"Logo Te Pate" is a song in the Disney animated feature Moana.

The song serves as a turning point for Moana and Maui's journey across the Pacific Ocean to restore the heart of Te Fiti.


After Maui had made up his mind with Mini Maui, he hones his shapeshifting abilities on the day after their ordeal in Lalotai. During this preparation, Heihei unintentionally eats Maui as a bug and gets thrown to the sea by the demigod in his lizard form. As witnessed by Moana, the demigod hones his strength by slicing rock pillars with his fish hook until he perfected his skills.

After his training, Heihei mindlessly drowns in the sea. The Ocean after saving him, got tired of his stupidity that it shut him in Moana's basket in which it tightly shut the basket in the boat's storage for the remainder of the journey, much to Moana and Maui's amusement.

Knowing that Moana has the potential to become a master wayfinder, Maui resumes training her more willing this time as it took days where she gradually improved her skills.

The song ends when they approach Te Ka's domain, more prepared to complete their mission of saving Te Fiti.


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