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List of references in non-Disney television shows


List of references in non-Disney television shows

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This page contains mature content. Continue on at your own risk.

List of references to Disney in television shows that were not produced or distributed by Disney.

Live-action shows

2 Broke Girls

The Addams Family

The New Addams Family

  • In one episode, Wednesday tells Pugsley he is going to Disneyland as punishment.
  • In another episode, Fester learns he bought a copy of Bambi home by mistake.

Alexei Sayle's Stuff

  • The opening sequence for the second series features Mouseketeer-esque children dancing around (wearing bald caps, instead of "mouse ears") and a short clip from a cartoon called "Steamboat Fatty".


  • In the Christmas episode, "Oh, Tannerbaum" (aired December 22, 1986), ALF mentioned Huey, Dewey and Louie, mistakenly believing those are the names of three of Santa's reindeer.

America's Funniest Home Videos

Please note that America's Funniest Home Videos was produced by Buena Vista Television and Disney-ABC Domestic Television. Plus, the episodes that starred Tom Bergeron took place at the Disney Parks.

  • One clip in the series featured a family paying a visit to Walt Disney World, and one of the Tweedle Brothers proceeded to sneak up on the grandmother, with her turning around and then proceeding to scream in shock.
  • As part of Disneyland's 60th anniversary, one show took place there as the show's season finale. This was also the final season that Tom Bergeron served as host.

AFI 100 Years... series

The Amazing Race

  • In the fifth episode from Season 10, David says, "With a million dollars, I can take my kids to Disneyland, the Grand Canyon! I can put 'em on a plane!"
  • In the last episode from Season 13, as Starr watches Nick ride the zipline across the island, she tells him, "You look like Peter Pan."

The Andy Griffith Show

  • In "A Feud is a Feud" (aired December 5, 1960), Andy remarks that the nightgown and nightcap he is wearing makes him look like Dopey.

Angel from Hell

The Apprentice

  • In "Boat Show" (aired November 17, 2016), when team Nebula searches for fish cushions, one woman says "I've found Nemo!"
  • In "London Landmarks" (aired November 24, 2016), one of two mermaids sing "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid.
  • In "Virtual Reality Game" (aired December 1, 2016), there are two Disney references.


Barney and the Backyard Gang

  • In "Waiting for Santa" (aired January 6, 1990), when Derek was talking, some Disney books can be seen on his dresser.

Barney & Friends

  • In "Practice Makes Music" (aired May 1, 1992), Barney says Mickey's closing line, "See ya real soon!"

Barney Miller

  • In "Bureaucrat" (aired March 6, 1975), after Sgt. Chano Amenguale arrests a young boy for stealing and threatens to send him to prison, the boy insists that he is not going to jail, to which Chano replies, "No? Where do you think they send you for stealing, Disneyland?"

The Big Bang Theory

  • In "The Grasshopper Experiment" (aired November 12, 2007), Howard mentions that at Disneyland, people can hire Snow White to come to their house.
  • In "The Bat Jar Conjecture" (aired April 21, 2008), Raj suggests they do a strategic laugh, to intimidate Sheldon. When he shows them what it may sound like, Howard comments that his laugh would make them sound like: "A tall, thin woman, who wants to make a coat out of your Dalmatians."
  • In "The Vartabedian Conundrum" (aired December 8, 2008), Penny searches Leonard's apartment for Stephanie, trying to prove that they are living together, which he insists is not so. In the process, Penny discovers some framed pictures taken from Walt Disney World, and wants to know who is in them. Leonard says that the big dog is Goofy, but that he does not know who the older couple in the mouse ears are.
  • In "The Work Song Nanocluster" (aired March 16, 2009), a girl mixed-up says "Jiminy Crockett" when a man says it is Jiminy Cricket and Davy Crockett.
  • In "The Vegas Renormalizaiton" (aired April 27, 2009), Raj says of Las Vegas, "Disneyland can suck it. This is the real happiest place on earth."
  • In "The Spaghetti Catalyst" (aired May 3, 2010), Penny takes Sheldon to Disneyland, but Sheldon heard her making plans with her friends and was not going to say 'no.' Leonard tells her not to give Sheldon too much junk food, and does not let him ride Space Mountain after he eats. Leonard then tells Penny to keep him away from Goofy, or else he will get nightmares, but Pluto is okay, though.
  • In "The Friendship Contraction" (aired February 2, 2012), Sheldon says, in contradiction of the famous Toy Story quote, "You haven't got a friend in me".
  • In "The Vacation Solution" (aired February 9, 2012), Amy is so excited about Sheldon working with her that she compares such to Marie and Pierre Curie working in the glow of radium that killed Marie, and then exclaims, "Screw Beauty and the Beast, that's the love story Disney should tell."
  • In "The Decoupling Fluctuation" (aired October 4, 2012), Bernadette refers to Howard as a sexy Buzz Lightyear.
  • In "The Fish Guts Displacement" (aired December 6, 2012), Howard sings a parody of the song "Heigh-Ho" from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
Big Bang Disney Princesses
  • In "The Contractual Obligation Implementation" (aired March 7, 2013), Bernadette, Amy, and Penny go to Disneyland, and planned to dress up as some of the Disney Princesses (namely, Cinderella, Snow White and Aurora). In the ending of the episode, Bernadette is revealed to be dressed as Cinderella (Howard implies that he was hoping she would be Cinderella when he returns home), Penny is revealed to have dressed up as Aurora (while explaining to Leonard why she was dressed up, he was shown taking his pants off, implying that he was aroused by her) and Amy was revealed to be Snow White (she feigns being asleep in order to get kissed by Sheldon, but he implies that he does not wish to kiss her).
  • In "The Prom Equivalency" (aired November 6, 2014), Howard and Bernadette notice that Emily has a tattoo of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Emily says that she likes Sally, not only because they both have red hair, but also because Sally is covered in scars and can pull her own limbs off and sew them back on. As if to change the subject, Bernadette then says that she likes Cinderella. Emily points out to her how in the original book, the stepsisters cut their toes off with knives so as to fit in the glass slipper, to which Bernadette replies, "I like 'Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo'."
  • In "The Champagne Reflection" (aired November 20, 2014), Leonard finds a 50-year-old bottle of champagne with a note from Professor Roger Abbot's mother. While Leonard is reflective, Howard and Raj think it is funny that Roger Abbot's name sounds like Roger Rabbit.
  • In "The Matrimonial Momentum" (aired September 21, 2015), when Leonard and Penny get married, the song "You've Got a Friend in Me" is used in Penny's wedding vows.
  • In "The Opening Night Excitation" (aired December 17, 2015), the boys show enthusiasm to purchase tickets to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • In "The Meemaw Materialization" (aired February 4, 2016), Raj quotes Frozen and mentions The Good Dinosaur as "the film that changed his life".
  • In "The Locomotion Reverberation" (aired February 9, 2017), Bernadette mentioned that she had to miss a birthing class to see Zootopia.

Big Time Rush

  • In "Big Time Break (aired March 5, 2010), the television show Witches of Rodeo Drive is a parody of Wizards of Waverly Place.
  • In "Big Time Rocker" (aired September 24, 2011), the film Spy High is a parody of Sky High.


  • In "The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck" (aired December 2, 2010), Booth's son Parker mentions that his favorite TV show is Wizards of Waverly Place, during his conversation with Hannah Burley.
  • In "The Truth in the Myth" (aired April 14, 2011), Bambi is mentioned during a conversation by Cam and Angela, for a reason why she hates hunting.
  • In "The Hole in the Heart" (aired May 12, 2011), one of the characters mentions Disney World.
  • In "The Suit on the Set" (aired May 7, 2012), Disneyland is mentioned.
  • In "The Brain in Tahoe Bot" (aired January 10, 2016), Peter Pan and Tinker Bell are mentioned.
  • In "The Tutor in the Tussle" (aired January 31, 2016), Cinderella is mentioned.


  • In "The Path to War Part One: The Gathering Political Storm" (aired August 14, 2016), Disney World is mentioned.
  • In "Six Points on the Congressional Budget: The False Dichotomy of Austerity vs. Expansionary Policies" (aired September 4, 2016), Jiminy Cricket is mentioned.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  • In "Into the Woods" (aired November 8, 2015), Jake mentioned about seeing Into the Woods
  • In "The Mattress" (aired November 15, 2015), Terry says that if he violates the rules he wouldn't watch Doc McStuffins for a week.

The Bugaloos

Can't Touch This

  • A contestant named Fiona is shown as the "Little Mermaid" and when she runs to the treadmill having been catapulted to the foam, "Under the Sea" can be heard in the underscore.

Car Crash TV

  • In episode three of season two (aired October 17, 2016), the host Chris Barrie refers to a car as "Dumbo" because there is a billboard with a tightrope walking elephant in the background.
  • In episode eight of season two, (aired November 25, 2016), one of the men who run around a van is dressed as Mickey Mouse.

The Carol Burnett Show

  • One segment in the episode from December 29, 1971 is a "Salute To Disney", featuring live appearances by Disney characters. As part of this, Carol Burnett assumes the role of Peter Pan, flying about the stage just like him as she does.
  • In another episode, from 1973, there is a sketch entitled "The Firing of Donald Duck", featuring guest star John Byner as Donald.



  • The workmen initiate a work slow-down. After that, Sam thinks they have to up the bribe ante, but again Rebecca refuses. As such, Rebecca suggests building a back entrance to the bar from the alley. During that work, Norm gets stuck between the iron bars in the back window. They call in the police to get him unstuck. They also compare Norm's situation to Winnie the Pooh when he got stuck in Rabbit's hole.
  • "Someday My Prince Will Come" is named after the song of the same name from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Children in Need

Chōriki Sentai Ohranger

  • In "Explosion!! A Baby" (aired May 19, 1995), there is a baby wearing bibs with pictures of a baby Mickey Mouse and a baby Donald Duck on it.


The Colbert Report

  • On the July 1, 2010 show, Colbert believes that Joe Scarborough is criticizing John Boehner because his skin is more orange than his. After going through several orange fictional characters, he says "I'm not saying orange people are perfect, this guy is clearly a tweaker".
  • On the October 3, 2011 episode, Stephen Colbert reports on the controversial name of Gov. Rick Perry's family hunting camp. Since he cannot say the name on the air, Colbert resorts to playing "Charades". At one point, he makes a "sounds like" gesture with his ear and points to a picture of Tigger.
  • On the June 27, 2013 show, Colbert reports on the controversy about a lesbian couple appearing on the next season of Good Luck Charlie, which he says makes him feel he has been "kicked in the Mickeys." He also makes a dig at the amount of properties Disney owns. At the end, he says that Disney should go back to teaching children that it is okay for a prince to make out with a princess if she is drugged and that "bestiality is okay if a talking candle says so."
  • On the September 4, 2013 show, Colbert mocks Obama calling for war with Syria by saying that Bashar al Assad will hit Epcot, "thereby taking out Paris, London and China, and it blows over to Disney, that's all our robotic presidents!"
  • On the October 22, 2013 show, Colbert hosts an "In-Box" segment where he reads a fan letter asking which is better, lions or tigers. When he compares the two animals, he mentions that both animals have been turned into cartoon characters and shows pictures of Simba and Tigger. He then remarks that "It's okay when they call each other Tigger, but you should not."

Come Dine with Me


  • In one episode, while talking about Robin Williams' movies, Abed mentions that his father does not like movies because Arabs appear as stereotypes, and Troy advises him to see Aladdin because "Jafar rocks".
  • In "Paradigms of Human Memory" (aired April 21, 2011), Disney's racism is criticized.


  • In "Gotcha" (aired October 8, 2001), Sally compares herself to the Woody doll for being single, while her friends that get married are like the popular Buzz Lightyear dolls.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

  • In "Josh Is Going to Hawaii!" (aired March 7, 2016), the song "The Villain in My Own Story" parodies Disney Villain songs.
  • The protagonist, Rebecca Bunch, generally does references to Disney films.
  • The season 1 season finale "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!" (aired April 18, 2016) includes several references to Aladdin, including a song by Lea Salonga.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

  • On the May 16, 2011 show, Stewart reports on the controversy of Disney filing a trademark application for the name "SEAL Team 6" two days after the killing of Osama bin Laden, showing a fake poster depicting cartoon seals and says that he "can't wait for the Happy Meal." He then introduces a "new segment" called "Well, That Was Fast", and says he will trademark The Lion King, but since it already is trademarked, he says he will trademark the "TM" symbol on the Lion King logo.
  • On the August 26, 2011 show, Jon Stewart pokes fun at presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann's recent appearances on multiple news programs: "She went on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball, Real Housewives of New Jersey and ended the night by attempting to bust Phineas and Ferb." An image from "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo" with Bachmann in place of Candace is shown as Stewart briefly impersonates Dr. Doofenshmirtz: "Oh, there you are, Perry. Perry the Platypus."
  • On the May 16, 2013 show, Stewart discusses the controversy surrounding the makeover of Merida for her inclusion into the Disney Princess franchise.
  • On the July 15, 2013 show, Jon Oliver (who has been subbing for Stewart for the summer) closes his argument of the results of the George Zimmerman case and Florida's controversial laws by showing a video of Mickey Mouse waving from atop Spaceship Earth, saying that Mickey was trying to tell you "Please get me the f*** out of here."
  • On the October 21, 2013 show, as a jab at the glitches on the Obamacare website, John Oliver is shown to have been sucked into his computer after logging onto the site, complete with him wearing a Tron outfit.
  • On the October 30, 2013 show, Jon Stewart parodies the logo for A Bug's Life with his "A Bugged Life" logo.
  • On the September 29, 2014 show, Jon Stewart sang a line from "Let It Go", and then said he's seen that movie a thousand times.
  • In the February 9, 2015 episode, "Let It Go" from Frozen is partially sung by Bassam Youssef.

Dansk naturgas

  • In one episode (aired December 7, 1985), Donald Duck's duck voice is imitated at one point.


The Dick Van Dyke Show

  • In "Honeymoons Are For the Lucky" (aired March 4, 1964), Rob puts false eyelashes on his real ones. In response, Sam tells him he looks like Dumbo while his wife Laura tells him he looks like Bambi.

Doctor Who

  • In "Robot" (aired December 28, 1974 to January 18, 1975), the Fourth Doctor searches his pocket to find a Donald Duck yo-yo.
  • In "Delta and the Bannerman" (aired November 2 to 16, 1987), a party of Navarino on board a Nostalgia Tours bus are originally destined to Disneyland until they accidentally crash into Wales by mistake.
  • In "Rose" (aired March 26, 2005), an advertisement for the Lion King musical can be seen on a bus by Rose Tyler.
  • In "The Christmas Invasion" (aired December 25, 2005), the Tenth Doctor tries to impress upon the Sycorax leader his own belief in the potential of human beings, but then realizes that he was quoting The Lion King song "Circle of Life".
  • In "The Runaway Bride" (aired December 25, 2006), at H. C. Clements, Donna Noble has a Tutter doll on her desk.
  • In "Journey's End" (aired July 5, 2008), at the Dalek Crucible, Captain Jack Harkness refers to Mickey Smith as "Mickey Mouse".
  • In "A Christmas Carol" (aired December 25, 2010), the Eleventh Doctor asks young Kazran Sardick if he has seen Mary Poppins. Later, when he compares himself to Mary Poppins, he stops him because he reckons the anthology would not be good.
  • In "The Girl Who Waited" (aired September 10, 2011), an Apalapucian quarantine centre includes a replica of a Clom version of Disneyland with a "Warpspeed Death Ride".
  • In "Closing Time" (aired September 24, 2011), the Duplo 5657 Jessie's Round-Up set from Lego Toy Story and the Duplo 5813 Lightning McQueen set from Lego Cars can be seen in the background in Toy Town in the S&G store.
  • In "Cold War" (aired April 13, 2013), Clara Oswald attempts to cheer up Professor Grisenko by singing the Duran Duran song "Hungry Like the Wolf" but he responds that it would only work if Pinocchio was singing it.
  • In "Deep Breath" (aired August 23, 2014), the Twelfth Doctor mistakes the Sontaran Commander Strax as one of the seven dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, calling him "Sneezy", "Bashful", "Dopey" and "Grumpy".
  • In "Flatline" (aired October 18, 2014), the first train's reporting number is A113.
  • In "Death in Heaven" (aired November 8, 2014), Missy lands in the graveyard using an umbrella as a parachute, a reference to Mary Poppins.
  • In "The Woman Who Lived" (aired October 24, 2015), the Twelfth Doctor calls Ashildr (the "Knightmare") "Zorro".
  • In "The Zygon Invasion" (aired October 31, 2015), the Twelfth Doctor confesses with two girls at Drakeman Junior School (who reveal to be Zygons later in the episode as part of "Operation Double"). One of them, Claudette, wears a schoolbag which has Cinderella on it.

Drake & Josh

  • In "Battle of Panthatar" (aired April 15, 2007), after Josh sits on the couch with his food and turns on the TV, a voice is heard saying "Coming up next on Susanna Louisiana..." This is a parody of Hannah Montana. If you listen closely, you'll even hear the guitar intro to "Best of Both Worlds" playing.

Drunk History

  • In "Hollywood" (aired August 5, 2014), Derek Miller retells the creation of Mickey Mouse while in a drunken state.

The Dukes of Hazzard

  • In "How to Succeed in Hazzard" (aired February 17, 1984), Boss Hogg has an elder brother named Louie and a nephew named Dewey. Another nephew of his (who appeared in earlier episodes) is named Hughie. The names of his relatives are an overall reference to Huey, Dewey and Louie.

The Dumping Ground

  • In "Three Days" (aired October 6, 2015), an audio of Pinocchio is heard.

Dynamo: Magician Impossible

  • In the last episode (aired September 25, 2014), when Dynamo and his grandmother go to the store, a Mickey Mouse shelf can be seen.
  • In the "Dynamo: Magician Impossible Live" at O2 in London, when Dynamo asks a member of the audience what his favorite film is, he replies that it is The Lion King.

Family S.O.S. with Jo Frost

  • From the pilot "If This Doesn't Work, It's Over" (aired May 28, 2013), Mickey Mouse is mentioned from Supernanny's, Jo Frost's narration with Chad's discussion towards the Quinn-Davis Family.


  • In "Rhapsody in Blue" (aired July 23, 1999), Chichton says "It's like Disney on acid!"
  • In "Green Eyed Monster" (aired June 22, 2001), John refers to the stars as Huey, Dewey and Louie.
  • In "Revenging Angel" (aired August 10, 2001), Aeryn appears as Jessica Rabbit at one point.

Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter


  • In one episode, Shepherd mentions Shan Yu.
  • In "The Train Job" (aired September 20, 2002), the train's registry number is A113.

The Flash

  • In "Escape from Earth-2" (aired February 16, 2016), Cisco calls Killer Frost Elsa.
  • In "King Shark" (aired February 23, 2016), a guard calls King Shark Bruce.
  • In "Shade" (aired November 15, 2016), Neverland is mentioned.
  • In "Borrowing Problems from The Future" (aired January 24, 2017), Cisco mentions Frozen.
  • In "Into the Speed Force" (aired March 15, 2017), Cisco says To infinty and beyond.


  • Frasier criticizes Niles for giving money to Daphne in order to obtain physical affection and referred to it as the world's oldest profession as well as also saying it is sort of the Walt Disney version of it.
  • In the second part of "Shutout in Seattle" (aired May 20, 1999), Niles and Kit both have an idea of going to Euro-Disneyland.


  • At the beginning of "The One Where Old Yeller Dies" (aired April 4, 1996), the gang were watching (off-screen) Old Yeller on television until the sad ending, much to Phoebe's shock and disappointment.

