This is a list of vocal sounds (and sometimes lines of dialogue) made by Pinto Colvig for Goofy that were used in several Goofy cartoons.

Goofy holler ("Yaaah-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooey!!!")

Goofy Holler 1

NOTE: The imitation of the sound made by Bill Farmer doesn't count.

  • The Art of Skiing - Twice; when Goofy hits the ground doing a "shoosh" slide down a mountain, then when he launches from a skiing ramp. First film to use the sound.
  • How to Be a Sailor - Goofy falls down a trap door while doing a sailor dance.
  • Tiger Trouble - Twice; when Goofy comes face to face with the tiger, then when Goofy briefly ends up inside the tiger.
  • Frank Duck Brings 'em Back Alive - When Goofy and Donald discovers the lion inside the cave.
  • Crazy with the Heat - At the very end when Donald and Goofy ride off into the sunset on a camel.
  • The Big Wash - Twice; when Goofy falls after Delores pull up the ladder to make him go higher, then when Goofy fall into the pit after the bubble under him popped.
  • Tennis Racquet - When two of the Goofys get launched from the tennis net into the trophy.
  • Goofy Gymnastics - Twice; when Goofy falls down the apartment floors with his barbell, then when he gets flown through his ceiling on the rings.
  • Lion Down - When Louie throws Goofy off of his apartment and when Goofy slides off of Louie.
  • How to Be a Detective - Goofy falls down the elevator shaft.
  • For Whom the Bulls Toil - When Goofy realizes he's in the bull's keep.
  • Aquamania - Goofy and the octopus get launched from the roller-coaster onto the water.
  • Mickey's Christmas Carol - Jacob Marley (played by Goofy) trips down the stairs.
  • A Goofy Movie - Heard during the opening title before "Goofy" comes in between "A" and "Movie".
  • Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas
  • How to Be a Baseball Fan - Goofy gets knocked off of the bleachers by a blimp.
  • How to Hook Up Your Home Theater - Goofy gets blown into space when his TV explodes.
  • Stayin' Cool - The Goofy holler is heard when Mickey, Donald and Goofy, in the ice cream truck, go flying.
  • Swimmin' Hole - Heard when Mickey, Donald and Goofy drove over a fence in a tractor with their swimming hole.
  • New Shoes - Heard when Goofy (in Donald's body) attempts to fly, only to fall straight to the ground.


  • The Whalers - Thrice, first when Goofy accidentally lights his finger on fire, then when he sees his rear is on fire, and finally when his foot gets caught in the harpoon.
  • Goofy and Wilbur - Goofy realizes he's running on water, then when he jumps out of the stork's nest and scrambles back onto the tree.
  • Goofy's Glider - Twice, first when Goofy is about to fly upside-down into the barn and covers his eyes as he does so, then when he falls down the well.
  • Baggage Buster - Goofy realizes that his head has turned into a goldfish bowl.
  • Mickey's Birthday Party - Goofy is holding the cake cooked in "volcano heat".
  • Saludos Amigos - Goofy accidentally sit on his espuelas when he was going after the ostrich in slow motion.
  • African Diary - Twice, when Goofy gets chased by a rhinoceros.
  • Tiger Trouble - When Goofy gets chased by a tiger while in the air.
  • Frank Duck Brings 'em Back Alive - When Donald and Goofy gets chased by a lion.
  • The Big Wash - Twice, first when Goofy realizes that Delores is about to sneeze, then when he runs from Delores who sneezes him into the circus wagon.
  • Goofy Gymnastics - Goofy is being stretched back into his apartment.
  • Hold That Pose - Goofy electrocutes himself, and later when he's running away from the bear at the amusement park.
  • Lion Down - When Louie poked Goofy in the behind with his sharp claw.
  • Home Made Home - Goofy saws himself off of a wooden beam.
  • Man's Best Friend - When Bowser squeezes Goofy's hand after he said "Shake hands".
  • Pluto's Christmas Tree - Pluto yelps this way when Chip 'n' Dale throw an acorn at him (only the "wow" part is heard).
  • Father's Weekend - Twice, first when Goofy and Goofy, Jr. were riding the rollercoaster, then when Goofy goes round and round inside the fun house.
  • For Whom the Bulls Toil - Twice, first when the bull's eyes at Goofy turned red, then when the bull charges at Goofy after he came out from under the piece of fence.
  • How to Dance - Goofy sinks into the crowd of dancers at the end.
  • How to Sleep - Twice, when Goofy gets blown out the window by a gust of wind, then when the anti-toss-and-turn suit comes off of Goofy after the woman inside the mind slaps him in his mind which causes the mind to explode.
  • The Goofy Success Story - Goofy (dressed as a moose) is dunked into a water tank.
  • How to Relax - Goofy accidentally setting an acropolis' pillar on his foot so that he jumps up in pain.


