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"Little Patch of Heaven" introduces the farm Patch of Heaven and all who live there in Disney's Home on the Range, sung by K.d. lang.


I know a place
Pretty as pie
Out where the riverbend
Hits up with the end of the sky
It's left of Nebraska
And over a crest
On a little patch of heaven
Way out west

Ev'rything's green-
Know what I mean?
Darlin', it's quite the sweetest sight
Thatcha ever done seen
Ain't nothin' much out there-
Just life at its best
On that little patch of heaven
Way out west

Bees by the dozen
Are buzzin' real peaceful
Ev'ry bluebonnet,
Doggone it, smells nice
Even the tumblin' tumbleweed
Slows down to match your speed
On my tiny half-an-acre
Of paradise!

Ev'ry which way,
Buttercups sway
Out on the hills,
the daffodils are enjoyin' the day
What could be better
Than settin' to rest
On a little patch of heaven
Way out west?

Hummin' birds flutter
In utter contentment
Ev'ry darn daisy
Feels lazy, you bet
Even the skeeters an' the fleas
Say "May I", "Thanks" and "Please"
Why, it's just as close to perfect
As you can get!

Darlin', I swear,
Once you been there,
There ain't a view
Beneath the blue
That could ever compare!
The only thing missin'
Is you as my guest
On that little patch of heaven
Way out west...

Why don'tcha come visit?
There's room in my nest
On that little patch of heaven
Way out west!


  • In the movie version, some lyrics are absent.

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