Full House

  • In "Back to School Blues" (aired September 29, 1989), DJ dresses up to look 20 years old and Danny say she looks like Jessica Rabbit.
  • In "Easy Rider" (aired December 3, 1991), Joey tries to cheer up Michelle by buying her a VHS copy of The Little Mermaid. She declines the offer because "it's on cable all month".
  • The two part episode "The House Meets the Mouse" (aired May 11 & 18, 1993) involves the Tanner family vacationing at Walt Disney World. In the first part, Scott Weinger, the voice of Aladdin, briefly appears dressed as the character.
  • In one episode, Joey says his mother is "goofy", to which Jesse (John Stamos) scolds him for talking about her like that. It turns out Joey is saying that she plays Goofy at Disneyland.

The Gadget Show

George Lopez

  • In "Fishing Cubans" (aired November 14, 2003), George, Ernie and Vic go to the sea between Florida and Cuba to help Vic's brother Octavio escape Cuba. When they accidentally rescue some Haitians, which could result in five years in prison, Ernie says "What am I gonna tell my mom? She thinks I'm at Epcot!"
  • "George Goes to Disneyland" (aired April 30, 2004) involves George going to Disneyland for the first time. There are many Hidden Mickeys seen throughout the episode, which was part of a contest where the viewer would count all the Mickeys and win a trip to Disneyland.
  • In one episode, Benny tells George that the "Disneyland" she took him as a kid to was actually a carnival in a church parking lot.

The Getaway Car

  • In the fifth episode, when the yellow team go down a watered ramp in the Hazard Highway (after having done the Bridge of Doom), the song "Let It Go" from Frozen can be heard in the underscore.
    • Later in the Hazard Highway, the pink team have tattoos and above their ankles that spell out "To Infinity and Beyond", Buzz Lightyear's official catchphrase. Dermot O'Leary, who hosts the show, later does a Buzz Lightyear impression before the pink team reach the finish line.

Gilmore Girls

  • In "Like Mother, Like Daughter" (aired November 13, 2001), Paris Gellar says "Maybe someday I'll stumble into a Disney movie."


  • In "Journey" (aired June 8, 2010), Sue Sylvester says to Will Schuester "I keep expecting racist animated Disney characters to pop up and start singing songs about living on the Bayou". This is a reference to Song of the South and likely The Princess and the Frog.
  • In "Rumours" (aired May 3, 2011), Brittany asks Santana to be a guest on Fondue For Two so she can ask her to prom and the only thing Santana has to say is yes. Santana accepts it, but then she gets cold feet and texts Brittany, saying simply, "I can't." Brittany appears confused over it and instead interviews her cat, Lord Tubbington about the movie The Aristocats.
  • In "New York" (aired May 24, 2011), one of the songs featured is "Bella Notte" from Lady and the Tramp.
  • In "Michael" (aired January 31, 2012), Santana Lopez says to Sebastian Smythe "If that's your best MJ I am going to wipe the floor at Regionals with your Wannabe Disney Prince haircut".
  • In "Big Brother" (aired April 10, 2012), Sue refers to Cooper Anderson as a "Disney Prince".
  • In "Sadie Hawkins" (aired January 24, 2013), Rachel Berry warns Kurt Hummel "If you do show choir at college you might as well be doomed to a life of playing a dancing teapot at Disneyland".
  • In "Loser Like Me" (aired January 9, 2015), the show Rachel sets up is That's So Rachel, which is a parody of That's So Raven.

The Goldbergs

  • In "The Kremps (aired November 12, 2013), Adam befriends his neighbor Chad Kremp, finding common ground over their extreme love of TRON. Chad has seen TRON sixteen times ("my mom's actually kind of worried"), wears a homemade version of Tron's armor and helmet, and constructed a blue cardboard lightcycle shell to fit over his bicycle.
  • In "Mini Murray" (aired October 8, 2013), The Great Mouse Detective is mentioned.
  • In "Smother's Day" (aired May 4, 2016), Lady and the Tramp and Star Wars are mentioned.
  • In "Have a Summer" (aired May 18, 2016), Adam watches Adventures of the Gummi Bears.
  • In "Ho-ly K.I.T.T." (aired November 16, 2016), Tron is mentioned.
  • In "So Swayne It's Crazy" (aired February 22, 2017) Adam wears a Tron costume.

Gosei Sentai Dairanger

  • In "A New Hero Has Arrived" (aired June 18, 1993), a man wears a hoodie with Mickey Mouse on the front.

Grounded for Life

  • A Wuzzle costume can be seen in an episode.

The Honeymooners

  • In "Hello, Mom" (aired December 3, 1955), Alice sarcastically refers to the Kramdens' apartment as "a regular Disneyland." The view that she and Ralph have from their window (which shows laundry on the line, garbage cans in the alley, and the back door of a Chinese restaurant) represents Fantasyland, the kitchen sink and the fact that Alice never knows what will happen when she goes near it both represent Adventureland, and the old stove and icebox both represent Frontierland. Alice concludes by saying that the only thing missing from her Disneyland is Tomorrowland, to which an annoyed Ralph replies, "You want Tomorrowland? I'll give you Tomorrowland!", then delivers his usual response: he holds up his fist at her and says, "You're going to the moon!"
  • In "The Babysitter" (aired January 21, 1956), Alice takes a job babysitting to pay for a new phone, but Ralph thinks that she is cheating on him and becomes jealous. When he confronts her at the apartment where she is babysitting and starts arguing with her so he wakes up the child she is looking after, the child looks at Ralph, who is in his Raccoon Lodge outfit, complete with coonskin cap, and exclaims, "Gee! I never knew Davy Crockett was so fat!"
  • In "Unconventional Behavior" (aired May 12, 1956), Norton tries to adjust his watch by way of what the Chinese restaurant behind the apartment is serving. Ralph suggests that he should just buy a new watch, but Norton says that his watch only needs a new mainspring and thinks about finding someone who can replace it for him, adding, "I think I'll write a letter to Walt Disney tonight."

Horrible Histories

  • In season two's third episode (aired June 2, 2010), the Groovy Greeks song "Spartan School Musical" is a parody of High School Musical.


How I Met Your Mother

  • In "Slutty Pumpkin" (aired October 24, 2005), Marshall dresses up as Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween.
  • In "No Tomorrowland" (aired March 17, 2008), Barney says that going to St. Patrick's Day is "so not Raven", a reference to That's So Raven.
    • Also, Barney's attire is compared to that of Peter Pan.
  • In "The Mermaid Theory" (aired December 6, 2010), Marshall advises Robin to sing the song "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid.
  • In "Something New" (aired May 13, 2013), Marshall mentions Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln from Walt Disney World Resort.
    • Also, Lily says "I want to watch a movie that doesn't start with a desk lamp jumping on top of an I".
  • In "The Locket" (aired September 23, 2013), Ted says that with his family he went to Walt Disney World Resort.
  • In "Bass Player Wanted" (aired December 16, 2013), the Mother (Tracy McConnell) tells Marshall that Darren regularly steals a tragic backstory shown in a Disney film as a way of guilting people into sympathizing for him. Films he's ripped off of include Bambi, The Lion King and Finding Nemo.
  • In "Rally" (aired February 24, 2014), Dumbo's feather was mentioned by Robin when she remembered that Barney made up the Stinsons' Hangover Fixer Elixir so that the gang would all believe that they could rally. Even though it wasn't real, it actually worked. To which Barney replies back saying "Dum-BRO's feather".


I Love... series

I Love Lucy

  • In "Sales Resistance" (aired January 26, 1953), Ricky sings that the new baby is "the tricky Mickey Mouse".
  • In "The Black Wig" (aired April 19, 1954), when Fred misunderstands the picture, Ethel says it is over Rickey's head if the photo is not of Donald Duck.

iParty with Victorious

  • Aired June 11, 2011, above the classroom door of Sikowitz is a painting of ducks playing poker. One of them bears a resemblance to Dewey.

Jonathan Creek

José Mota productions (films and series)

  • The José Mota film Un País de Cuento is a pastiche of Disney films.

La Lista Tonta

  • One of the singers mentions that is "better than Disney World".

Lamb Chop's Play-Along

  • In Let's Make Music, Mickey Mouse is mentioned in the third verse of the song "Clap Those Hands".

Leave it to Beaver

  • In "Voodoo Magic" (aired January 3, 1958), June suggests to Wally that Beaver watches Pinocchio at the cinema.

Legends of Tomorrow

The Love Boat

  • In "Isaac the Groupie / Mr. Popularity / Help! Murder!" (aired October 22, 1977), one of the guest passangers (Michele Lee) mentions having taken 29 girls to Disneyland the previous sunday.


  • In "Monster" (aired October 31, 2016), Trixie is wearing an Aurora costume.
  • In "Quid Pro Ho" (aired November 28, 2016), Quasimodo is mentioned.


Mad Men

  • The episode "Tomorrowland" (aired October 17, 2010) features Don, Sally and Bobby planning to go to Disneyland.

Mad TV

  • The January 10, 2004 show features a sketch in which Snow White impersonator known as "the Disney girl" auditioning for a movie.
  • The February 14, 2004 show features a couple going to Disneyland and the man uncovering a disturbing conspiracy.
  • The March 20, 2004 show featured a sketch in which Disney turned It's a Small World into a horror movie.

Makes You Laugh Out Loud

Malcolm in the Middle

  • A Wuzzle costume can be seen in an episode.

Married... with Children

  • In the episode "Luck of the Bundys" (aired September 26, 1993), Al and Jefferson are playing poker with some guys. Upon realizing that Al has a winning hand, Jefferson excuses himself briefly. He goes outside and yells: "I'm going to Disneyland!"
  • In the episode "How Bleen Was My Kelly" (aired October 15, 1995), Lucky the Dog says (in his internal monologue): "I'm going to rent me a One Hundred and One Dalmatians... and I don't mean the movie".

Michael McIntyre's Big Show

The Mick

  • In "The Mess" (aired February 14, 2017), Mackenzie calls Sabrina "Cinderella.

The Middle

  • The two-hour season finale episode "Orlando" and "The Wonderful World of Hecks" (aired May 21, 2014), features the Hecks family going out for a road trip to Walt Disney World Resort.
  • In "Hecks at a Movie" (aired February 17, 2016), movie posters of Zootopia and The Jungle Book are seen.
  • In "The Man Hunt" (aired February 24, 2016), Tigger is mentioned.
  • In "The Wisdom Teeth" (aired March 16, 2016), Mary Poppins is mentioned.
  • In "The Show Must Go On (aired May 18, 2016), the musical version of Beauty and the Beast is mentioned.
  • In "Halloween VIII: The Heckoning" (aired October 25, 2016), April and Axel are wearing Cinderella and Prince Charming costumes.
  • In "Escape Orson" (aired January 2, 2017) Ariel, Belle and Pocahontas are mentioned.
  • In "Ovary and Out" (aired February 7, 2017), Snow White is mentioned.
  • In "Dental Hijinks" (aired February 21, 2017), Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story are mentioned.

Mind Your Language

  • In "Brief Re-Encounter" (aired October 21, 1978), Miss Courtney sings Some Day My Prince Will Come when she learns that her ex-fiancé, Albert, who is in fact a conman, is coming to see her at her school after 25 years of absence.
  • In "Who Loves Ya, Baby" (aired November 9, 1979), in class, Jamila naively mentions the name Mickey Mouses during a game of Crosswords concerning the plural of mouse.

The Mindy Project

  • The Lion King is mentioned in an episode.
  • In "Will They or Won't They" (aired April 12, 2016), Danny imitates Donald Duck.
  • In "The Greatest Date in the World" (aired May 24, 2016), Mindy and Jody watch Cars.
  • In "There's No Crying in Softball" (aired June 14, 2016), Drew calls a girl a little Elsa.
  • In "My Kid Stays in the Picture" (aired June 21, 2016), Jessica Rabbit is mentioned.
  • In "Homewrecker" (aired July 5, 2016), Morgan mentions Jack Sparrow and Mindy mentions Narnia.
  • In "Margaret Thatcher" (aired October 18, 2016), Mindy mentions Mary Poppins.
  • In "Mindy Lahri is a Misogynist" (aired October 25, 2016), Cinderella is mentioned.
  • In "Concord" (aired November 8, 2016) Prince Eric is mentioned.
  • In "Hot Mess Time Machine" (aired February 14, 2017) Morgan mentions Freaky Friday and The Shaggy Dog.
  • In "Mindy's Best Friend" (aired March 21, 2017) Mindy compares Ben to Belle.

Modern Family


  • Two characters talk about the movie Frozen.
  • In "Caperberries and a Glass Eye" (aired April 14, 2016), Disneyland is mentioned.
  • In "Sparking Water and Ba-Dinkers" (aired November 10, 2016), Mary Poppins is mentioned.
  • In "Curious George and the Big Red Nightmare" (aired November 17, 2016), Disney World is mentioned.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

The Nanny

  • In "The In-Law Who Came Forever" (aired January 6, 1999), Sylvia claims for Morty to have lost his toupee when on Pirates of the Caribbean.


NCIS: Los Angeles

  • In "Anonymous" (aired October 26, 2010), one of the characters talks about Dumbo using his ears to fly.
  • In "Reign Fall" (aired December 8, 2014), Sam Hannah was revealed to have gone to Disneyland with his daughter and her friends, and had dressed up as a Disney character to please her. The rest of the main characters also try to speculate which character he dressed up as (including Scar, Genie, the Beast, and others). Hannah eventually reveals in the ending that he dressed up as Sully from Monsters, Inc.
  • In the final moments of "Defectors" (aired November 23, 2015), Marty Deeks while attempting to flirt with Kensi Blye quoted a verse from The Little Mermaid, with Kensi also commenting just before Marty was arrested that he must have been "a fan of redheads with daddy issues".

NCIS: New Orleans

  • In the first season of the show, then ATF-undercover agent Sonja Percy frequently referred to Christopher LaSalle's girlfriend Savannah as "Little Mermaid" in reference to her status as a redhead, an allusion to Ariel.

New Girl

  • The protagonist, Jessica Day, has a copy of the musical Newsies that she has offered to in "Kryptonite" (aired September 27, 2011) despite her failure.
  • Toy Story 3 and Pixar are mentioned in an episode.
  • In "Misery" (aired March 21, 2017), The Parent Trap is mentioned.


  • In episode 19, the opera singer imitates Donald Duck's voice when a card pops up to him.

Northern Lights

  • In "Clash of the Santas" (aired December 21, 2008), during the "Snowball Smash" game, as the competitors smash the plates, the announcer mentions Happy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Dumbo, Pluto, Woody and Thumper.

Not Going Out

  • In the series 1 episode "Stress" (aired October 27, 2006), Kate and Tim get into a fight over a 23 year old girl he had cheated on her with. Enraged, Kate declares "I'm not the one, who went out with a girl, so young, she had to lie about her age to see Finding Nemo".

Off the Air

  • In "Death" (aired December 30, 2014), the final video shown during the credits is Vince Collins's animated short "Life is Flashing Before Your Eyes" which includes a shown reference to Fantasia: specifically the scene of the crocodile and the hippo in reference to the "Dance of the Hours" segment.

One Tree Hill

Orange Is the New Black

  • One of the new prisoners was mentioned to apparently have an affinity for Princess Jasmine, at least in one of the trailer spots.
  • In "WAC Pack" (aired July 11, 2013), when Dayanara Diaz gives John Bennett a manga-like picture she made for him, she explains that when she grew up she preferred manga to Disney Princesses.

Out of Jimmy's Head

  • Milt Appleday is a spoof of Walt Disney.
  • The series contains numerous other spoofs of Disney's parks, characters, and franchise.

The Pee-wee Herman Show

PeeWeeHermanShow 05
  • In the 1981 television special version of the stage show, Pee-wee Herman's telephone system is nothing more than a tangled network of Donald Duck orange juice cans on cords with pegs connecting to various plug-ins.

Pee-wee's Playhouse

  • In "Rainy Day" (aired September 27, 1986), Pee-wee pretends to camp indoors. As part of that, Magic Screen pretends to be a deer, to which Pee-wee says, "Hi, Bambi."
  • In "The Cowboy and the Cowntess" (aired November 15, 1986), the dinosaur family are seen watching home movies of their vacation. The dinosaur kids, at one point, are seen wearing Mickey Mouse ear hats.

Perfect Strangers

Red Dwarf

  • In the series 4 episode "Meltdown" (aired March 21, 1991) Lister witnesses Winnie the Pooh being executed by firing squad, off-screen. Disturbed by what he's just seen, Lister notes: "that's something no one should ever have to see".

The Red Green Show

  • In the opening of "The Tanks We Get" (aired October 27, 1993), Harold introduces Red as "the high priest of the forest, the Grand Poobah, with an amazing resemblance to the Pooh Bear."
  • In the Experts segment of "Men's Night on the Mountain" (aired September 30, 1995), in response to a letter from a viewer that asks about how to get Hollywood to clean up its act in regards of language, nudity and violence, Red can't help but agree with the viewer in question, recalling that his wife Bernice once took him to see Mary Poppins, which he thought was so offensive that he almost got diabetes. When they sang "Supercalinarcolepticextrahalitosis", as he calls it, he almost lost his Licorice Nibs.
  • In "Coup de Grass" (aired 1999), before Ranger Gord shows his "educational" cartoon, he says that it was improved over his previous cartoon, that he improved the drawings and captured the character voices better, which he thinks is "very similar to Walt Disney's early progress," to which Red deadpans, "More Goofy, a little less Mickey Mouse?"
  • In the Adventures segment of "Hurricane Doug" (aired 1999), in trying to use a huge electric fan to quickly dry a newly-painted shed, the fan somehow gets in front of the door to a pepper mill, causing pepper to spray all over the shed and Red and Walter to sneeze excessively. As this happens, Red, providing voiceover narration, quips, "Here's two of the dwarfs: Sneezy and Dopey!"
  • In the Possum Lodge Word Game segment of "The Ghost of Possum Lodge" (aired November 30, 2001), Harold tries to get Dalton to guess the word "fly" to win a deluxe tattoo removal kit. As part of this, Harold tries to get Dalton to guess the word in question by mentioning Dumbo and more importantly what he could do with his big ears. Dalton answers, "He could hear, that's for sure."
  • In "Masquerade Marathon" (aired 2001), Red remarks about how weird it is to see people in costumes running through the city as part of the title event and deadpans, "Looks kinda like a fire drill at Disney World."

Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

  • In one episode, circa 1972, during a news sketch, Dan Rowan and Dick Martin announce that Disneyland is officially the new capitol of the United States: the west side of the country is Frontierland, New York is Adventureland, Alaska is Tomorrowland, and Washington, D.C. is not being changed at all: "It will still be the same Fantasyland it always was."

