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Little Patch of Heaven (farm)

Little Patch of Heaven

Little Patch of Heaven is a location seen in Home on the Range. It is a farm that Pearl Gesner owns and where her livestock reside. She takes care of all her farm animals on Little Patch of Heaven and keeps fond photo memories of them. However, when Sheriff Sam Brown arrives with another bank notice that Pearl is unable to pay, Pearl faces possible foreclosure of her farm and losing all her livestock. In the end, when Pearl's farm cows Maggie, Grace and Mrs. Calloway track down and capture Alameda Slim, who attempted to buy Pearl's farm by disguising himself as an auctioneer, Slim's cover is blown and Sheriff Sam Brown and Pearl are shocked that the auctioneer who is buying the farm is Alameda Slim and Sheriff Sam Brown arrests him after he tried to yodel. Pearl then uses the reward money for the outlaw's capture to pay what she owes the back and save her farm. She then re-opens her farm and makes extra space for her three dairy cows, and the Sheriff along with Pearl and all the farm animals are seen dancing in celebration.

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