The list was made by Pluto voiced by Pinto Colvig made in using several Pluto cartoons on a list of vocal sounds (and sometimes lines of dialogue).


  • Pluto's Party (1952) - Pluto holds the cake and looks at the birthday candle and hurt his paws, blows it out of the flame.

Barking 1

  • Mother Pluto (1936) - Pluto was angry to bark at the hen to stay away from those chicks.

Barking 2

  • Playful Pluto (1934) - Pluto made in flypaper sequence, he barks to get flypaper off of him, spinning around to barked around into the window blade.

Barking 3

Barking 4


Crying 1

  • In Dutch (1946) - Pluto is crying, when Dinah barks to cheer him up.

Crying 2

  • Pluto and the Armadillo (1943) - Pluto was crying about the death of the armadillo was a ball, when the armadillo came from the hole to make cheer him up for a lick as a kiss.


  • A Gentleman's Gentleman (1941) - Pluto reads the comic strip of Pluto, laughs until the wind is blowing away from the newspaper.
  • Canine Caddy (1941) - Mickey has the club got stuck around him, while Pluto is laughing, and Mickey says to Pluto, "Quiet!"
  • First Aiders (1944) - Minnie rubs Pluto's back, Minnie says, "Hands on. Swing forward. Hands off and relax."


Screaming 1

  • Pluto's Judgement Day (1935) - Pluto is screaming while the mouse trap snapped his paw before the Judge Cat hits to say "Shut up!"
  • Canine Patrol (1945) - Shelby Turtle bite Pluto's tail and Pluto runs out of the quicksand.

Screaming 2

  • Playful Pluto (1934) - Pluto plays the water hose and yelps with the water.
  • Pluto at the Zoo (1942) - Pluto scared at the alligators to ran off from the alligator pond.
  • Rescue Dog (1947) - Pluto cracked the ice pole. Pluto was falling into the ice inside the water.
  • Food for Feudin' (1950) - Pluto slipped the acorns and crashed into his doghouse.