Rude Tube

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Saturday Night Live

  • On the October 4, 2008 show, guest host Anne Hathaway plays Mary Poppins in a sketch. Poppins reveals that Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a rare and painful live disease, that she is suffering from. It's also revealed to be an STD and that she's given it to both Bert and Constable Jones.
  • On the January 17, 2009 show, guest host Rosario Dawson plays Jasmine in a parody of Aladdin. The sketch features Jasmine and Aladdin being miserable on their tenth wedding anniversary and reveals that they've both slept with the Genie.
  • On the April 11, 2009 show, guest host Zac Efron reprises his role as Troy Bolton from the High School Musical films in the sketch High School Musical 4: New Senior Class, where he deconstructs the school's musical logic when he describes his education and first year in college. Walt Disney also appears and references the rumor of him being frozen.
  • On the October 17, 2009 episode featured a sketch called You Think I'm the Beast? It features several of the characters from Beauty and the Beast and has the Beast reveal that he thinks Belle is the "beast", while he's the "beauty".
  • On the May 7, 2011 episode featured a sketch called Below the Waves, which was a parody of The Little Mermaid. The song "Below the Waves" was a reference to "Under the Sea."
  • On the March 3, 2012 episode contains a parody of The Real Housewives of New Jersey titled The New Housewives of Disney, depicting the Disney Princesses in the roles of the housewives.
  • On the April 5, 2014 episode, guest host Anna Kendrick and the cast members sung the SNL monologue to the tune of "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast.
  • On the January 16, 2016 episode, guest host Adam Driver plays Aladdin in another parody of Aladdin. The sketch features Aladdin and Jasmine out on a date, on the Magic Carpet, where horrible things keep happening to Jasmine: she gets hit by a bird, hit on the head by a bomb and finally gets the content of an airplane toilet over her. After that, the carpet crashes at an Air Force base.
  • On the October 15, 2016 episode, Colin Jost of the Weekend Update mentioned that the 2016 Election was like the movie, Up and later showed an image of Carl Fredricksen wearing a Trump Supporter Badge.


Sesame Street

Besides Disney distributing its videos in the UK, there are several references in this show as well.

  • The only three Muppets characters who appeared in this show were Kermit the Frog who demonstrated concepts and sometimes appeared as a reporter 1969 to 2001 and in Elmo's World: Frogs in 2009; Rowlf the Dog who appeared in the "Song of Nine"; and Beautiful Day Monster who appeared in the earliest seasons of the show. Sesame Workshop never has the rights to these characters.
  • A picture of Miss Piggy appeared in two segments.
  • A Baby Fozzie plush can be seen in a girl's bedroom in a 1991 episode film segment.
  • The Anything Muppets performed "A Spoonful of Sugar" from the Disney film in a first season episode.
  • In the 1973 special Julie on Sesame Street, Ernie and Bert spot Andrews out on the street and try to remember where they've seen her. They recall her being from a movie about an "English girl" and "the umbrella over the rooftop," but Ernie ends up guessing Mary, Queen of Scots.
  • A Sesame Street cartoon dating as far back as 1977, "The Noble Ostrich", features a fleeting cameo by a mouse drawn to resemble Mickey, complete with black and white face, red pants, and yellow shoes.
  • C-3PO and R2-D2 made guest appearances visiting the neighborhood.
  • In a 1979 episode, Telly Monster names TV programs that start with the letter M. Listed among them is Mickey Mouse.
  • When Big Bird learns the name of his counselor (Mickey), in a 1982 episode, he comments that he knows a mouse of the same name. Mickey groans, saying he knows him, too.
  • In an Ask Oscar sketch from a 1987 episode, Oscar states that "super-cali-fragile-istic-yucka-alidocious" is the longest grouch word, referencing the Mary Poppins song "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."
  • In a 1989 episode, Oscar reads the story of "Snow Grouch"; one of The Seven Dwarves comments after their day at work that he'll "never get used to that electric parade", a reference to the "Main Street Electrical Parade" (in which the Seven Dwarves march).
  • The Sesame Street character Super Nanny from a 1993 episode is a reference to Mary Poppins in name (she's truly Penny Pipkins), demeanor and attire.
  • When Santa Claus decides to retire to Florida in Elmo Saves Christmas, one of his elves has prepared for a visit to Walt Disney World by donning a set of Mickey ears.
  • In Grover's 140-character speech for the Shorty Awards, he includes Mickey Mouse.
  • The Mickey Mouse Club has occasionally been spoofed, through the likes of Sesame Street groups as the Grouchketeers, the Birdketeers and several other variations.
  • A picture of Peter Pan and the Tick-Tock Crocodile appears in "Peter Piper P Products Perishes".
  • Ernie peers in on a toy Mickey on the cover of a 1979 Child Guidance catalog.
  • An edition of "Cookie's Crumby Pictures" previews the film Cookies of the Caribbean (a parody of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series) starring Cookie Monster as "Captain Snack Sparrow" as he tries to find Davy Jones' cookie jar.
  • During an animated segment of the Elmo's World episode "Mail," an announcer advises viewers to stay tuned for "Lady and the Stamp".
  • In the Elmo's World episode "Wild Animals", the Lecture Lady announces that following "Wild, Wild Kingdom" is The Lion King with Tiger Woods.
  • An interviewer for Fandango asks Elmo if he likes Up and WALL-E. Elmo says he likes all of the Pixar films, especially Toy Story 3.
  • In the Elmo's World episode "Skin", the All-About-Skin Channel advertises that their line-up includes "Skinny the Pooh!"
  • Big Bird's Sesame Street Dictionary Volume 5 features Ernie in the role of The Sorcerer's Apprentice as he whisks about various items, including an animated broom (like those seen in the film) and a newspaper announcing the headline "Apprentice Out of Control." Ernie wears a sorcerer's hat similar to Mickey's as he dances along to music played by a record player.
  • In the Elmo's World episode "Drums", the Drum Channel advises viewers to stay tuned for Drumbo.
  • A Sesame Street sketch parodying The Lion King was introduced as a "Walt Dizzy Film," with a small Warner Bros.-like logo below, and an MGM-like circle of ribbons with a chicken in the spot of the studio's trademark lion.
  • Episode 4165 features a parody called "Pre-School Musical" all about getting along at preschool. Although the song is not a direct spoof of a tune from High School Musical, it resembles the style of music used in the movie and the Muppets used in the sketch resemble the cast members from the films. The sketch ends with a jab at the seemingly endless merchandising of the franchise as an announcer rattles off a list of spin-offs.
  • In the Sesame Street Season 42 press kit, Baby Bear's "Monsterbook" profile lists one of his favorite songs as "The Bare Necessities" from The Jungle Book.
  • Telly Monster visited the Magic Kingdom park, briefly, in Martin P. Robinson and Annie Evans' blog "Sesame Family Robinson".

Shining Time Station

  • In one episode, Schemer is watching a clip of Clara Cluck.
  • In "Scare Dares" (aired November 18, 1991), Tito Swing of the Juke Box Puppet Band is dressed as Zorro.
  • In "Double Trouble" (aired December 23, 1991), the Thomas story Donald's Duck, which refers to Donald Duck, is one of Mr. Conductor's stories.


  • In "Ends" (aired November 5, 1999), it is revealed Tim and Sarry broke up at Disneyland Paris.
  • In "Changed" (aired March 2, 2001), Daisy claims to have met Fa Mulan until someone tells her the character "was from a Disney film.
    • Later, Daisy attempts to sing the song "Reflection" but with a bad memory.

Spitting Image

  • On the June 4, 1990 show, three of the show's puppets break into a toy store, in an attempt to liberate the toys. The toys inside the store include Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Pluto.

Step by Step

  • The two-part episode "We're Going to Disney World" (aired May 3, 1996 and May 10, 1996), features the entire family going out for a day trip to Walt Disney World Resort.


  • In "She's Mine" (aired August 27, 2013), one character mentions Mary Poppins taking the children into custody.


Rylan and Brycie
  • The show's logo is a parody of Mary Poppins.
  • Many Disney merchandise and clothing appeared during various episodes of the show.
    • A Baby Mickey Mouse musical toy can be seen in The Bullard Family episode (aired January 24, 2005) as a cure to get Rylan to sleep.
    • Posters of Mickey and Donald can be seen in Andrew's room as well as stickers of Mickey, Donald and Goofy on Andrew's door in The Weston Family episode (aired February 14, 2005).
    • In the Moy Family episode (aired June 25, 2008), when Hayley becomes disrespectful to her mother, a bedsheet with Cinderella on it can be seen.
    • A little girl was reading the Alphabet A-Z book in one episode.




  • Louie is trying to catch and kill a mouse in his office and proclaims "Minnie is going to be a widow!"

Terra Nova

  • In "Genesis (Part 1)" (aired September 26, 2011), when Jim trespasses in one area, the security camera watching him is labelled "CAM A113".


  • In the pilot episode (aired October 3, 2016), children sing "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?".
  • In "The Lost Generation" (aired February 6, 2017) Disneyland is mentioned.

Tracey Ullman's Show

TV Funhouse

  • The February 11, 2001 show featured a sketch that parodied Ray Lewis' decline to say "I'm going to Disney World" after Super Bowl XXXV because of his murder case. The sketch depicts Disney "making it up to him" by placing him in several animated films, with Lewis fleeing the scene whenever a character dies.
  • A segment from May 11, 2002 features a "sequel" to Bambi titled Bambi 2002, in which Bambi's mother is revealed not to have died and she and Bambi fight terrorists.
  • A segment from March 6, 2004 titled "Cartoons and Your Government" satirizes censorship of classic cartoons and shows several clips from cartoons, including those by Disney.

The Twilight Zone

Two and a Half Men


  • In "Ice Cream for Ke$ha" (aired April 22, 2011), Tori says she wants to marry a prince at age 16 because many princesses aged 16 had done so. This could be a reference to many Disney Princesses marrying at age 16.

Will & Grace

  • In "The Truth About Will and Dogs" (aired December 15, 1998), Will refers to Jack as "Cruella De Vil".
  • In "Crazy in Love" (aired February 1, 2001) Will mentions having been hit on by a short guy, who begged Will to see his Lion King memorabilia. To which Jack replies "Hey, when was the last time some guy offered to show you his 'Pumbaa'?".


The Young Ones

  • In "Bambi" (aired May 8, 1984), the boys go on the TV show University Challenge, which is hosted by Bambi (played by a human and a reference to University Challenge's original host, Bamber Gascoigne). Mike claims that he and Bambi are old friends and that he introduced him to Walt Disney. Upon meeting Bambi at the TV studio before the University Challenge taping, Neil starts to cry and says "I'm just remembering, like, that bit when you got lost in the snow, and the little rabbit found you, it was so beautiful." We also learn Bambi starred in a porn sequel called Bambi Goes Crazy Ape Bonkers with his Drill and Sex, to which Neil responds "Is that true Bambi? Did you do a Disney Nasty?"

Animated shows

2 Stupid Dogs

  • In the Super Secret Secret Squirrel episode "Quark" (aired September 19, 1993), Walt Disney World makes a cameo while Quark destroys it, by using Spaceship Earth as a bowling ball and Cinderella Castle as the bowling pins.
  • In the 2 Stupid Dogs episode "Cartoon Canines" (aired May 1, 1995), Little Dog and Big Dog briefly dress up as Ariel and Prince Eric respectively while Under the Sea plays.

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

  • In "Professor Calamitous, I Presume" (aired March 14, 2003), Mr. Neutron asks the villain if he is a chimney sweep and dances and sings.
  • In "Attack of the Twonkies" (aired November 11, 2004), Hugh Neutron came down with an umbrella like Mary Poppins.
  • In "Lights! Camera! Danger" (aired November 27, 2004), three of the movies Jimmy Neutron watches are Finding Nemo, Star Wars, and Toy Story; later on, he dons a sorcerer's hat similar to that of Mickey's hat.

The Adventures of McGee and Me!

  • In "The Big Lie" (aired June 4, 1989), the paddy wagon's license plate is A113.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

  • In "Sonically Ever After" (aired November 3, 1993), one of the storybook characters who help Sonic, Cinderella, is loosely based on the famous Disney Cinderella herself, except her princess gown is magenta colored rather than being light blue.
  • The title of the episode "Honey, I Shrunk the Hedgehog" (aired November 18, 1993) is a pun on the film Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.
  • In "Robotnikland" (aired November 25, 1993), one of the rides is named "Jungle Ride", a reference to the Disneyland ride Jungle Cruise.

Adventure Time

  • The title card of "What is Life?" (aired June 14, 2010) is an obvious reference to Up.
  • In "His Hero" (aired September 20, 2010), a character named The Lich (who appears in later episodes), bears a strong resemblance to the Horned King from The Black Cauldron.
  • In "Crystals Have Power" (aired November 29, 2010), Tree Trunks can fly with her ears, referencing Dumbo.
  • In "Guardians of Sunshine" (aired February 21, 2011), Finn and Jake enter a digital world by the same method Kevin Flynn is digitized in Tron.
    • The same method is later used in "A Glitch Is a Glitch" (aired April 1, 2013; note that both episodes are done via CGI in contrast to the usual traditional animation used in the series).
  • In "Fionna and Cake" (aired September 5, 2011), when Fionna, Cake and Gumball ride on Lord Monochromicorn, their singing is a reference to the song "A Whole New World" from Aladdin.
  • In "Princess Monster Wife" (aired May 28, 2012), the scene where the Ice King's musical number is a reference to the song "A Whole New World" from Aladdin.
  • In "The Red Throne" (aired February 10, 2014), a character named Ursula might have been inspired by the character of the same name from The Little Mermaid.
  • In "Betty" (aired February 24, 2014), a character named Bella Noche can have his named translated from Spanish to Italian Bella Notte, referencing the song from Lady and the Tramp.

The Amazing World of Gumball

  • In "The Prank" (aired July 18, 2011), Gumball and Darwin send Richard out on a raft during his sleep, a reference to The Parent Trap.
  • In "The Picnic" (aired August 29, 2011), the description of food causing connection to everything is a reference to The Lion King song "Circle of Life".
  • In "The Curse" (aired February 14, 2012), the theme park Daisyland is a parody of Disneyland.
  • In "The Treasure" (aired October 25, 2012), Gumball criticizes a film called How to Ratatwang Your Panda, a parody of Vídeo Brinquedo films Ratatoing and The Little Panda Fighter, which are in turn parodies of Ratatouille and Kung Fu Panda. Note that the mockbuster also parodies How to Train Your Dragon.
  • In "The Words" (aired November 13, 2012), the song "What He Thinks About Us!" is based off songs from the film High School Musical.
  • In "The Bumpkin" (aired January 29, 2013), Richard produces a whistling noise with a broken tooth, making him sound similar to Gopher from the Winnie the Pooh franchise.
  • In "The Flakers" (aired February 5, 2013), Anais and Richard knock over two gnomes who bear a strong resemblance to Gnomeo and Juliet from the film of the same name.
  • In "The Dream" (aired June 26, 2013), a few seconds in the real world is the equivalent to five days in the dream world. This is a reference to the film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
    • Also, Gumball says to Darwin "YOU DIDN'T JUST KISS HER, YOU STARED ME IN THE EYES WHILE YOU DID IT LIKE AN EVIL SULTAN!", an implied reference to Jafar from Aladdin.
  • In "The Storm" (aired July 31, 2013), Carmen and Alan share spaghetti with each other, a reference to the Lady and the Tramp.
  • In "The Lesson" (aired August 7, 2013), Bomb Guy's design is based off Mickey Mouse.
  • In "The Limit" (aired August 28, 2013), Richard refers to himself as "a chubby Peter Pan".
  • In "The Voice" (aired September 10, 2013), Gumball gets surrounded by woodland creatures, a reference to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • In "The Internet" (aired November 12, 2013), Gumball is scanned similar to Kevin Flynn being digitized in Tron.
  • In "The Joy" (aired June 19, 2014), when Gumball rotates his face, the music in the underscore is similar to the theme of the Disneyland ride The Haunted Mansion.
  • In "The Recipe" (aired July 3, 2014), Gumball and Darwin create their own version of Anton who they name Ant-Two. Its underdone version is a reference to Paper Jam Dipper from the Gravity Falls episode "Double Dipper".
  • In "The Extras" (aired July 17, 2014), the main characters sing and dance as a reference to High School Musical.
  • In "The Gripes" (aired July 24, 2014), Darwin receives help from animals as he sings. This is a reference to the song "Whistle While You Work" from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • In "The Void" (aired August 14, 2014), Gumball and Darwin use hairspray cans to fly through the void. This is a reference to the film WALL-E where WALL-E uses a fire extinguisher to fly through space.
    • One of the objects sucked into the void is How to Ratatwang Your Panda from "The Treasure".
  • In "The Password" (aired September 25, 2014), Darwin and Gumball say they will finish each other's sandwiches. This is a reference to the song "Love is an Open Door" from Frozen.
  • In "The Shell" (aired October 9, 2014), Gumball and Penny act out the fairytale Beauty and the Beast. However, when Gumball goes after her later on in the episode, Richard calls his son "Gum-Belle" when he calls out to him to "Go save the Beast!" This is a reference to the Disney film.
    • In between this, Penny (still in her peanut shell), informs Gumball about her moving but first stops to ask if he is crying, to which Gumball answers that he is sweating through his eyes until he finds that disgusting. This is a reference to the Phineas and Ferb episode "Voyage to the Bottom of Buford", where Buford is occasionally asked if he is crying, to which he answers that he is sweating through his eyes.
    • This episode has been described as Miyazaki-esque because Penny's dragon and wolf forms are references to the Studio Ghibli films Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. The point at which Gumball kisses Penny on the lips in her wolf form also serves as a homage to the scene Howl's Moving Castle at which Sophie kisses Howl in his owl form.
  • In "The Bros" (aired October 23, 2014), Gumball and Penny attempt to kiss each other on the lips with the same spaghetti noodle, which references the film Lady and the Tramp, until Darwin eats the noodle himself.
  • In "The Man" (aired October 30, 2014), a copy of How to Ratatwang Your Panda can be seen at one point.
  • In "The Nobody" (aired March 5, 2015), Gumball creates an invention he calls "The Entertainernator", which is a reference to the Inator inventions by Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb.
  • In "The Love" (aired May 12, 2016), a segment based on the Robinsons is a reference to "Married Life" from Up.
  • In "The Night" (aired June 16, 2016), Hector's T-shirt features a character that greatly resembles Pluto.
  • In "The Roots" (aired August 15, 2016), Gumball dresses up as Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
  • In "The Blame" (aired August 16, 2016), Sussie, wearing a crown, says "Off with their heads!", a reference to the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.
  • In "The Slap" (aired August 17, 2016), Gumball and Tobias sing a song called "Stay Alive", which has the same tune as the song "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan.
  • In "The Fury" (aired August 19, 2016), a backstory is shown with Nicole and Yuki, where one of the enemies they battled against greatly resembles Pinocchio.
  • In "The Scam" (aired October 27, 2016), Gumball's snake form that hypnotizes Darwin is a reference to Kaa from The Jungle Book.
  • In "The Boredom" (aired September 15, 2016), one of the gadgets in the dumpster is Cliff Secord's jetpack from The Rocketeer.
  • In "The Choices" (aired October 13, 2016), Nicole's flashback of her wedding with Richard is a reference to "Married Life" from Up.
  • In "The Cycle" (aired February 22, 2017), the Daisy dollar that applys only to Daisyland is a reference to the Disney Dollar used at Disneyland.
  • In "The Ex" (aired March 1, 2017), Gumball says "Whatcha doin'?", the catchphrase used by Isabella Garcia-Shapiro from Phineas and Ferb.
  • In "The Sorcerer" (aired March 2, 2017), there are three references made to the "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" segment of Fantasia.
    • When becoming Mrs. Jötunheim's apprentice, Gumball does her chores similar to how Mickey Mouse does Yen Sid's chores.
    • The title of the song "A Sorcerer's Apprentice" directly refers to the title of the segment itself.
    • When Gumball puts on Mrs. Jötenheim's hat, he is given magic powers unless it is taken off. This is a reference to Yen Sid's hat with which Mickey has powers when he puts it on.

American Dad!

