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Olivia "Liv" Rooney (portrayed by Dove Cameron) is one of the two main protagonists alongside her twin sister Maddie in the Disney Channel original series, Liv & Maddie. Liv also has two younger brothers and two parents that both work at her school. She is a television star whose show just ended. When she returns home from filming her TV series in Hollywood to her family in Wisconsin, she becomes a bit more popular when attending the same public high school of her siblings, which little to her knowing, is a big problem to Maddie. Liv is more of the girly-girl compared to Maddie.


Liv is perky, energetic, and is very into fashion. Liv loves acting and singing and is very confident and enthusiastic when asked to do either of them. She always puts her family and friends first, and even when she messes up when trying to help them, she always has the best intentions at heart (as seen in Twin-A-Rooney and various other episodes). She is sweet, graceful, often sees the good in everyone, and gives everyone a fair chance, even if they are usually are a bad person (as shown in "Steal-A-Rooney").


Liv has wavy blonde hair, green eyes, and light skin, just like her twin. Liv is often seen wearing outfits that are a lot more on the fancier side. She wears skirts, dresses, cardigans, peplum tops, and shirts with girly designs. She doesn't usually wear simple clothing like her twin sister, Maddie. She dresses nicely with cute tops and skirts.


  • Liv's birth name is Olivia.
  • Liv was born on the 5th.
  • Liv has trouble making friends in school due to her transfer mid-year from Hollywood.
  • Liv is four minutes older than her sister Maddie.
  • She has starred in three TV shows, Sing It Loud!, Voltage, and Sing It Louder!!.


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