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Lloyd Diffy is Barbara's husband and Phil and Pim's father in Phil of the Future. He got fired from his job, "one time Pim was messing with the New Ager," and turned Lloyd into a 2-year-old, "for telling his boss he made a 'poopie.'" Some time later, he and his family took a trip in a used time machine and got stuck in the year 2004. After being there for two years, they returned to the future, leaving behind a caveman named Curtis. He was an Pozotronic engineer, worked at WizrdCorp in 2121, and loves "older music". He was paranoid about the government (and Neil Hackett) figuring out he and his family are from the future. During their stay, he and Curtis got jobs at the Mantis hardware store. He is portrayed by Craig Anton at his current age and Max Joseph Tuber at age 2.

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