  • The recurring character Buckle is said to be a former Disney imagineer, and thus is able to make very creative contraptions and animatronics, such as scary things for a haunted house.
  • In "Stan Knows Best" (aired May 8, 2005), Stan reminisces of a time when Hayley used to wear footie pajamas and suck on a Lion King blanket.
  • In "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man" (aired June 19, 2005), when Stan's neighbor pulls into church, A113 can be seen on his license plate.
  • In "Stan of Arabia: Part 1" (aired November 6, 2005), Klaus shows to have a strange obsession with the Disney film Beauty and the Beast. His view is that without Mrs. Potts, the Beast would have killed himself years ago.
  • The opening for "Joint Custody" (aired May 20, 2007) is a parody of Flowers and Trees.
  • Hayley's birth in "The Most Adequate Christmas Ever" (aired December 16, 2007) is a parody of The Lion King.
  • In "Tearjerker" (aired January 13, 2008), Tearjerker's plot is learnt via a Disney-style tour.
  • In "Red October Sky" (aired April 27, 2008), Francine mentions The Rocketeer.
  • In "The One That Got Away" (aired October 5, 2008), Roger's alternate personality Sidney lies down emotionally broken singing "The Lord is Good to Me" from Melody Time.
  • In "Family Affair" (aired February 15, 2009), Roger dresses up as Belle.
  • In "There Will Be Bad Blood" (aired November 28, 2010), Steve and Glenn's virtual reality outfits are based on Tron.
  • In "I Am the Walrus" (aired March 27, 2011), Principal Lewis owns five Mickey Mouse watches in which Mickey is dressed in a Nazi uniform, of which he says only ten were ever made. Haley and Jeff steal one of them to bribe Lewis and later give it back to him, making him say "Welcome back, Mouschwitz".
  • In "Love, American Dad Style" (aired September 30, 2012), A113 appears on the red "Hummer" car's license plate.
  • The title of "Adventures in Hayleysitting" (aired December 9, 2012) is play on Adventures in Babysitting.
  • In "The Missing Kink" (aired April 14, 2013), the song "He's Got a Kink" has the same tune as the song "You've Got a Dream" from Tangled.
  • In "Minstrel Krampus" (aired December 15, 2013), Steve yells for Francine to get him his Mickey Mouse towel.
  • The titular theme park of "Familyland" (aired January 12, 2014) is a parody of Disneyland, with its cryogenically frozen founder Roy Family being a stand-in for Walt (though named for Roy Disney). At one point in the episode, Klaus even asks if Steve is talking about Walt Disney, only for Steve to ask who that is.
  • In "Permanent Record Wrecker" (aired May 4, 2014), A113 appears on a hobo's boxcar.
  • In "The Shrink" (aired March 30, 2015), the train's second carriage' side has A113.
  • In "American Fung" (aired May 25, 2015), a miscolored version of Mickey appears in the "American Chinese Dad!" segment.
  • In "Hayley Smith, Seal Team Six" (aired February 8, 2016), Hayley is holding an Anna doll.
  • In "Stan Smith as Keanu Reeves as Stanny Utah in Point Breakers" (aired February 22, 2016), Stan is rescued from jellyfish, wolves and poachers by Herbie.
  • In "Fight and Flight" (aired November 14, 2016), when Stan tries to cross the Atlantic Ocean he accidentally crash lands the Spirit of St. Louis into "Euro Disney America", labelled "the most confusing place on Earth.


  • In "Nighty-Night Toon" (aired September 13, 1993), Jim Cummings voices a narrator who says goodnight to the show's various characters, in Cummings' Winnie the Pooh voice.
  • In "Slappy Goes Walnuts" (aired September 15, 1993), Slappy Squirrel expresses a dislike of the snacks her nephew eats by proclaiming "no wonder you like that Bonkers show, that junk's rottening out your brain there".
  • In "Taming of the Screwy" (aired September 17, 1993), Belle and the Beast are knocked out of a dance circle by the Warners.
  • In the segment "Opportunity Knox" (aired October 18, 1993), when Pinky and The Brain make it into Fort Knox, Pinky remarks, "There's more gold here than in a DuckTales episode!"
  • "Bumbie's Mom" (aired September 22, 1993) directly parodies the scene in Bambi where Bambi's mother is shot (and the mass reaction to it). In the same episode, during the ending sequence the in-flight movie Slappy Squirrel and Skippy Squirrel are watching is "Old Yellow" (parody of Old Yeller).
  • In "Deduces Wild" (aired September 9, 1995), among the things Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are looking for in their scavenger hunt is "a funny episode of Bonkers".
    • In "Rest in Pieces", Slappy tells Skippy that there is no death in cartoons, but considers Bonkers an exception.
  • "The Tiger Prince" (aired September 30, 1995), sung by Cree Summer and Jim Cummings is a parody of "Circle of Life", featuring Yakko Warner as Rafiki and Simba, Mufasa, and Sarabi as tigers despite the clearly African setting. The opening is parodied, with Tiger-Simba during the presentation also being accidentally dropped and presumably killed by Yakko-Rafiki, with the latter expressing that he thought cats could land on their feet.
  • In "This Pun for Hire" (aired November 4, 1995), Yakko claims that somebody "tried to slip a mickey into my drink". Yakko is shown pushing away a drink with a familiar-looking mouse in it, saying "Sorry, bub, but I work for Warners."
  • In "The Sound of Warners" (aired November 18, 1995), Dot asks Prunela Flundergust "Why don't you go bug the kids on Goof Troop?" Later, at the end of the segment, Mary Poppins shows up, saying she's going to be the Warners' new nanny.
  • "Cutie and the Beast" (aired September 7, 1996) is a parody of Beauty and the Beast.
  • "Jokahontas" (aired September 14, 1996) is a parody of Pocahontas. Dot's song at the beginning mocks Disney's constant reuse of princess stories in their movies, and Mel Gibson is depicted wearing pants that resemble Mickey Mouse's shorts and a helmet with mouse ears.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force


  • In "Diversity Hire" (aired January 21, 2010), when Archer asks Pam to unreject a complaint on the ISIS computers she says back to him the following words "Who am I, Tron?".
  • In "A Debt of Honor" (aired January 27, 2014), Archer said that there might be a large Scrooge McDuckian Vault in Cheryl Manor.


AD Ep 7 Tinker Bell
  • In "Arthur Meets Mister Rogers" (aired September 22, 1997), Arthur and D.W. wear fake beards when going on a walk with Fred Rogers so nobody recognizes them. Buster notices Mr. Rogers and claims that "he's with two of the Seven Dwarves", so he goes over to him and asks "How do you know Dopey and Sneezy?"

Azumanga Daioh

  • In "Fairyland Class" (aired 20 May, 2002), there's a poster that has a lookalike of a parody of Tinker Bell.

Batman: The Animated Series

  • In "The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne" (aired October 29, 1992), the Joker yells like Goofy at one point.

Beavis and Butt-Head

Ben 10: Omniverse

  • In "So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies" (aired October 27, 2012), Rhomboid shouts as he crashes as a reference to Goofy's trademark yell.
Ben 10 Oliver
  • In "Catfight" (aired April 12, 2014), there is a cat that bears a resemblance to Oliver from Oliver & Company.
  • In "Third Time's a Charm" (aired November 7, 2014), Bezel claims to have turned a pumpkin into a carriage, an implied reference to the Pumpkin Coach from Cinderella.

Beverly Hills Teens

Bobby's World

  • In "The Visit to Aunt Ruth's" (aired September 8, 1990), Bobby's imaginary mugshot card is A113.
  • The title of "Adventures in Bobby Sitting" (aired September 22, 1990) is a reference to Adventures in Babysitting.
  • In "My Dad Can Fix Anything" (aired October 20, 2990), Howard tells his son that World of Improvement is the Disneyland of hardware stories.
  • The title of "Three Kids and a Baby" (aired September 7, 1991) is a reference to Three Men and a Baby.
  • In "Ill Effects" (aired November 28, 1992), Uncle Ted tells Bobby a story with his nephew as Pinocchio and Howard as Gepetto. Their outfits even match the Disney characters' clothing.

Bob's Burgers

  • Linda's nightmare from "Art Crawl" (aired March 20, 2011) is a parody of the "Pink Elephants on Parade" sequence from Dumbo.
  • The title of "Adventures in Chinchilla-Sitting" (aired March 15, 2015) is a reference to Adventures in Babysitting. Also, the store next to Bob's in this episode is entitled "Lady and the Clamp", an obvious reference to Lady and the Tramp.

Bojack Horseman

  • In "Downer Ending" (aired August 22, 2014), a classroom door is labelled A113.
  • In "Yesterdayland" (aired July 17, 2015), Todd creates a theme park called Disneyland which is promptly shut down by the Walt Disney Company for violating copyright laws.

The Boondocks

Britt Allcroft's Magic Adventures of Mumfie

  • The episode "Scarecrowella" (aired September 30, 1998) refereences a few elements from the Disney version of Cinderella. This includes the ball being referred to as The Royal Ball, a Fair-Eel Godmother, a sound-a-like instrumental of "So This is Love" being played when Scarecrowella and the Queen of Night dance, and the Queen of Night saying the line "But I don't even know your name!" when Scarecrowella runs off.

China, IL

  • In "Baby Boom" (aired October 17, 2011), Frank says "We are Cinderellas!"
    Old Yeller in China, IL
  • In "Coming Out of the Casket" (aired October 24, 2011), Old Yeller makes an appearance.
  • In "A Gentleman's Bet" (aired April 5, 2015), Sunshine loses her shoe that is later retrieved by Hoh-Hoh. This is a reference to Cinderella.
China, IL 1


  • In "Pretty Great Day With a Girl" (aired April 14, 2014), Clarence says "Oh, bother" while pretending to be a bear. Pooh is a bear, and he says this whenever something doesn't go his way.
  • In "Clarence's Millions" (aired April 28, 2014), Clarence dreams of swimming in Clarence dollars as a reference to the DuckTales theme.
  • In "The Forgotten" (aired October 16, 2014), Clarence telling Brady to eat it like dogs do is a reference to the iconic spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp.
  • In "Lil' Buddy" (aired July 20, 2015), the song "Weird Things" is a parody of the song "Strange Things" from Toy Story.

The Cleveland Show

  • In "The Curious Case of Jr. Working at the Stool" (aired February 21, 2010), Rallo sings "Circle of Life" and mentions that, in Africa, he went with a warthog and a meerkat.
  • In "Murray Christmas" (aired December 5, 2010), Carl Fredricksen makes an appearance. Edward Asner reprises his role as Carl for that scene.
  • In "The Essence of Cleveland" (aired April 3, 2011), Cleveland mentions Up to Patty.
  • In "Hot Cocoa Bang Bang" (aired May 15, 2011), during the Avatar-based battle between nerds and Hollywood big-shots, two nerds destroy a Darth Vader statue by smashing signs bearing the Disney and Marvel logos together a la Return of the Jedi. It doubles as a reference to Disney's acquisition of Marvel.
  • In "Skip Day" (aired November 20, 2011), the Crows from Dumbo make cameos.
    • Also, Cleveland Jr. dresses up as Tinker Bell for The Wonderfully Racist World of Disney.
  • In "There Goes El Neighborhood" (aired January 29, 2012), a poster entitled L.A. Bambi is seen.
  • In "Wide World of the Cleveland Show" (aired January 27, 2013), Cleveland Jr. dances whilst dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
  • In "A Rodent Like This" (aired March 10, 2013), Rat Lauer pulling Cleveland's hair to help him cook is a parody of the film Ratatouille.

Codename: Kids Next Door

  • In "Operation F.U.T.U.R.E." (aired June 11, 2004), when two of the Boys Next Door operatives are transformed into girls by the Super Girlifier Cannon, they are having a tea party. One of them says "More tea, Missus Nesbitt?" This is a reference to Toy Story, in which Bonnie's Buzz Lightyear, after his arm broke off, is once renamed Missus Nesbitt by Hannah, "Would you like some tea, Missus Nesbitt?" and they have a tea party.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

  • In "Family Buisness" (aired November 17, 2000), while Basil was dancing, he said "Step in time, step in time", a reference to the Mary Poppins song "Step in Time".
  • In "Angry Nasty People" (aired July 19, 2002), Courage, Muriel and Eustace saw 1001 Dalmatians, which is a parody of 101 Dalmatians: The Series.

The Critic

  • In the series pilot episode (aired January 26, 1994), Jay Sherman and his love interest of the episode Valerie Fox dance to a parody of the song "Beauty and the Beast", Sherman and Valerie are even dress in the ballroom attire. Also referencing Beauty and the Beast the song is sung by a anthropomorphic Dustbuster and toilet mocking the accents of both Mrs. Potts and Lumière.
  • The film The Cockroach King, featured in the episode "From Chunk to Hunk" (aired March 26, 1995), which supposedly features Howard Stern, is a parody of The Lion King. Jay Sherman reacts to the film by receiving edible chocolate roaches, which happen to be alive and crawl off his plate, causing him to scream "Edible roaches don't craaaaaawl!!!"

Dan Vs.

  • Helicopter Hal from "Dan Vs. Traffic" (aired February 26, 2011) resembles Woody a little bit. Another minor character named Colby bears resemblance to Buzz Lightyear as well.
  • Chris shares characteristics with Terry Perry, which is meaningful because Chris and Terry are voiced by the same actor, Dave Foley.

Danny Phantom

  • Lancer's Doomed suit in "Teacher of the Year" (aired October 15, 2004) is similar to Tron.
  • In "Pirate Radio" (aired July 22, 2005), Ember asks "Where's the splat?" a reference to a quote in Peter Pan.
  • In "The Fright Before Christmas" (aired December 6, 2005), the Ghostwriter says "A clock and a candlestick those I won't miss", an implied reference to Beauty and the Beast.
  • In "Beauty Marked" (aired February 24, 2006), Sam tries on glass slippers that resemble those of Cinderella in the film.
  • In "Double Cross My Heart" (aired May 5, 2006), Danny spies on Sam and Gregor's relationship and says "If they share a strand of spaghetti, I'm gonna hurl!" This is a reference to "Bella Notte" from Lady and the Tramp.



Daria as Cinderella.

  • In "Road Worrier" (aired July 7, 1997), the "C" item used when Daria, Jane, Trent, and Jesse are playing the picnic game on the way to Alternapalooza is "The cryogenically frozen head of Walt Disney", a reference to the infamous urban legend that Walt Disney arranged himself to be cryogenically frozen upon his death.
  • In "Arts 'N Crass" (aired February 16, 1998), when Mr. O'Neill is talking to Daria and Jane about changing their poster for the school's poster contest, he says that he wants to make it more "palatable", then saying "You know what they say, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down", a reference to "A Spoonful of Sugar" from Mary Poppins. Later in the episode, Daria remarks "Okay, but quote Mary Poppins again and the deal is off".
  • In "Daria Dance Party" (aired March 17, 1999), when Brittany and Jodie are at Pizza King after Brittany and Kevin break up, Jodie suggests that she should take Robert to the dance instead to teach Kevin a lesson. However, Brittany brings up that he's in Disney World with his family until Friday.
  • In "Speedtrapped" (aired July 28, 1999), after Daria asks Trent about Mystik Spiral's "world tour" and Trent answers that they have a gig in Freemont, 100 miles away from Lawndale, Daria remarks with "It's a small world after all", referencing the Disneyland ride and song.
  • In "A Tree Grows in Lawndale" (aired March 10, 2000), Brittany's chant to exorcise the spirit of Tommy Sherman she believes is in the girls' bathroom at school is, "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay, make Tommy's spirit go far, far away", referencing the song "Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah" from Song of the South.
  • In "The F Word" (aired March 31, 2000), Kevin tries to show Mack that he knows the three branches of American government, which he incorrectly claims to be "Republican, Dominican, and Aristocat". Later in the episode, when Mack is working on the English project to fail at something, he tries to teach Kevin about the three branches of American government, with Kevin wanting to know how they taught the Aristocats to play piano.
  • In "Psycho Therapy" (aired June 28, 2000), Daria's response to Jane's "Jane-Cam" only getting eight hits with Daria being three of them is "It's a small world after all". Jane follows this up with "Chim-chiminey, chim-chiminey", referencing Mary Poppins.
  • In "Sappy Anniversary" (aired February 26, 2001), when Daria realizes she needed to talk to Tom about why she was angry (The reason being he forgot their anniversary) after seeing other couples in school talking, she says "Oh, God. This is like that scene in Pinocchio when he discovers he's growing ears like the rest of the donkeys." After Jane tells her to go talk to Tom, Jane says, "And always let your conscience be your..." until Daria tells her to shut up. Jane's line was taken from the Pinocchio song "Give a Little Whistle".
  • In the series' clip show retrospective Look Back in Annoyance, Jane says that they'll take a break from reality and "step through the looking glass into a magical world of wonder". Daria asks her what she meant by that, leaving Jane to remark that they're going to be out of work soon (Due to Daria getting cancelled), so she's trying to get a job with Disney.
  • One of Jane's "alter-egos" in the second season's credit sequence is Snow White. One of Daria's "alter-egos" in the fifth season's credit sequence is Cinderella, while one of Kevin's "alter-egos" in the same season's credits is The Mad Hatter, one of Jodie's "alter-egos" being Tinkerbell, and one of Ms. Li's "alter-egos" being Mulan.


Dexter's Laboratory


Please note that this list only includes episodes of the show made before Disney bought Jumbo Pictures and the show itself.

  • In "Doug Can't Dance" (aired August 18, 1991), a kid in the background at the costume party dance is dressed as Mickey Mouse.
  • At the end of "Doug Says Goodbye" (aired December 8, 1991), Stinky is wearing Mickey Mouse ears at Beebe's costume party.

Dragon Tales

  • In the episode "Very Berry" (aired June 5, 2001), Ord gets stuck in a hole after eating too many dragonberries, prompting Max to tell him a story "about a bear who got stuck in a hole after eating too much honey" in order to get him out, referencing Winnie the Pooh.

Drawn Together

  • In "Gay Bash" (aired November 10, 2004), Xandir gets his hands on a magic lamp that contains a genie, which is a parody of Genie from Aladdin. As he comes out from the lamb (which resembles Genie's Lamp), he changes in to several characters, one of them are Mrs. Doubtfire, one of Robin Williams' characters (whom was the voice actor for Genie). In the same episode, The Lion King is parodied when Foxxy tells Xandir that "everything the light touches is gay" while African chanting is heard in the background.
  • In "Clum Babies" (aired November 16, 2005), Wooldoor proudly shows his first "clum baby" after masturbating for the first time, and the other housemates bow in respect a la The Lion King.
  • The episode "Terms of Endrearment" (aired January 25, 2006) has Mickey Mouse as a Darth Vader-esque figure who wants to make it the "happiest place on Earth" by eliminating all ethnic stereotypes, with Mickey's name getting partially bleeped every time it is said. A parody of Uncle Remus is among the stereotypes imprisoned by Mickey.
  • In "Xander and Tim, Sitting in a Tree" (aired February 15, 2006), during Spanky's time away from the house working as a police officer, he goes to a hostage situation in Toontown where Pluto holds a gun to Goofy's head while ranting about why he's the only dog who gets to wear pants. Pluto then kills Goofy before committing suicide. A clip of this episode would be seen in the "In Memoriam" segment from "American Idol Parody Clip Show".
  • In "Spelling Applebee's" (aired October 19, 2006), the Disney princesses Snow White, Aurora and Ariel appear in this episode as Princess Clara's best friends, riding together in a Cinderella-style carriage. They are all victims of the crash Captain Hero causes at the end of the episode to punish Clara for using him. Mulan is mentioned but not seen.
  • In "N.R.A.Y RAY" (aired November 1, 2006), Bambi shows up at the door of the Drawn Together house claiming that Captain Hero killed his mother, a reference to the film's climactic event.
    • This is the second time Bambi has appeared in the series the first was in "Foxxy vs. the Board of Education" (aired October 26, 2005), in which Bambi appears in the hospital waiting room, again with his wounded mother.
  • In "Breakfast Food Killer" (aired October 18, 2007), we see silhouettes of various cartoon characters on line to audition to be a cereal mascot, one of whom is Mickey Mouse. Also, Toot guides the others to a mascot's murder site by going on the Carousel of Progress, and the cast sings "Now Is the Time" when the scene shifts from the house to a field like in the attraction.

