List of sound effects in 1940 for Pinocchio. The sound effects where is using the whistles, thunders, roars, sneeze, trombone, cuckoo clocks, and other sounds made in 1938 to 1939.

Stromboli's Laughing


  • Jiminy was angry to yell, "Quiet" while the noise is stopping.
  • Stromboli is hoping to say, "Quiet! Shut up! Before I knock-a you silly" and calms himself for a smile.
  • The Coachman tells the talking donkeys, "Quiet! You boys have had your fun. Now pay for it!" with the whipped is snapping.


  • Jiminy tells Pinocchio about a whistle before he sings, "Give a Little Whistle" on the song.

Saw Whistling

  • The saw is whistling. While Jiminy Cricket was bouncing up and down and fly into the cuckoo clock.

Imitating Trombone

  • Jiminy Cricket is imitating a trombone in music box with a song, "Little Wooden Head" to raise his hat up.
  • Jiminy is imitating a trombone with a song, "Give a Little Whistle" and smells the tobacco pipe and reeled around to falls off the shelf.