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The Lizzie McGuire Total Party! CD is a CD which contains songs aimed at girls, released as a tie-in to the Lizzie McGuire TV series. Almost all of the songs are party songs. It includes hits from Pink, Vitamin C, A*Teens, Jesse McCartney and Atomic Kitten.

Track listing

  • "Theme to Lizzie McGuire"
  • "Perfect Day" - Hoku
  • "Crush'n" - Jesse McCartney
  • "Get the Party Started" - P!nk
  • "Dancing Queen" - A*Teens
  • "No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)" - 3LW
  • "Ladies Night" - Atomic Kitten
  • "1,2,3" - Nikki Cleary
  • "That's What Girls Do" - No Secrets
  • "Hey Now (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)" - Triple Image featuring Jamie Lynn Spears
  • "Smile" - Vitamin C
  • "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)" - Nine Days
  • "C'est la Vie" - B*Witched
  • "Us Against the World" - Play

Bonus Party Karaoke

  • "I Can't Wait (Extended Supa Mix)"
  • "Hey Now (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)"
  • "Get the Party Started"

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