    Prince John's Rhino Guards in Drawn Together.

  • In The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! (aired April 10, 2010), the gang are imprisoned and guarded by the rhino guards from Robin Hood.


Ed, Edd n Eddy

  • In "Hands Across Ed" (aired March 24, 2000), the magic words Jimmy says during his magic act might be a parody of the fairy godmother's magic words in Walt Disney's adaptation of Cinderella.
  • In "Key to My Ed" (aired June 23, 2000), Eddy indirectly references Mickey Mouse when he says that the key could open "an exploited cartoon character's theme park."
  • During the episode "Rent-a-Ed" (aired August 18, 2000), Ed shouts out "Zippety do-dah!" which is also the title of the song, "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah", from Song of the South.
  • The title of the episode "Mirror, Mirror, on the Ed" (aired September 8, 2000) is a pun on the quote "Mirror, mirror, on the wall", used by the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • In "Brother, Can you Spare an Ed" (aired June 28, 2002), Edd's line (as an angel): "Let integrity be your guide" is a reference to the line and song ​"Give A Little Whistle"​ spoken and sung by the Blue Fairy and Jiminy Cricket respectively in Pinocchio. Plus, Eddy (as the devil) tells Angel Edd: "Hey, Tinker Bell, let's chitchat." And the way Edd zips Ed's mouth when screaming in fear of getting beaten up by Sarah is a reference to how Genie mouth-zipped himself and later, Aladdin did to Genie in Aladdin.
  • In "Hand Me Down Ed" (aired February 13, 2004), Eddy picks up a briefcase and calls it Casey Jr., a possibly reference to the locomotive in Dumbo.
  • In the Valentine Day's special, "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Hanky Panky Hullabaloo" (aired February 11, 2005), the scene where Nazz and Jonny share a spaghetti strand is a reference to the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp.
  • In "Cleanliness is Next to Edness" (aired October 1, 2005), Edd shouts out "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah" when he goes crazy over getting dirty while attempting to find a shower to start off his day.
  • In "Mission Ed-Possible" (aired November 4, 2005), Edd escapes via being slingshotted from a tree and floats with his umbrella a la Mary Poppins from Mary Poppins.
  • In "Tinker Ed" (aired August 14, 2006), the Eds were dressed like Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Tinker Bell from Peter Pan when they tried to cheer Jimmy up after he got upset about the unicorn incident and his disbelief in fairy tales.
  • In the Cartoon Network commercial "Toon Dates", when Ed said he loved Daphne in the mermaid movie, he was probably talking about The Little Mermaid because Daphne and Ariel are both redheads, and Ed must've thought she played Ariel, even though Daphne's hair is more of a shade of orange.
  • In one episode, they did an Atlantis-themed amusement park, with Ed dressing up as Ariel as a ride, only to hurt his tooth in the process.

The Fairly OddParents

  • In "Power Mad!" (aired March 20, 2001), Ti=mmy wishes for a Tron-style video game.
  • In "Tiny Timmy" (aired April 13, 2001), Cosmo and Wanda travel to Vicky's kidney, which is an amusement park called Kidney Land, hosted by Walt Kidney and his mascot Tinklebell. Kidney Land, Walt Kidney, and Tinklebell are all parodies of Disneyland, Walt Disney, and Tinkerbell, respectively. Vicky's kindness portrayal is also satire of Snow White, and the animals helping Vicky clean up the house are a parody of the animals that help Snow White when she needs their help.
  • In "Shelf Life" (aired September 10, 2004), when Timmy and his fairies are chasing Tom Sawyer through other books, they find the three Musketeers wearing Mouseketeer hats. Wanda almost points out what they've now become, but Timmy silences her.
  • The scene in "Beach Bummed" (aired February 15, 2005) where Cosmo pinches Mr. Bickles on the nose is a reference from The Little Mermaid where Sebastian pinches Chef Louis on the nose.
  • In "Escape from Unwish Island" (aired May 11, 2005), Walt Disney's name is seen in the lockers, implying that he had fairy godparents.
  • Susie Califragilistic from "Remy Rides Again" (aired May 12, 2005) is a parody of Mary Poppins and "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".
  • In "The Good Old Days!" (aired October 7, 2005), many references from classic Mickey Mouse cartoons were used, like the original design of Mickey Mouse was used by Timmy Turner, Cosmo and Wanda being like the original Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Vicky being like Peg-Leg Pete from Steamboat Willie and Ub Iwerks being mentioned.
  • In "No Substitute for Crazy!" (aired November 25, 2006), the word "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" had been parodied three times, one by Mrs. Sunshine/Ms. Doombringer and two by Cosmo.
  • Near the end of "Wishology Part 3: The Final Ending" (aired May 3, 2009), Jorgen grew big ears and when Timmy sees this, Timmy asks "What's going on, Dumbo?"
  • In "The Boss of Me" (aired September 11, 2010), the singing people while Timmy and his Dad were entering Pencil Nexus is a reference to It's a Small World.
  • In "Crocker of Gold" (aired September 18, 2010), the Seven Dwarfs make a cameo.
  • In the live-action television movie Grow Up, Timmy Turner (aired July 9, 2011), Crocker and Hugh J. Magnate, Jr. almost kissed each other while eating the same spaghetti noodle referencing Lady and the Tramp.
  • In the end of "Meet the Odd Parents" (aired December 29, 2011), a photo of Timmy with his parents and Fairly OddFamily at Big Ben is a reference to Peter Pan when Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael arrived at Big Ben during You Can Fly.
  • The scene in "Fairly Odd Pet" (aired March 23, 2013) where Timmy and Sparky kiss each other by eating spaghetti is a reference to Lady and the Tramp.
  • RalphVanellope FoP

    Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope in The Fairly OddParents.

    In "Dumbbell Curve" (aired May 11, 2013), a man and a little girl resembling Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz are seen in the crowd.
  • The Wooden Boy in the Giant Fish in "Dimmsdale Tales" (aired July 18, 2014) is a reference to Pinocchio.

Father Christmas

  • One of the people at the costume party Father Christmas accidentally goes into while delivering presents is dressed as Captain Hook.

Family Guy

  • In "A Hero Sits Next Door" (aired May 2, 1999), there is a scene where Peter says to his new neighbor Joe that baseball is "so fun, that it should be illegal, like copyright infringement"). His face then morphs into that of Mickey Mouse and imitates his voice and laugh. This scene satirizes Disney's copyright stance on characters like Mickey. Also, at one point, Peter self-questions Calvin Klein being the name of the antagonist in Tron.
  • In "Brian: Portrait of a Dog" (aired May 16, 1999), when Brian is kicked out of the Sicilian restaurant, he comes across Lady and Tramp from Lady and the Tramp, in a parody of the famous spaghetti scene.
  • In "Love Thy Trophy" (aired March 14, 2000), one influenced child rudely says to her adopted sister "Go back to your rice paddy, Mulan!"
Minnie-Mouse-family-guy-684176 1024 768
  • A cutaway gag from "A Picture is Worth 1000 Bucks" (aired April 18, 2000) depicts Walt Disney taking an art class with Minnie Mouse as a very reluctant nude model.
  • In "One if by Clam, Two if by Sea" (aired August 1, 2001), Peter imagines himself doing the Light Cycle sequence.
  • In "Lethal Weapons" (aired August 22, 2001), Lois says that she's cutting loose, "like in that movie where Julie Andrews shows her breasts." This then leads to a cutaway gag, where Mary Poppins flashes to Michael and Jane. The movie Lois is actually refering to is the 1981 film S.O.B.
  • At the beginning of "Screwed the Pooch" (aired November 21, 2001), the Griffins visit a petting zoo and Peter hops in a kangaroo's pouch pretending to be Roo.
  • In "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" (aired December 10, 2004), Peter sings a song entitled "I Need a Jew", a parody of "When You Wish Upon a Star" from Pinocchio.
  • In "Jungle Love" (aired September 25, 2005), Peter complains about how he's constantly being pushed around at his new job, similar to his last job with Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. This then leads to a cutaway gag, where Peter is doing said job, while looking extremely similar to Beaker.
  • In Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (aired September 27, 2005; DVD version only), a fake trailer shows an upcoming Disney film titled The Littlest Bunny, featuring music by Randy Newman.
  • In "The Courtship of Stewie's Father" (aired November 20, 2005), Peter and Stewie go to Walt Disney World Resort.
  • In "I Take Thee Quagmire" (aired March 12, 2006), when Quagmire falls in love with Joan, he imagines himself and Joan as Beast and Belle (with Peter and Cleveland as Cogsworth and Lumiere), Lady and the Tramp, and finally Aladdin and Jasmine.
  • In "Movin' Out (Brian's Song)" (aired September 30, 2007), Brian turns down a chance to see Disney on Ice with Jillian, so she decides to give his ticket to Peter.
  • In "Lois Kills Stewie" (aired November 11, 2007), Stewie mentions banning the fake movie "Aladdin IV: Jafar May Need Glasses" and in "Foreign Affairs", the Griffins watch the fake movie "Aladdin V: Jafar Answers the Census". The title of these movies are also a reference to the infamous Disney sequels during the Michael Eisner era.
  • In "Stew-Roids" (aired April 26, 2009), Lois watches the film Lady and the Tramp and Michael Vick, which depicts Lady and Tramp eating spaghetti before Michael Vick dunks their heads in a bucket of water, a reference to Vick's conviction for his dogfighting operation.
  • In "Road to the Multiverse" (aired September 27, 2009), the Disney universe has many of the characters appear as parodies of Disney characters.
  • The title of "Hannah Banana" (aired November 8, 2009) is a reference to Hannah Montana, and the episode's plot has Miley Cyrus (though her hair is red instead of brown) performing as herself and Hannah Montana in Quahog, which Stewie was interested to see her as being her biggest fan, though it later turns out that it was actually an android version of herself, which Stewie mentions to Brian that it is "a product of Disney Imagineering."
  • Satan condemns Goofy to the pit of fire in "Dial Meg for Murder" (aired January 31, 2010) for being involved in the September 11th terrorist attacks. Goofy admits to being part of it, because the United States supports Israel.
  • In "Brian and Stewie" (aired May 2, 2010), Brian says that he wants to commit suicide. Stewie responds by saying, he feels that way when he watches Handy Manny.
  • A cutaway gag from "Road to the North Pole" (aired December 18, 2010) depicts Winnie the Pooh asking Eeyore why he is so glum, to which Eeyore responds "I have a nail in my anus". Pooh was voiced by Will Ryan in that scene.
  • In the uncensored version of "The Big Bang Theory" (aired May 8, 2011), Stewie says to Brian that he was able to stay up until 7:30pm to watch Phineas and Ferb, which its creator Dan Povenmire was also a former director of Family Guy.
  • In "Lottery Fever" (aired September 25, 2011), a cutaway has Peter dive into a bin full of coins like Scrooge McDuck, only to end up bloodied and bruised.
  • In "Family Guy Viewer Mail #2" (aired May 20, 2012), Stewie states that with the variations of Robin Williams, they were not allowed by Disney to play the Genie from Aladdin.
  • In "Chris Cross" (aired February 17, 2013), Stewie tries to impress Brian and his toys by singing. After Brian approves, he says all of the toys were impressed except for Buzz Lightyear, who is absent. This leads to a cutaway gag, where Buzz is picking up some girls in a bar, using his catchphrase.
  • In "Bigfat" (aired April 14, 2013), Quagmire makes a nod to "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" by saying that Davy killed a bear when he was three years old. This triggers a cutaway gag where Davy's parents are convinced that their son is disturbed, as he is killing animals for fun.
  • The episode "Peter Problems" (aired January 5, 2014) features a parody of The Lion King where a monkey holds up a lion cub, only for Peter to show up on a forklift and lift another lion cub higher than the monkey. Two giraffes then comment on when the bris will take place.
  • In "Grimm Job" (aired January 12, 2014), the entire Cinderella segment is a parody of the Disney version. Lois and Peter are featured as Cinderella and Prince Charming, both wearing clothing modeled after the ones of the respective characters from the 1950 film version. The wedding scene is even a short-for-shot reenactment of Cinderella's finale.
  • "Brian's a Bad Father" (aired January 26, 2014) has Brian's son Dylan starring in a new Disney Channel series titled Parent Boppers.
  • Near the end of "3 Acts of God" (aired March 16, 2014), when Stewie asks Brian if he's still an atheist since Peter personally met God, Brian retorts that it's no different than how Peter acts whenever he goes to Disney World and Mickey Mouse "just so happens to be there that day."
  • The title of the episode "Herpe the Love Sore" (aired April 6, 2014) is a parody of Herbie. At the beginning of the episode, Peter and Lois are watching an episode of Behind the Music about Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, the band from the Muppets. Also, when Stewie finds out he's contracted herpes from Brian, he calls Handy Manny and tells him to turn his speaker-phone off so his tools won't find out.
  • In "The Simpsons Guy" (aired September 28, 2014; a fusion of Family Guy and The Simpsons), Cheif Wiggum's car's license plate is A113.
  • In "Turkey Guys" (aired November 16, 2014), Peter, Chris, Brian, and Stewie are watching the JCPenny Thanksgiving Day Parade on the TV, which Stewie describes as the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade but without licensed character balloons. One of the balloons feautred is Mickey Rabbit(a fusion of Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny).
  • In "Peter's Sister" (aired November 15, 2015), Peter is complaining to Lois about her sister Karen is ruining Thanksgiving like how Tim Burton ruined the 4th of July. A cutaway then shows up featuring a fake trailer for "Happy 4th of July Jack Skellington". The trailer features the characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas singing a song about spooky patriotic wierdness, and it ends with Jack Skellington making a comment about fat goth chicks get tattoos of him, poking fun at the movies huge fanbase of Goth Kids.
  • In "Hot Pocket-Dial" (aired November 22, 2015), Joe loses his legs and they drift out into the ocean. Below, Ariel is wishing for a pair of legs, and his pair slowly drifts to her. Ariel then starts to viciously eat them, because the fish part of her really wanted some legs to eat.

Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

  • In "Emancipation Complication" (aired November 10, 2006), an imaginary friend resembling Lightning McQueen can be seen.
Char 73731


  • In "Freakazoid is History!" (aired November 11, 1995), when Freakazoid looks over the changes he caused to history as a result of saving Pearl Harbor, one thing he finds out is that "EuroDisneyland is packed!" This is making fun of the park's lack of visitors in real life.


Garfield and Friends

  • In "Mini-Mall Matters" (aired November 4, 1989), Garfield describes what goes into a mini-mall, including a mini-market, a mini-restaurant, and a mini-pharmacy. He then adds, "We were going to show you a Minnie Mouse, but she's on another show."
  • In "The Kitty Council" (aired October 10, 1992), Garfield says he got thrown out of Disneyland while searching for a mouse.
  • The two-part episode "Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarfs" (aired October 2, 1993) has Snow Wade (Wade Duck) and the Queen (Lanolin) dress exactly like the Disney counterparts of the characters they are playing.
  • In "The Floyd Story" (aired October 9, 1993), Floyd the mouse says he's going to quit due to his barely getting a good part on the show and move to another studio, saying he might go to Disney. Garfield dismisses Floyd's claim as nonsense, saying "Disney's up to here with mice in their contracts."
  • In "A Matter of Conscience" (aired September 17, 1994), a cricket offers act as Garfield's conscience, and hands him a copy of Pinocchio to give him a better idea. He then warns Garfield not to read on, fearing "a letter from the lawyers at Disney".
  • In "Alley Katta and the 40 Thieves" (aired November 19, 1994), the Genie said that Aladdin had become more popular than him. Jon wondered if it's because of his magic lamp, but Garfield figures it was because of his deal with Disney.

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

  • In "Nursery Crimes" (aired July 9, 2004), an almost identical version of Snow White can be seen.
  • In "Hill Billy" (aired January 6, 2006), everything turns into something out of a retro cartoon. At one point, Grim joins a group of dancing skeletons to perform "the Skeleton Dance".
  • In "Billy Ocean" (aired January 6, 2006), Billy ends up inside a whale, where he meets Geppetto, who seems to take a liking to Billy more than he does a jealous Pinocchio, who thinks the only way to become a real boy is to eat the flesh of a real boy. Also in the same episode, Billy goes underwater and comes across a crab named Ziggy (a parody of Sebastian) who sings a parody of "Under the Sea".
    • In "The Love that Dare Not Speak its Name" (aired January 20, 2006), Grim paraphrases the "twitterpated" speech from Bambi.

Harvey Beaks

  • In "It's Christmas, You Dorks!" (aired December 9, 2016), there are many segments told via music. This is a reference to Fantasia.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law

  • In "Deadomutt, Part 1" (aired May 25, 2003), a restroom is labelled 113-A.
  • In "Evolutionary War" (aired September 4, 2005), Harvey sings a Disney-style song.

Hey Arnold!

  • In "Buses, Bikes and Subways" (aired March 4, 2000), the scene with the clowns in the tent is similar to the one in Dumbo with the clowns drinking.


  • In "Really Oldies but Goodies" (aired September 24, 1998), during a sketch parodying Cats, one cat is shown burping up Mickey Mouse's shorts.
  • In "Music" (aired April 17, 1999), the prize in the Dating Game parody sketch is a trip to the deserted theme park EuroDizzyland.
  • In "The Teddy Roosevelt Show" (aired May 1, 1999), Pepper Mills mistakes Theodore Roosevelt for Winnie the Pooh.

Johnny Bravo

  • In "Win An El Toro Guapo" (aired March 12, 2004), the famous Lady and the Tramp scene was spoofed by Johnny and Morgan and the "Bella Notte" song was spoofed as "Bella Amore".

Justice League Unlimited

  • In "Kids' Stuff" (aired August 14, 2004), the castle that appears resembles the Pixar version of the Walt Disney Pictures logo.

King of the Hill

  • In the Halloween special, Hilloween (aired October 26, 1997), Hank finds an Aladdin costume.

Littlest Pet Shop (2012)

The Looney Tunes Show

Lola Bunny Treasure

Reference to Aladdin in "It's a Handbag".

  • In "It's a Handbag" (aired November 27, 2012), Lola Bunny's adventures in the cave are similar to the cave scenes from the Indiana Jones film Raiders of the Lost Ark and Aladdin.
  • In "Here Comes the Pig" (aired August 13, 2013), Daffy Duck refers to his father 'Donald', in obvious reference to Donald Duck.

Lucas Bros. Moving Co.


  • Rafiki from The Lion King appeared in Avaturd (a spoof of Avatar).
    • Zack and Cody Martin appeared in Bieber Bowl (a parody of Justin Bieber) and later in Celebrity Birthdays where Ernie Zacks is 53 years old.
    • Zombi is a parody of Bambi.
Screen shot 2011-09-13 at 8.05.18 AM

Remy in TransBOREmores.

Screen shot 2011-09-13 at 8.09.58 AM

Carl in 2012 Dalmatians.

