shinai.

In "No Exit", used illusions to confuse Eli.

In "Dark as Night", used illusions to delay the Shane Gang.


Loki's appearance is similar to that of a Tempesto but he has a black mohawk and only his belly is red while the rest of his body is black.

Known Moves

  • Protoform Abilities - Can disguise itself as a different slug.
  • Grumking - Evil Prankster - pulls down pants, empties slug shells, pokes eyes, slapstick.
  • Snitchpin - Pulls important screw/pin out of opponent's blaster, making it fall apart, opponent must put gun back together.
  • Burgalord - Steals important slugs or gear during battle - brings it back to user for user to use.
  • Doppleganger - Creates evil and taunting holograms of its slugslinger to confuse and scare the opponent.
  • Sightshock - Can create illusions to trick opponents into seeing something that's not there.


  • Loki is named after the Norse god of mischief.
  • Loki is the first Ghoul Slug which has a name.
  • Loki's tricks don't work on cameras, only living things.
  • Loki is strong enough to disguise himself as a member of the Shadow Clan.
  • Loki behaves almost like a normal Slug, despite the fact that he's a Ghoul.
  • In "The Unbeatable Master", closed captions misspell his name as "Lochi".
  • In "The Unbeatable Master", Loki and Twist make it look like they're a newbie and a Dirt Urchin.