  • Lonesome Ghosts - Goofy gets his nose caught in a mousetrap.
  • Song of the South - A slowed-down version is played twice; once when Br'er Fox rips off a piece of Br'er Bear's fur to use on the Tar Baby and again when Br'er Fox rips the Tar Baby's head off of Br'er Bear's head.
  • Tiger Trouble - Goofy laughs and says this while the tiger licks his heel; also when Goofy is chased by a tiger in the bamboo jungle.
  • Goofy Gymnastics - Goofy clings to the window-still, but gets hit by a lady's shoe.
  • How to Dance - When Goofy gets slapped by his "partner" during dance practice; also when Goofy flew into a wall while trying to practice dancing elegantly.
  • How to Relax - The first time an Egyptian cracks his whip on Goofy as he and other Egyptians haul a cart with a Sphinx on it.

Painful yell


"Somethin' wrong here"

  • Lonesome Ghosts - Goofy suspects that his "reflection" might not be him.
  • Goofy's Glider - Goofy said this when he's using his binoculars to look at the sky when he's flying upside-down.
  • Baggage Buster - Goofy said this before he realizes that his head got turned into a goldfish bowl.
  • No Sail - Goofy notices that Donald is not on the boat with him.
  • The Big Wash - Goofy notices that his pants are filled with water.
  • Hold That Pose - Goofy sees that he's photographing the bear upside down.



  • Mickey's Service Station - Reacting to seeing the lift, with Pete's newly-reassembled car on it (and Mickey in the driver's seat), shooting out of the ground and running to catch it.
  • Symphony Hour - Goofy falls down the elevator shaft.
  • How to Play Golf - Heard twice, when Goofy bites his fingernails so fast as the golf ball circles around the hole and when he gets chased by a bull after he swings the golf ball off of the bull's nose.
  • Tiger Trouble - When Goofy runs from the tiger while trying to get on his elephant.
  • Frank Duck Brings 'em Back Alive - Heard after the lion ripped off some of Donald's jungle clothes.
  • Tennis Racquet - When Goofy's back runs into a rake during the slow motion treatment.
  • Hold That Pose - When Goofy gets chased by the bear around the end.
  • For Whom the Bulls Toil - When the bull is pushing Goofy (holding a piece of fence) into the ground.
  • Goof Troop episode To Heir Is Human - not by Goofy, but rather by a customer Pete throws away getting an idea at the beginning.


"Nuh-uh! Not me!"

  • Tiger Trouble - Delores orders Goofy to hunt the tiger, but he refuses.
  • Home Made Home - Sawing the board on its end, Goofy realizes he could fall down.

"Aaugh! Aah-oh!"

  • Boat Builders - Heard twice, when Goofy catches the mermaid and after he gets scared by the toot.
  • How to Swim - When Goofy crashes and sinks in his bathtub.
  • Tiger Trouble - Heard when Goofy tries to get away from the tiger to get his gun.
  • African Diary - Heard when Goofy got chased by a rhino and tickbird as the tickbird was pecking at Goofy's behind.
  • The Big Wash - Goofy realizes that Delores is about to sneeze again.
  • Goofy Gymnastics - Goofy bends down but feels a pain in his rear. (only "Aaugh!")
  • Home Made Home - When Goofy falls with a pulverizer in his back.
  • Lion Down - Goofy screams this after realizing he is walking in the air.
  • For Whom the Bulls Toil - Goofy jumps out of his shoes in fear after seeing the bull.
  • How to Relax - The second time an Egyptian cracks his whip on Goofy as he and other Egyptians haul a cart with a Sphinx on it.

"Gawrsh. A lady."

  • Boat Builders - When he sees the mermaid figurehead for the first time, upon opening the crate that it was inside.
  • Hold That Pose - During the climactic chase between Goofy and Humphrey.

"I got him! I'll bring him in! He won't get away!"

  • The Whalers - As he rides atop the whale as it swims towards Mickey's ship.
  • No Sail - As he fishes Donald out of the water, mistaking him for a fish.
  • Goof Troop episode: "Counterfeit Goof" - Goofy shouts "He won't get away!" as he tussles with Slick.

"Ahyuck! The worst is over! It's all downhill from here!"

  • Mickey's Trailer - After Goofy unhooks the trailer from the car.
  • No Sail - After Goofy notices the "chicken" on top of Donald.

"Gosh, I thought you was a fish"

  • On Ice - After Goofy hits Donald on the head while ice fishing
  • No Sail - To Donald after "fishing" him out

"Oh, the world owes me a livin', deedle-dadle-deedle-dawdle-dum..."

  • On Ice - Goofy sings this while skating.
  • Moving Day - Goofy sings this when delivering ice, and again when he is about to be hit by the piano.
  • African Diary - Goofy sings this while getting ready for his morning plunge at the water hole.
  • Tennis Racquet - The sportscaster is heard singing this while searching for his microphone.
  • Goofy Gymnastics - Goofy sings this while carrying the record, but stops when he trips on something and the record lands on the record player.
  • Hold That Pose - Goofy sings this while combing the bear's hair.
  • Lion Down - Goofy sings this while setting up his hammock.
  • Dumb Luck - Goofy sings this while doing his dishes with his vacuum cleaner.

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