  • 2012 Dalmatians is a parody on 101 Dalmatians and 2012. Carl Fredricksen, Zack and Cody Martin even appeared in 2012 Dalmatians. However, Carl is wearing a purple jacket instead of brown.
    • Later in the episode, an ad product called "Up" is an advanced system of getting you up and out of a jam using balloons, which is tested on Dug.
    • The Lesser Known Effects of Global Warming features the High School Musical gang.
    • MAD's Guide to Celebrity Siblings shows siblings of the Jonas Brothers and Emily Osment, Merva and Haley Joel Osment.
  • In the episode "Star Blecch / uGlee" (aired September 27, 2010), a segment called Rejected Toy Story 3 Characters shows Speak & Swear (Mr. Spell), Mr. Couch Potato Head (Mr. Potato Head), Baby Never Stops Crying (Big Baby), Bizz the Friendly Fax and Private Space.
    • Tinker Bell's Operation is a spoof of Tinker Bell.
    • Additionally in uGlee (a parody of Glee), the Glee members admit that their show premise is no different than the premises for High School Musical, Hannah Montana and Jonas. Troy Bolton, Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers also appear.

Mickey Mouse in MAD's Mouse M.D.

  • In the episode "S'UP / Mouse M.D." (aired November 15, 2010), it's a parody on Up and MTV's Jersey Shore and Mickey Mouse and House (also known as House, M.D.). Hannah Montana even appeared in "Mouse M.D.".
    • In "S'UP", everything is great in Carl's House, until the cast of Jersey Shore knocks on his door.
    • In "Mouse M.D.", Dr. Mouse tries to solve three medical cases involving Cookie Monster, Bob the Builder and Miley Cyrus.
    • Also, the Genie Bottle Drink cartoon is a spoof of Aladdin.
  • In the episode "Da Grinchy Code / Duck" (aired November 22, 2010), Nicolas Cage as Benjamin Gates from the National Treasure franchise is one of three characters to be brought to Whoville to solve whoever was responsible for the Christmas thievery (along with Indiana Jones and Robert Langdon from The Da Vinci Code on which the segment is based).
    • Narnia Lunchbox, is a parody of The Chronicles of Narnia and a lunchbox.
  • Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs, Chernabog (as the Dwarfs' summon) and Ariel appeared in Snott Pilgrim vs. the Wonderful World of Disney (parody of Disney and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World). After his breakups with Knives and Flowers, Scott Pilgrim begins dating Snow. But to prove his love, Snott must defeat her seven evil dwarves. Ariel appeared dating Snott in the last part.
    • In the episode "Snott Pilgrim vs. the Wonderful World of Disney / Malcolm in the Middle Earth" (aired February 7, 2011), a Lightning McQueen spoof gets crushed by a car squisher.
    • Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie appeared in Malcolm in the Middle Earth (parody of Malcolm in the Middle and The Lord of the Rings). Tumnus and Alice also appear out of the wardrobe.
  • So You Think You Can Train Your Dragon How to Dance / Yo Gagga Gagga!'s (aired February 21, 2011) MAD Ask the Celebrity has Selena Gomez answering a question of if she has magical powers like on Wizards of Waverly Place.
  • Phineas, Ferb and Perry appeared in The Straight-A Team (parody of The A-Team). When Alan sticks with Phineas and Ferb as his science partners, it becomes a competition to see who has the best project.
The Buzz Identity

Buzz and Carl in "The Buzz Identity".

  • The Buzz Identity is a parody on Toy Story 3 and The Bourne Identity. Buzz Lightyear gets his memory erased by Lotso. Carl Fredricksen, Scott Calvin, Dave Douglas, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs also appeared in it.
  • In the original version of Are You Karate Kidding Me? (parody of The Karate Kid 2010 remake), Jim Henson is doing the "why are you hitting yourself?" method to Kermit the Frog when Mr. Han explained where he got the method. In that same version, Mr. Han gets distracted from teaching Dre Parker on sensing his opponent when he looks at his watch showing a picture of Kick Buttowski and runs away to watch the show.
  • In HOPS / Naru210 (aired April 25, 2011), Soul Tron is a cross-parody of Tron and Soul Train. The name of the host, Tron Cornelius, is a pun on Don Cornelius, the host of Soul Train on which the segment is based.

Winnie the Pooh in MAD's Pooh Grit.

  • In the episode "Pooh Grit / Not a Fan a Montana" (aired May 16, 2011), it's a parody of Winnie the Pooh and True Grit and Hannah Montana. Tron even appeared in Pooh Grit.
    • When Christopher Robin's father is bounced by Tigger in Pooh Grit, he hires Pooh to apprehend him. However, things turn sour when Jeff Bridges confronts Pooh for stealing his identity, who in turn is confronted by another Jeff Bridges and his younger self. It then becomes a competition as to who will take the glory.
    • When Disney star Miley Cyrus starts losing her fans to Justin Bieber in Not a Fan a Montana, she begins to sabotage him in many styles, including Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner-style, and learns a strange truth about her friends, her father, and her fame.
  • Zack and Cody appeared in The Social Netjerk (parody of The Social Network) where they tried to befriend the Winklevoss twins when they were on Rich Blonde Twins.
  • TwiGH School Musical is a parody on High School Musical and The Twilight Saga. When transfers from East High School arrive at Forks High School, things become difficult for Bella Swan, the Cullen family and Jacob who find their upbeat attitude and constant singing annoying.
  • "Pirate visits Davy Jones' One Foot Locker" is a spoof of Davy Jones' Locker and Foot Locker.
    • Lightning McQueen and Mater appeared in Thomas the Unstoppable Tank Engine (parody of Thomas the Tank Engine and Unstoppable), where they were taking a drive until Thomas ran over them. McQueen was voiced by Keith Ferguson in that scene.
  • The Super 80's / Captain America's Got Talent (aired August 29, 2011) segment Pinocchio 2: Boy, Oh Boy, Real Life is Hard is a parody of Pinocchio, where Pinocchio finds out that being a real boy is harder than it looks in this "all-new direct-to-DVD movie".
    • In a later segment in the episode, a doctor pulls Buzz Lightyear out of the ear of a little boy who was complaining about a buzz in his ear.
  • In Kung Fu Blander (parody of Kung Fu Panda 2), the Soothsayer mentions Walt Disney.
  • Pirates of the Pair of Tweens is a parody of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. After finding the Fountain of Youth, Angelica and Blackbeard drink its waters in the hopes of living forever. However, the waters work too well, and the pair are regressed into their tweens, much to Jack Sparrow's dismay, as he is now forced to take care of them. He reluctantly takes them to the mall, where they do nothing but shop and play without end. Eventually, Jack has enough and turns to Willy Wonka (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) for help. Wonka has a formula made, disguised as frozen yogurt, which Jack gives to the kids. Unfortunately, the formula causes the kids to turn into anamorphic blueberries that swell up and explode. Wonka explains that there was a mix-up from his new workers, the Alfa-Loompas (cross of Oompa-Loompas and Alfred E. Neuman).
  • In the episode "Fast Hive / Minute to Flynn It" (aired September 19, 2011), the two main segments are a parody of Winnie the Pooh and Fast Five and Tron: Legacy and Minute to Win It.
    • When Winnie the Pooh's attempt to steal some honey from some bees fails in Fast Hive, he turns to Dominic Toretto for help. Seeing the problem, Dom devises a complicated plan using a ramp and a couple of custom street cars. However, the plan works too well, and everybody leaves the story entirely and land in other books, whose inhabitants graciously shares their honey. As for Dom, he ends up in the movie novelization of Cars, where Lightning McQueen and Mater launch him up another ramp.
    • In Minute to Flynn It, Sam Flynn visits his father in the Tron arcade game, where he is greeted by his father's clone Clu. Clu challenges Sam to prove that he is the superior player on the grid with various mediocre challenges. In the final challenge, to see who could balance an egg on a light cycle the longest, Sam questions why his father would design a game so dumb. While out in the real world, Kevin Flynn is discussing with Guy Fieri about how the game will make a great TV show.
    • In Celebrities Without Their Makeup, Peter Pan appeared as "Emma Watson without her makeup".
    • Additionally, Ariel appeared on MAD News as an underwater correspondent wearing Kim Kardashian's lost earring.
  • Buzz Lightyear and Dory appeared in Cowboys & Alien Force (a parody of Cowboys & Aliens and Ben 10: Alien Force).
  • Mater appeared on Interstate 40 in TransBOREmores 3: Dark of the Blue Moon (parody of Transformers: Dark of the Moon and The Smurfs).
  • Kitchen Nightmares Before Christmas is a parody on The Nightmare Before Christmas and Kitchen Nightmares. After starring on so many kitchen reality shows, Gordon Ramsay becomes bored with repetitive grind and longs for something new. He suddenly falls through a trap door and lands in Halloween Town just as the patrons are in the middle of a cook-off. He begins to berate their progress and orders each one to start over, much to the horror of the monster chefs. The Mayor informs Jack Skellington of Ramsay's arrival, stating that Ramsay is more horrifying than Skellington, as Ramsay is brutally honest to everyone. Seeing that he has been bested, Skellington asks Ramsay for advice to deal with his work related doldrums. Ramsay helps Skellington by making him a television executive in the place.
    • In Kitchen Nightmares Before Christmas / How I Met Your Mummy's (aired October 24, 2011) Animated Marginals, Mike Wazowski appears to be preparing for an eye drop.
    • In How I Met Your Mummy (parody of How I Met Your Mother), Mike and Sulley are seen at the restaurant. However, Mike is blue instead of green, and Sulley is orange instead of blue with purple spots.
  • Tater Tots & Tiaras is a parody on Toy Story 3 and Toddlers & Tiaras. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head put their daughter in a pageant, where they compete against many people including Bo Peep and her daughter, and are judged by Barbie, Ken and Woody.
  • Abu is one of the occupants of the Super Ape Motel in Demise of the Planet of the Apes (parody of Rise of the Planet of the Apes).
  • The Spy vs. Spy Kids / The Superhero Millionaire Matchmaker (aired November 28, 2011) segment Mickey Mouse Mouse Exterminator Service is a spoof on Mickey Mouse and Mouse Extermination Service. Also, Remy, Jaq and Gus appeared as a few of the mice caught by Mickey in cages.
  • FROST is a parody on ABC's Lost, the Rankin/Bass Christmas special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Toy Story 3. Woody, Buzz and the Toy Story gang get "lost" on a mysterious island of misfits.
  • DolPhineas and Ferb Tale is a parody on Dolphin Tale and Phineas and Ferb. When Sawyer Nelson finds Winter the tailless dolphin stranded on the beach, Phineas and Ferb offer to help build a suitable prosthetic for the dolphin. Their first few attempts backfire until they build a helmet that increases her brain activity. To test her ability, they enter her in a half machine competition against Hiccup and Toothless (from How to Train Your Dragon), and Cyborg (from Teen Titans). Winter proves to a formidable opponent, taking out Hiccup and Toothless. But before she can beat Cyborg, Morgan Freeman appears, informing that despite winning, the important thing is that everybody learns when messing with the balance of nature using robot parts. He then reveals that he now has rocket feet like Cyborg's.
  • In the My Little War Horse / The Tonight Show with Jay Lion-O (aired February 13, 2012) segment Magic Magic Marker (parody of Magic Marker), the Magic Magic Marker turns a boy's pants into Snow White's dress.
  • Real Veal is a parody of Real Steel.
  • The Garfield of Dreams / I Hate My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (aired March 26, 2012) segment Lancing with the Stars is a parody of Dancing with the Stars.
  • The The Adventures of TaunTaun / Everybody Loves Rayman (aired April 2, 2012) segment Sick Buttowski is a parody of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil. Sick attempts to become the world's greatest daredevil, but vomits before landing.
  • In Potions 11 (parody of Ocean's Eleven and Harry Potter), Alex Russo and Balthazar Blake participate with other fictional wizards to steal a special wand from Albus Dumbledore since Harry Potter learns that his franchise is finished, meaning that that there will be no more fictional wizards in pop culture for the first time in ten years.
  • In Addition Impossible (parody of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol), Ethan Hunt saw Lightning McQueen, got in him, and used him to defeat Kurt Hendricks by driving into him. Hunt then got Hendricks' launch codes and says that no one got hurt, but McQueen says that he's on fire. Ghost Rider's motorcycle, who was also a talking vehicle and was also on fire, then says that McQueen will get used to it. Also, the guy with the pants unzipped has a T-shirt with a logo similar to the logo of The Incredibles.
    • New Gill is a parody of The Little Mermaid and New Girl. When Ariel is dumped by Prince Eric for Ursula, she moves in with three guys who, like Prince Eric, find her tendencies really annoying. So they help her find a new boyfriend. First, they pair her with Marlin, but he has too many family issues including to mention how his wife got eaten and that he was in a tank gang. Next, they have her date SpongeBob SquarePants, but she finds out he is way more chipper than she expected. Ariel finally goes on a date with Aquaman, and finds that they have everything in common. But before she can do anything about it, he is caught by the cast of Deadliest Catch. Seeing she will never find happiness, Ariel begins to sing, much to the annoyance of her roommates, who begin using hamburgers as earplugs as Scuttle states that he heard that they are great for blocking sound.
  • In Hulk Smash (spoof of Hulk and NBC's Smash), Hulk and Bruce Banner pay to see John Carter.
  • WALL•E and EVE are seen as part of the Green Space program in The Iron Giant Lady (parody of The Iron Giant and The Iron Lady).
    • Nessie is a parody of Jessie and the Loch Ness Monster.
  • Yawn Carter is a parody of John Carter. After receiving a device from Abin Sur, John Carter teleports to Mars. There, he meets Marvin the Martian (from Looney Tunes) who dubs him "Yawn Carter" for his long winded boring back story. Marvin asks Carter for his help to fight their civil war, but Carter is reluctant since he would rather search for gold. Marvin's dog K-9 grabs Carter and takes him to their village. Seeing that he has survived the trip, it is declared that Carter has super powers that can be useful in the war. While there Carter is greeted by the princess Dejah Thoris, who informs him that she has be betrothed to J'onn J'onzz, a man she does not love. J'onzz has Carter arrested for fraternizing with Thoris. As punishment, Carter is pitted to a fight to the death with ravenous Bruno Mars. Carter manages to kill Mars, escape to the arena, and crash the wedding. However, Carter learns that the entire events were just an elaborate plan for Thoris to get an engagement ring. As Carter declares his feelings and gives her a diamond ring, Thoris teleports Carter back to Earth.
  • In Battleship vs. Titanic (spoof of the film adaptation of the Battleship board game and the 1997 film of the RMS Titanic), Alex Hopper was going to make a sequel to John Carter.
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was mentioned in Betty White & the Huntsman (parody of Betty White and Snow White & the Huntsman).
Mickey in MAD

Mickey and Minnie in MAD's I Am Lorax / Modern Family Circus.

  • In I Am Lorax (parody of the films I Am Legend and The Lorax based on the books of their respective names), Mickey and Minnie are having a dinner date. Will Smith (referred to as the Willsler in the segment) shoots the chandelier, which drops on them. Mickey complains, saying that they were not even zombified.
    • Later in I Am Lorax / Modern Family Circus (aired June 25, 2012), Brave was mentioned as Pixar's first movie with a heroine, but the summer's 59th movie with an archer in it.
  • The The Mixed Martial Artist / Aquaman vs. Wild (aired July 30, 2012) segment King Tuttowski is a cross-parody of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil and the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun.
  • Merida appeared in The Blunder Games (a parody of The Hunger Games) when she and Actless Evergreen (Katniss Everdeen) face each other for a bow, which Actless says that she uses a bow and arrow as well as Merida. Merida then says it's cool, but Actless then punches Merida.
  • The Average-ers is a parody of The Avengers. Nick Fury needs to save the world with whatever heroes don't have their own movies to make.
    • Later in The Average-ers / The Legend of Dora (aired Septmber 13, 2012), a stop motion animated Spy vs. Spy segment (based on the comic strip in the MAD magazine) features both spies having watched The Avengers. The Black Spy goes at Captain America and the White Spy goes as Thor. The Black Spy uses the shield as a frisbee which, despite missing the White Spy, flicks a power switch. Later, when the White Spy confronts the Black Spy and is just about to hit him, the electricity from a cable above strikes the White Spy's hammer, electrocuting him (ostensibly to death).
  • In Pokémon of Interest (parody of Pokémon and Person of Interest), images of the cast of Gravity Falls can be seen on the bulletin board.

Eeyore meets up with Twilight Sparkle.

Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 9.32.47 AM

Marlin and Dory in Taking Nemo / Once Upon a Toon.

  • In the episode Taking Nemo / Once Upon a Toon (aired October 4, 2012), it's a parody on Finding Nemo and Taken and Once Upon a Time and Cartoon Network.
    • In Taking Nemo, Nemo gets taken. Marlin then calls up Liam Neeson to save him. To get clues on Nemo's whereabouts via beating up anyone in his way, Neeson proceeds with harassing Bruce and the sharks, Ariel and Flounder, and SpongeBob SquarePants before the crazy actor is captured by John Lasseter. Though he intends to stop the director's diabolical plan to make a profit from Nemo, Neeson is bought with a 3D movie deal. Also, John shows a Toy Story 3D poster, as well as one of Up that was called "3D Story". However, this episode mentioned as if all the Pixar movies are live-action even though Pixar films are animated (WALL•E contained live-action segments). Also, Carl's house on the Up poster in the episode is red instead of random colors. And the poster for Finding Nemo 3D shown in the episode incorrectly has it titled "Finding 3D-mo".
      Ariel and Flounder in MAD
    • In Once Upon a Toon, the residents of a seaside town are actually characters from shows of Cartoon Network's past that were transported to the 'real world' town by an evil force. However, Henry Swan gathers the characters consisting of Johnny Bravo, Dexter, Samurai Jack, Cow and Chicken, Blossom, Numbuh 1 and others to stand up to this evil while tearing down the fourth wall. They soon discover that Dexter's sister Dee Dee is behind this threat so that she can have new shows on Cartoon Network like MAD. It turns out to be a nightmare experienced by Johnny Bravo until he notices Alfred E. Neuman, dressed as Elvis Presley, sitting in a chair next to him.
MAD Outtagascar

Buzz Lightyear in "Outtagascar / F·I·E·N·D·S".

  • Lightning McQueen and Buzz Lightyear appear as part of the Sequel Circus in Outtagascar (parody of Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted), which the characters have run out of ideas for sequels. Additionally, after Shrek corrects that he's not the Hulk, Alex explains that The Avengers "made more money than any movie ever!"
  • Frankenwinnie is a parody on Frankenweenie and Winnie the Pooh. The segment begins where Pooh is stuck in Rabbit's hole until Christopher Robin pull him out - so hard, he literally rips in half and his head gets severed. A sympathetic Christopher, however, later puts his body parts back together (notice the scene at this point is black and white) but when he orders Eeyore to give him A.A. Milne's brain, Eeyore mistakenly gives him the honey (since Chris did not specify the jar). As a result, when Pooh is resurrected, he goes on a rampage in pursuit of honey and even punches Yogi Bear (after trying to persuade to take the whole picnic). Christopher then declares that Pooh will inherit his pants, which Piglet did assume was the solution.
    • Later in Frankenwinnie / ParaMorgan (aired October 25, 2012), a segment where the Avengers have a Halloween Party.
  • Zeke and Luther appeared in Dark Night at the Museum (parody of the films The Dark Knight Rises and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian) where they are mistaken for Zack and Cody.
Monsters inc. Mad

Monsters, Inc. 3D poster in "The Perks of Being a Wallcrawler / Regular Shogun Warriors".

  • In the episode "The Perks of Being a Wallcrawler / Regular Shogun Warriors" (aired January 28, 2013), the announcer announces that the Mayans must now suffer through Disney and Pixar's Monsters, Inc. 3D after predicting the world would end by the year 2013. The poster shown, however, has Sulley purple with gray spots instead of blue with purple spots, and Mike blue with a blue eye instead of green with a green eye.
  • Perry appeared in Reply All (a parody of James Bond's 23rd film Skyfall). However, his fur is liberty instead of teal. He also dies in this episode (note his grave), despite still appearing in Phineas and Ferb. However, this is only a parody. Additionally, Perry's grave says he was born in 2008. This is not true, since his show began in 2007.

Rainbow Dash with Wyatt Bernstein.

  • Rainbow Dash & Bernstein is a parody on Crash & Bernstein and Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Wyatt Bernstein builds a new bestie: Rainbow Dash!
  • Pokémonsters, Inc. is a parody on Pokémon and Monsters, Inc.. Mike and Sulley must stop Ash Ketchum from catching all of the monsters in Monstropolis.
  • Wreck It Gandalph is a parody on Wreck-It Ralph and Gandalf from The Hobbit. Gandalf the Grey is sick of being a wizard when hearing he'll be in three Hobbit films, so he escapes to other movies. Later, he switches places with Wreck-It Ralph to prevent being sent back to their own franchises. Ralph uses his strong hands to crush a cliff and bury the Ogres under rubble, while Gandalf uses his magic to battle Fix-It Felix, Jr.. But this makes the Fix-It Felix, Jr. game explode, with Gandalf back in the real world and being told by Bilbo Baggins that he hopes he's happy. Sequels Anonymous is a parody of Bad-Anon. The three movies in this segment represent the video games in Wreck-It Ralph (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey representing Fix-It Felix, Jr., James Bond's 23rd film Skyfall representing Hero's Duty, and Steven Spielberg's Lincoln representing Sugar Rush).
  • Dog With a Captain's Log is a parody on Star Trek and Dog With a Blog. The U.S.S. Starship Enterprise gets a new crew member: Stan the Dog.
  • WALL-E appeared in POblivion (spoof of Oblivion and Po from Kung Fu Panda), which he was found in the wasteland. He was being hit by Jack Harper. After that, he was being repaired and gets loved by a drone after the podracer scene from Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace.
    • Umbrellamentary is a parody on Mary Poppins and Elementary. When Sherlock Holmes goes missing, Mary Poppins investigates the mystery. But is she going to be much help?
  • Jaws the Great and Powerful is a parody on Steven Spielberg's film Jaws and Oz the Great and Powerful. When a bunch of balloons carry a ship and a ferocious shark along with it to the Land of Oz... things get really, really weird.
  • Jack Skellington and Captain Jack Sparrow appeared in Jacks the Giant Slayers (parody of Jack the Giant Slayer).
  • McDuck Dynasty is a parody of DuckTales and A&E Television Networks' Duck Dynasty. Scrooge McDuck tries to teach his three grandnephews: Huey, Dewey and Louie, how to be real ducks: by sleeping under the stars!
  • Lone Rango is a parody on The Lone Ranger and Rango. The Mad Hatter from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland even appeared in Lone Rango. The Lone Ranger recruits Rango to track down Butch because Tonto is too annoying.
  • Iron Bland 3 is a parody of Iron Man 3.
    • Monsters Community is a parody on Monsters University and Community. Mary Poppins and the wardrobe to Narnia even appeared in it. Mike, Sully and their monster friends are going back to college at Greendale Community College, where they were being reunited with the Community cast.
  • Star Blecch Into Dumbness / Stark Tank's (aired September 16, 2013) Happily Ever After Earth is a parody of After Earth and Disney. When Cypher Raige and his son Kitai arrive on Earth, they are ambushed by menacing versions of the seven Dwarfs, Beast, Ariel and Dumbo. Cypher discovers that they have in fact landed in an abandoned Disneyland.
  • Jack Skellington appeared in Lukewarm Bodies (spoof of Warm Bodies). Also, posters of WALL•E and The Little Mermaid are seen in the airplane scene at the airport.
  • Agents of S.M.U.R.F. is a parody of The Smurfs and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The agents are sent by Gargamel to capture the Smurfs.

Magical Princess Minky Momo

  • In one episode, Minky Momo is dressed as Snow White at one point.

The Magic School Bus

  • In "Out of This World" (aired November 18, 1995), Dorothy Ann arrives late for school and interrupts the class rehearsing their solar system play. Carlos reminds her, "Yeah, you're supposed to be Pluto. Arf, arf!" joking about Mickey Mouse's dog Pluto, who is named after the dwarf planet.
  • In "In a Beehive" (aired September 14, 1996), Arnold asks Dorothy Ann if the words "Honey, I stung the kids" mean anything to her. This is a reference to the title of the 1989 Disney sci-fi comedy film, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

Mike, Lu & Og

  • "Sleeping Ugly" (aired May 27, 2001) is a parody of Sleeping Beauty. In addition, ugly lady's dress is colored similarly to Snow White's.

Mike Tyson Mysteries

My Life as a Teenage Robot

  • In "Pest Control" (aired August 1, 2003), a group of mice that Dr. Wakeman experimented on take on the appearance of 1930s cartoon mice, with thin tails, round ears and black fur. At the end, Wakeman presents the head mouse with a familiar pair of buttoned shorts.
  • In the episode "Ear No Evil" (aired August 22, 2003), the one-shot villain Lancer makes a reference to Dumbo insulting Jenny for her gigantic ears. He says "I've seen a peanut stand; I've seen a rubber band; I even seen a needle wink its eye. I've seen just about everything when I see elephant-eared robot girl fly", quoting a reference to the crows' song.
  • In "The Wonderful World of Wizzly" (aired February 27, 2004), Jenny, Brad and Tuck visit an amusement park called Wizzly World. The episode's title is The Wonderful World of Wizzly.
  • In "Historionics" (aired October 18, 2008), the histotrionics featured are parodies of Disney audio-animatronics. Uncle Wizzly is additionally a parody of Walt Disney.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

480px-Hub Network 'Who Wore it Better-' Facebook image

Hub Network's Facebook picture with the Mane-iac and Cruella De Vil.

The New Woody Woodpecker Show

  • In the Knothead & Splinter segment "S & K Files" (aired July 10, 1999), Buzz Buzzard pretends to be Buzz Flightgear, a pun on Buzz Lightyear, in order to rob a house without Knothead & Splinter knowing thinking he was searching for aliens. He also says, "To infinity and beyond" during the theft.

Oggy and the Cockroaches

Oggy Sorcerer's Apprentice
  • "It's a Small World" (aired September 16, 1998) is named after the indoor boat cruise attraction of the same name.
  • Near the end of "Monster from the Mud Lagoon" (aired November 30, 1998), when Jack sees Oggy dressed in a weird outfit and completely covered in mud, he makes several odd sounds then faints. The last of the sounds is the noise the kitten from Lend a Paw makes when it nearly drowns.
  • In "Oggy and the Magic Broom" (aired January 5, 1999), Oggy gets hold of a magic broom. At one point, he gestures at it like Mickey Mouse does in The Sorcerer's Apprentice, causing it to sprout arms and throw a bucket of water at him.
  • In "Laughing Gas" (aired October 6, 1999), one of the cockroaches makes the same sound effect as Hathi Jr's trumpeting.

The Oz Kids


PAW Patrol

  • In "Pups Save the Circus" (aired August 21, 2013), Eunice and Ellie are based off Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo from Dumbo.

Pig Goat Banana Cricket

  • In "The Chronicles of Cutesachusetts" (aired August 1, 2015), the zone Cutesachusettes is similar to Sugar Rush from Wreck-It Ralph.

Pinky and the Brain

  • At the beginning of "Where No Mouse Has Gone Before" (aired November 4, 1995), Brain says that "one day we will live in a world where a mouse rules and it's the humans who have to go through these humiliating diversions," to which Pinky replies, "You mean Orlando?"
  • In "Brain's Song" (aired November 9, 1996), The Tiger Prince (see the Animaniacs section above) was one of the films Brain was forcing Pinky to watch as part of his newest attempt at world domination, with the scene in particular parodying Mufasa's death.
  • In "Cinebrainia" (aired September 8, 1997), near the end of the episode, Walt Disney sees Brain's shadow and makes a drawing of the silhouette, inspiring him to make Mickey Mouse.
  • In "Operation Sea Lion" (aired November 14, 1997), Brain tries to tell Pinky that "Mice and sea lions don't mix...except perhaps in a Disney film".

Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain

  • "A Walk in the Park" (aired February 20, 1999) centers on Elmyra's class taking a field trip to Duckyland, an obvious parody of Disneyland. Brain attempts to change the song on the It's a Small World parody ride to one containing a subliminal message. At one point, Brain says that "cheering music will spread the message that a mouse should rule the world," to which Pinky replies, "Oh, no, Brain. Narf! You're thinking of that other park in Orlando."
  • In "That's Edutainment!" (aired February 27, 1999), Pinky's response to "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?" is "I think so, Brain, but Pepper Ann makes me sneeze." Later in the episode, Pinky portrays Pinky the Unstinky, a spoof of Manny the Uncanny.

Pirate Family

  • In "The Alchemist" (aired July 10, 1998), Lucille MacBernik was seen dressing up as Snow White while trying on some new dresses as her pirate family was getting richer by the minute every time they started creating more gold.

The Powerpuff Girls (1998)

  • In "Ploys R' Us" (aired December 1, 2000), when Bubbles hugs some toys, one plush that greatly resembles Mickey Mouse can be seen in the background.
  • In "Crazy Mixed-Up Puffs" (aired August 20, 2004), when Buttercup farts by mistake, Blossom responds with the word "nice". This is a reference to a scene in Finding Nemo involving two pelicans.
  • In one episode, Stealth Fighter's number is A113.
  • In the 10th anniversary special "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!" (aired January 19, 2009), when Mojo Jojo is imprisoned, he sings a song called "Rule All of the World", which is a parody of the song "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid.

The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

  • The episode "Once Upon a Townsville" (aired May 26, 2016) is a reference or a parody of several Disney Princesses.
    • Princess Bluebelle has a striking resemblance of Cinderella and also a reference when Bluebelle removes her glass slippers as well.
    • A pixie has a striking resemblance of Tinker Bell.
    • When Bluebelle is unconscious is a reference to Sleeping Beauty.
    • When an evil witch sells poison apples while Bluebelle attempts to eat it is a reference to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
    • Bluebelle singing with the animals and being transported to Townsville from a well are references to the film Enchanted.
    • The title card is a parody of the Disney logo, with the city buildings representing the castle, and an arch-shape over the buildings.
    • Prince Charming is the same character's name from the Cinderella franchise.
  • "Snow Month" (aired December 1, 2016) is a parody of Frozen.

Regular Show

Ariel in Regular Show

The Ren & Stimpy Show

Rick and Morty


  • Robotboy generally wants to become a real boy, which is the same intention as Pinocchio.
  • One of the main characters, Gus Turner, is called "goose" by Professor Moshimo, which could be a reference to Gus Goose.
  • A character named Bambi shares her name with the protagonist of the Disney film.

Robot Chicken

  • The episode "Nutcracker Sweet" (aired February 27, 2005) features a segment where Walt Disney's severed head with its giant robotic spider-body attacks Cuba.
  • The episode "Toyz in the Hood" (aired March 20, 2005) features a segment where a man murders his wife and tells his son they are going to Disneyland as an excuse to flee town.
  • The episode "Badunkadunk" (aired April 24, 2005) features a segment where Pinocchio's nose catches fire.
  • The episode "Toy Meets Girl" (aired May 1, 2005) features the end of a segment (that parodies The Diary of Anne Frank) seeing Hilary Duff mocking the TV series Lizzie McGuire.
  • The episode "Kiddie Pool" (aired July 12, 2005) features a segment where Cinderella gets arrested for using the Pumpkin Coach to go to the ball because of its magic.
  • The episode "The Sack" (aired July 3, 2005) features a segment focusing on the possible future of the Carousel of Progress (which is called the Carousel of Tomorrow in the segment).
    • The remake of the episode, titled "Adultizzle Swizzle" (aired May 16, 2008), features a segment where a toy soldier is strapped to a firework, which makes the segment similar to a scene in Toy Story.
  • The episode "The Black Cherry" (aired August 17, 2005) features a segment called "A** Pirates of the Caribbean" (focusing on homosexual pirates), which is a parody of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.
  • The episode "1987" (aired May 7, 2006) has two Disney-themed segments. One is a parody of The Love Bug. Another is a parody of Midnight Madness.
  • The episode "Cracked China" (aired May 14, 2006) features a segment where the Golden Girls perform sexual stunts in a parody of the television series Sex and the City.
  • The episode "Massage Chair" (aired May 28, 2006) features a segment where George W. Bush, as a Jedi having vandalized the Lincoln Memorial and in turn waking up Abraham Lincoln (who he then has a lightsaber duel with), Lincoln says "Who dares disturb my slumber?" This is based off the quote "Who disturbs my slumber?", used by the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin.
  • The episode "Password: Swordfish" (aired June 4, 2006) features a segment that parodies Harry Potter where the Genie's Lamp from Aladdin is mentioned.
    • In addition, Dumbledore's clothing is similar to that of Yen Sid from Fantasia.
  • The episode "The Munnery" (aired September 24, 2006) features a segment called "Wishes Come True", where children's dreams are coming true. This is a reference to the song "When You Wish Upon a Star" from Pinocchio.
  • The episode "Metal Militia" (aired October 1, 2006) has two-Disney consecutive themed segments.
    • One features Peter Pan showing the children he can fly but then realising he forgot that he cannot.
    • The next features a child given a Light Cycle as a used car surprise.
  • The episode "Annie Marie's Pride" (also referred to as Donkey Punch; aired November 12, 2006) features a segment that parodies At the Movies that includes film reviews of many films (sequels based off actual films), one of which includes The Nightmare Before Hanukkah, which is a parody of The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • The episode "Werewolf vs. Unicorn" (aired August 12, 2007) features Zorro being arrested for drawing the letter 'Z' on a wall belonging to a shop owner. Although the segment focuses on fictional Mexican characters crossing the Mexican border, Zorro's cameo appearance is inaccurate because Zorro is Spanish instead of Mexican.
  • The episode "Endless Breadsticks" (aired September 16, 2007) features a segment where Doug Funnie describes to a man in a bar what his life was like.
  • The episode "More Blood, More Chocolate" (aired September 30, 2007) features a segment called "Unplanned Invasion" (focusing on aliens attacking Earth without any real intention) that bears similarities to the Pixar short Lifted.
  • The episode "Moesha Poppins" (aired October 21, 2007) is a mashup title of the American sitcom television series Moesha and Mary Poppins.
  • The episode "Robot Chicken's Half-A**ed Christmas Special" (aired December 9, 2007) features a segment where a character exclusive to the show, named the Nerd, enters the land of Narnia through a locker.
  • The episode "President Evil" (aired September 28, 2008) features a segment where Danny Ocean (from the film Ocean's Eleven) gathers thirty-eight people, including Peter Pan.
  • The episode "Help Me" (aired December 7, 2008) features a segment that parodies many television series and films such as Enchanted.
  • The episode "I'm Trapped" (aired December 21, 2008) features a parody of Schoolhouse Rock! where a girl sings about homonyms.
  • The episode "In a DVD Factory" (aired December 28, 2008) features a crazed stalker delivering the biggest challenge ever to Hannah Montana's secret identity.
Roger Rabbit in Robot Chicken

Roger Rabbit in Robot Chicken.

  • The episode "Love, Maurice" (aired January 18, 2009) features the main characters from Who Framed Roger Rabbit and O.J. Simpson in a parody of the film Strangers on a Train.
  • The episode "Two Weeks Without Food" (aired January 25, 2009) features a segment that includes a poster of Hannah Montana.
  • The episode "I Love Her" (aired February 8, 2009) features a segment where Lindsay Lohan interrupts some boys by pretending to be Herbie.
  • The episode "President Hu Forbids It" (aired August 16, 2009) features a segment where a woman wants her husband to "capture" her like Jack Sparrow. When her husband shows barely any enthusiasm, she dreams of herself really being captured by Jack.
  • The episode "Due To Constraints of Time and Budget" (aired August 23, 2009) features a segment where an announcer tests Flubber condoms on a naked woman.
  • The episode "Especially the Animal Keith Crofford!" (aired September 20, 2009) has a sketch in which the Wuzzles explain how they came to be via inter-species sex.
  • The episode "Saving Private Gigli" (aired January 9, 2011) features a segment where Carl Fredricksen's house ascends then, when all of the balloons fly off, descends, killing a person.
  • The episode "Big Trouble in Little Clerks 2" (aired January 23, 2011) features a segment where a boy asks his father how a cork got into a bottle of wine, then his father envisioning a bartender using Pinocchio's nose as the cork.
Kramer Vs. Showgirls
  • The episode "Kramer Vs. Showgirls" (aired January 30, 2011) features a segment called Toy Story 4, where Andy comes home from college for spring break, and his toys cannot wait to greet him.
    • The final segment in the episode, "The 90's Revisited" features characters from Darkwing Duck.
  • The episode "Malcom X: Fully Loaded" (aired February 6, 2011) is a mashup title of the films Malcolm X and Herbie: Fully Loaded. This was part of all of the Season Five episodes being mashup titles of good and bad films, according to the producers of the show.
  • The episode "Schindler's Bucket List" (aired February 20, 2011) features the Muppets in a parody of the film I Know What You Did Last Summer. During the segment, there is a flashback to a Muppet Babies parody, where Miss Piggy insists on playing The Little Mermaid.
  • The episode "No Country For Old Dogs" (aired February 27, 2011) is a mashup title of the films No Country for Old Men and Old Dogs.
  • The episode "Catch Me If You Kangaroo Jack" (aired May 6, 2011) features a segment where the Nerd is sucked into his computer and becomes dressed as Tron.
  • The episode "Casablankman" (aired October 30, 2011) features a segment where Pinocchio spends time with a woman until his nose extends into her privates.
  • "Some Like it Hitman" (aired November 13, 2011) has two consecutive Disney-themed segments.
    • One sketch is a parody of "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast, where a living chamber pot interrupts the characters' singing.
    • The next sketch (and final one for the episode) depicts what happened to Della Duck. Here, Della works as a prostitute. However, when she exposes her true self to Mr. Phillipson (the man she was going to spend time with), he complains that she is a duck and not what he ordered. His reluctance to pay her $300 results in Della phoning a man named Stedman who antagonises Mr. Phillipson, attracting the police's attention. They all start shooting at each other until Della shoots at two more officers, causing them to shoot at her and make her fall out of a multi-window and onto a car. The sketch ends with Huey, Dewey and Louie asking Donald when they can see their mom again, with Donald telling them he does not know.
      • The special credits of the episode that include Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mila Kunis (who voiced Della in the segment) and Cam Leeburg spell out a message: "WHIP HIS A**", one of Della's quotes in the segment.
    • TV listings for this episode mention a Pooh-related sketch, but it was cut out from the final show. Animatics of two Pooh-themed sketches can be seen on the "deleted scenes" section of the Season Five DVD.
  • "The Core, the Thief, His Wife and the Lover" (aired November 20, 2011) has a sketch where Mickey and Donald meet Minnie and Daisy and reference that they look just like them but in drag.
  • The episode "Fool's Goldfinger" (aired December 18, 2011) features Hannah Montana making a brief cameo appearance in a segment that parodies The Lord of the Rings.
  • The episode "Executed by the State" (aired September 16, 2012) features Luxo, Jr. being used by an officer to help interrogate a criminal, who he then hits with his base.
  • The episode "Crushed by a Steamroller on My 53rd Birthday" (aired September 22, 2012) has two Disney-themed segments.
    • One features Mary Poppins being destroyed by a SWAT helicopter because of her unusual behavior.
    • Another features a group of scientists who have re-created the DNA of a dinosaur and use a machine to bring it back to life. The dinosaur they resurrect is Robbie Sinclair from Dinosaurs, who begins to spout various catchphrases related to the 1990s. He is promptly shot by the lead scientist, who has his crew burn and destroy the lab.
  • The episode "Punctured Jugular" (aired September 30, 2012) features a segment where the Seven Dwarves get bored from waiting for Snow White to experience true love's kiss.
  • The episode "Poisoned by Relatives" (aired October 7, 2012) features a segment called "Malice In the Making" where DuckTales is mentioned.
    • Another segment is a parody of The Biggest Loser show that features Miss Piggy as a contestant (having crushed Kermit's pelvis during their relationship), facing off against Mario, Garfield and Winnie the Pooh. The game is hosted by Barbie, who makes the contestants work out to lose weight. The final task is to push their favorite foods in a wheelbarrow on top of a hill and into a fire. When the race begins, Garfield is in the lead until he feels the need to do some private time, and knocks Winnie the Pooh over. This leads to Mario and Miss Piggy going past Garfield. Miss Piggy wins the race, but Mario sees meat in her and tries to consume her, only to accidentally make her trip into the fire. When Miss Piggy is measured, she is revealed to have lost 174 pounds whilst all the other contestants have gained after consuming her flesh. Miss Piggy, for all her weight loss, has now become the "Fattest Fat Loser".
  • The episode "Disemboweled by an Orphan" (aired October 21, 2012) contains a sketch that parodies Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers by having Gadget go without pants to challenge the double standard of the males going without pants. This makes the other characters want to go into different rooms to do some private time.
    • Later in the episode, all of the characters are asked to have a photo taken of them. Gadget is still not wearing pants at this point.
  • The episode "In a Bed Surrounded by Loved Ones" (aired October 28, 2012) contains a sketch in which the Gummi Bears hold an intervention for Tummi's gummiberry juice addiction.
  • The episode "Collateral Damage in Gang Turf War" (aired November 18, 2012) has four Disney-related segments.
    • One segment is an episode of Top Chef Sweden where various versions of the Swedish Chef create chaos in the kitchen, resulting in the deaths of several of them.
    • Another features Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow in a discussion. When Black Widow feels that she does not contribute as well as the others, she turns away. As she does so, they start to have a crush on her until she dies. When Hawkeye then believes that he does not contribute as much, the other Avengers are then attracted to him.
    • Another segment is a parody of The Little Mermaid, where Ariel and other mermaids use sea creatures for personal fashion.
    • Another segment is a fake advertisement for Disneyland in which they talk to the teen demographic by providing places where they can give/receive private time after rides.
  • The episode "Butchered in Burbank" (aired December 9, 2012) has three Disney-themed segments.
    • One segment is a parody of Tron, where, upon trying to reprogram MCP, a character named BASIC types that it "eats farts".
    • Another segment is a parody of "Part of Your World" where Ariel admires human junk. This includes biohazardous material, wrecked car parts, and even a T-shirt. After submerging near New York City, a seagull defecates in her mouth.
    • Even another segment called "To Infinity" features Buzz Lightyear flying throughout light speed for a long time period and "was never seen again."
  • In the episode "Papercut to Aorta" (aired January 6, 2013), a segment parodies One Hundred and One Dalmatians and the song "Dalmatian Plantation".
  • The episode "Botched Jewel Heist" (aired January 27, 2013) contains a sketch in which Mickey Mouse calls for the Disney characters to ban inter-species relationships in response to Goofy and Clarabelle dating.
  • The episode "Robot Fight Accident" (aired February 3, 2013) has three Disney-themed segments.
    • One features a segment where the Conductor, Zero and the Bill from Schoolhouse Rock! all sing a song that implies that because children have grown up into mature adults, they do not understand math or grammar as much. This is partially inaccurate, because the Bill in the original series taught history instead of math or grammar.
    • Another features the Prince doing romantic gestures that hold him back from actually kissing Snow White.
    • Another features the Avengers doing a Broadway musical that goes awry with many stage accidents.
  • The episode "Choked on a Bottle Cap" (aired February 10, 2013) has two Disney-themed segments.
  • The episode "Immortal" (aired February 17, 2013) features a segment where Ego has a cat on his head who Remy has a battle with (on Linguini's head) until the cat is shot by a police officer that has a dog on his head.
  • The episode "Born Again Virgin Christmas Special" (aired December 16, 2013), features a segment where the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come sends Ebenezer Scrooge into his coffin regardless of his change.
  • The episode "G.I. Jogurt" (aired April 13, 2014) has two Disney-themed segments.
    • One features a drunk person from Narnia entering the real world through the wardrobe.
    • Another features Iago asking Jafar why he became evil, but he cuts him off after Jafar starts singing a song with the fact that he was attacked.
  • The episode "Link's Sausages" (aired April 20, 2014) features a segment called "Grown-Up Halloween", where Jack Skellington and the Mayor of Halloween Town go to an adult Halloween party.
  • The episode "Secret of the Booze" (aired April 27, 2014) features a segment where a man and woman watch Gargoyles on television.
  • The episode "Rebel Appliance" (aired May 4, 2014) features a segment called "You've Got a Collectable Asset in Me", where Andy's toys return to Andy's House, only to find replacement toys bought by Andy on eBay.
  • The episode "Legion of Super-Gyros" (aired May 11, 2014) has two Disney-themed segments.
  • The episode "Snarfer Image" (aired May 25, 2014) features a segment that parodies the film Pacific Rim where The Golden Girls is mentioned.
  • The episode "Up, Up, and Buffet" (aired June 1, 2014) has two Disney-themed segments.
  • The episode "Super Guitario Center" (aired June 22, 2014) has two Disney-themed segments.
    • One is where Aurora says a lot about her dream.
    • Another is a parody of TaleSpin.
  • The episode "Noidstrom Rack" (aired June 29, 2014) features a mashup of Tron: Legacy and Digimon: Digital Monsters.
  • The episode "Stone Cold Steve Cold Stone" (aired July 6, 2014) has two Disney-themed segments.
    • One is where Snow White, having consumed the Poisoned Apple, becomes an Evil Queen.
    • DisneyPrincessRobotChicken
      Another is the sketch "Disney Princess War", in which the Disney Princesses get into a little scuffle. Merida arrives and is mocked by Snow White, making Merida declare war on her. Mulan, Tiana, Belle, Rapunzel and Pocahontas join her. The other Disney princesses are given rifles by the Fairy Godmother. Ariel rejects the group after being insulted by Jasmine. When a battle starts, Ariel returns with an atomic bomb that sets off. Sebastian starts singing, only to be killed when the bomb explodes. Merida survives the explosion, only to be shot by Tinker Bell in the forehead with a rifle before Tinker Bell winks when breaking the fourth wall then exiting the scene. Her cameo appearance references the fact that Tinker Bell used to be part of the Disney Princess franchise before the Disney Fairies franchise was created.
  • Several in the episode "Walking Dead Lobster" (aired July 13, 2014):
    • One segment features Kim Possible heading to North Korea to steal some nuclear launch codes and prevent World War III, only to get captured by Kim Jong-un. They then begin to make fun of their names (as the forename "Kim" rhymes with the prefix im-.)
    • Another segment is a parody of "Kiss the Girl", where Sebastian forces Prince Eric to pay him.
  • The episode "Victoria's Secret of NIMH" (aired July 20, 2014) features Peter Pan taking the Darling children to Never Land, so their parents hire Bryan Mills from the film Taken to bring them back home.
  • The episode "Batman Forever 21" (aired August 3, 2014) has two Disney-themed segments.
  • The episode "The Hobbit: There and Bennigan's" (aired August 10, 2014) features a segment where a fairy tale starts with Rapunzel's carpet.
  • The special "Lots of Holidays but Don't Worry Christmas is Still in There Too so Pull the Stick Out of Your A** Fox News Special" (aired December 7, 2014) features several Disney characters mourning on their mothers. Bambi notices his mother watching over him like Mufasa, only to hear her telling him to kill himself when she explains about the deer population being a big problem. Ariel wishes that she knew her mother, and asks King Triton what she looked like. After it shows him with Ariel's mother, who was a dolphin instead of a mermaid, he answers that she was enthusiastic and the most beautiful member of her pod. Marlin orders Nemo to put on a yarmulke for Coral, which Nemo is unhappy to do due to being a fish, which the special has them being Jewish. Mickey Mouse then wishes the viewers a happy Mother's Day from all of the Disney characters who lost their mothers. When asked by Nemo if he misses his own mother, Mickey explains that he does not, saying she ate all of his brothers and sisters because mice are monsters.
  • The episode "Garbage Sushi" (aired October 25, 2015) has two Disney-themed segments.
  • The episode "Ants on a Hamburger" (aired November 1, 2015) features a segment where Goofy is diagnosed with autism.
  • The episode "Zeb and Kevin Erotic Hot Tub Canvas" (aired November 8, 2015) features a segment where the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are in major need, though none of the heroes are available.
  • The episode "Cheese Puff Mountain" (aired November 15, 2015) features a segment where an extremely wasteful Xanatos pushes a sleeping Goliath off a building before slipping off himself thanks to New York's typical pigeon population.
  • The episode "Joel Hurwitz" (aired January 3, 2016) features a segment where Pinocchio has just died because of being a real boy.
  • The episode "The Unnamed One" (aired January 17, 2016) has two Disney-themed segments.
    • One features Aladdin and Jasmine spending time.
    • Another features Camilla and Gonzo mixing eggs in a bowl to have them for breakfast.

Muppet Babies in Robot Chicken.

  • The episode "Western Hay Batch" (aired March 20, 2016) features the Muppet Babies parodying King Kong with Kermit as King Kong, Miss Piggy as Ann Darrow, and Fozzie, Gonzo and Scooter as pilots who all shoot down Kermit with a gluey liquid. Kermit dies from falling off their version of the Empire State Building. However, Kermit's death actually reveals to have been him climbing up a stack of chairs then falling into glass that cut his skin. When Nanny enters, she orders the children to clean up. The planes used in the segment were all individual copies of Baby Gonzo's plane from the McDonald's Muppet Babies Happy Meal toys from 1990.
  • The episode "Hopefully Salt" (aired April 10, 2016) features a segment where Scrooge McDuck gains money from a loan shark.
  • The episode "Yogurt in a Bag" (aired April 17, 2016) features a segment where a veterinarian explains how the Dalmatian Puppies can each reproduce.
  • The episode "Secret of the Flushed Footlong" (aired April 24, 2016) features a segment where Andy buys a new toy named Pinko who, because of his support of communism, does not fit in with Andy's other toys.
  • The episode "Food" (aired May 1, 2016) features a segment where Remy makes a new kind of ratatouille.
  • The episode "Not Enough Women" (aired May 8, 2016) has Edna Mode from The Incredibles becoming a contestant to Project Runway.

The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

  • In the story arc Metal-Munching Mice (aired September 29-November 17, 1960), Rocky and Bullwinkle see a portrait of Boris dressed as a metal mouse. Bullwinkle asks Rocky "Didn't he used to have a club on TV?", to which Rocky responds "No, that's somebody else." Bullwinkle counters "The ears look familiar, that's all."
  • The "Fractured Fairy Tales" version of Sleeping Beauty features a prince who is a caricature of Walt Disney, and instead of waking the sleeping princess, he cashes in on her by opening a "Sleeping Beauty Land" theme park. The real Walt, reportedly, was not amused.
  • The story arc Topsy Turvy World has a newspaper headline saying that there are floors in California and that Disneyland has been evacuated because of the strange weather conditions happening because of Boris and Natasha's weather machine.
  • The "Fractured Fairy Tales" version of The Ugly Duckling ended with the duckling finally making himself look handsome. It turns out the duck's name was Donald and he got picked up by a man to star in motion pictures.


  • In "Baby Commercial / Little Dude" (aired September 8, 1991), the High Economics class is labelled A113.
  • In "Grandpa Moves Out" (aired October 17, 1993), an old lady has seven grandchildren named after the seven dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Samurai Jack

  • In "The Princess and the Bounty Hunters" (aired November 12, 2003), the cats named I and Am are based on Si and Am from Lady and the Tramp.

Scared Shrekless

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Shaun the Sheep

  • In "Scrumping" (aired March 7, 2007), Shaun aims at a tree to make a rope. He then uses an umbrella to slide down the rope but then stops at two Naughty Pigs' heads. They then catapult him up to the sky then Shaun uses the umbrella to land safely. The landing is a reference to Mary Poppins.

The Simpsons

  • In "Krusty Gets Busted" (April 20, 1990), Krusty's prison number on his outfit is A113.
  • In "Treehouse of Horror I" (aired October 25, 1990), Walt Disney's name is on a grave in the beginning.
  • In "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge" (aired December 20, 1990), there is a sequence where the children of Springfield are playing outside which is modeled after "The Pastoral Symphony" segment from Fantasia.
  • In "Old Money" (aired March 28, 1991), the Diz-Nee-Land amusement park that Grampa visits with Bea's money has a sign that reads "Diz-Nee-Land – Not affiliated with Disneyland, Walt Disney World, or anything else from the Walt Disney Company".
  • In "Black Widower" (aired April 1992), Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are shown watching an episode of Dinosaurs on TV. The parody clip shown of a "Simpson-ized" Earl, Robbie and Baby hints at the fact that the show was perceived in some quarters as another Simpsons clone.
  • The episode "Kamp Krusty" (aired September 24, 1992) has two references to DisneyLand:
    • Like in "Itchy and Scratchy Land" above, the tepid initial reactions to Euro Disneyland were referenced by the character Mr. Black, who mentioned that he had formerly been the director of Euro Krustyland "before it blew up."
    • In the ending, when Krusty makes up to the campers for their terrible experience at Kamp Krusty by taking them to Tijuana, Mexico, Krusty refers to it by the motto for Disneyland: "The Happiest Place on Earth."
  • In "Lisa the Beauty Queen" (aired October 15, 1992), the sign for Springfield Elementary's carnival says it is "The Happiest Place on Earth". Lawyers from Disney confront Principal Skinner about the use of the tag, but he quickly dispatches them with fighting skills he learned in Vietnam.
  • "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie" (aired November 3, 1992) depicts the cat and mouse's debut as being in 1928's Steamboat Itchy. At the end, set 40 years into the future, we see that the Itchy & Scratchy movie is playing on a theater's "classics of animation" program alongside Beauty and the Beast.
  • In "Selma's Choice" (aired January 21, 1993), the song and ride that Bart, Lisa and Selma go on at Duff Gardens, with animatronic kids from all over the world singing is a parody of the song "It's a Small World" and the Duff Gardens parade is parody of Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade.
  • In "The Devil and Homer Simpson" segment from "Treehouse of Horror IV" (aired October 28, 1993), when the Simpsons family is preparing for Homer's trial and hiring Lionel Hutz, Hutz is seen combing his hair with a fork, similar to Ariel in The Little Mermaid and the Devil Flanders gets angry at Homer at the nuclear power plant, the form he assumes is exactly like the demon Chernabog in "A Night on Bald Mountain" segment from Fantasia.
  • "Itchy & Scratchy Land" (aired October 2, 1994) has several references to Disney's theme parks.
    • The main theme park is a parody of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.
    • The film The Roger Meyers Story is a reference to The Walt Disney Story. Depicted in the film are parodies of Pinocchio and Fantasia as "Pinitchio" and "Scratchtasia". An inverted parody of Der Fuehrer's Face called "Nazi Supermen are Our Superiors" is seen.
    • The area Parents' Island is a reference to Pleasure Island. There, it shown that New Year's Eve is celebrated every fifteen minutes, a reference to Pleasure Island's tradition of celebrating it every midnight.
    • The ending shows the deserted Euro Itchy & Scratchy Land, a reference to Disneyland Paris' lack of tourism in its early years.
Under the Sea
  • In "Homer Badman" (aired November 27, 1994), Homer tells his family to escape their worries by going "under the sea". He then has a fantasy of him and his family in a parody of the Under the Sea number from The Little Mermaid in which Homer eats a lot of the fish. Marge says that's his answer for everything and would never happen, which Homer replies "Not in that attitude".
EscenaEspaguetis TheSimpsons
  • In "Two Dozen and One Greyhounds" (aired April 9, 1995), the episode title and plot is a parody of Disney's One Hundred and One Dalmatians. The scene where Santa's Little Helper and She's the Fastest eat spaghetti is a spoof of Lady and the Tramp, and Mr. Burns' song See My Vest is a parody of Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast. During the song, a maid resembling Nanny from 101 Dalmatians (which some fans mistakenly thought was Mrs. Potts) appears.
  • In "The PTA Disbands" (aired April 16, 1995), the name of the park for the school field trip is "Diz-Nee Historical Park", an obvious reference to Disney.
Round Springfield
  • In "Round Springfield" (aired April 20, 1995), Bleeding Gums Murphy appears in the sky to thank Lisa for making more people familiar with his music. Then Mufasa the lion appears in the sky, in reference to a similar scene in The Lion King where the late Mufasa gives his son advice from the clouds. Mufasa says: "You must avenge my death, Kimba... I mean: Simba!"
  • In the "Homer³" segment from "Treehouse of Horror VI" (aired October 29, 1995), Homer accidentally enters into an eerie third dimension (represented by 3D computer graphics). When Homer tried to explain his surroundings to everyone in his living room, he says, "Uh... it's like... did anyone see the movie TRON?" to which everyone replies, "No", except for Chief Wiggum who at first says yes but changes his answer to no.

A113 reference.

  • In the episode "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming" (November 26, 1995), Sideshow Bob's prison number on his outfit is A113.
  • In "The Day the Violence Died" (aired March 17, 1996), in addition to the aforementioned Steamboat Itchy cartoon, there were several other Disney elements referenced in the episode:
    • Roger Meyers, Sr. being mentioned to be placed in cryogenic stasis was a reference to the debunked rumors about Walt Disney being placed in cryogenic stasis.
    • The name of the original rendition of Itchy before Roger Meyers Sr. stole the idea from Chester Lampwick, Itchy the Lucky Mouse, is a reference to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. In fact, the conflict between Chester and Roger regarding the latter plagiarizing the former mirrored a similar feud between Walt Disney, the original creator of Oswald, and his boss, Charles Mintz, relating to a raise that Disney requested that his boss denied, which resulted in the latter taking control of Oswald himself for Universal Studios.
  • The episode "Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious" (aired February 7, 1997) is a spoof of Mary Poppins. Shary Bobbins is based on the character Mary Poppins and the episode title is a spoof of the word "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious". Several songs are also direct parodies of songs from the film, including "The Perfect Nanny", "The Life I Lead", "A Spoonful of Sugar", "Feed the Birds" and a deleted scene featured Patty and Selma singing their version of "I Love to Laugh". Homer's imagination is a parody of the dancing characters in Steamboat Willie, and features the song "Turkey in the Straw". Shary Bobbins states that she is an original creation like Rickey Rouse or Monald Muck. The name takes on Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck respectively.
  • The title of the episode "When You Dish Upon a Star" (aired November 8, 1998) is a reference to the song "When You Wish Upon a Star".
  • In "Make Room for Lisa" (aired February 28, 1999), Homer asks Lisa what her favorite movie is. She mentions that it was The Little Mermaid until Homer taped over it.
  • In "HOMR" (aired January 7, 2001), one of the places Homer walks by to look for a place for smart people is a Disney Store.
  • In "Weekend at Burnsie's" (aired April 7, 2002), Homer's car during his hallucination as he’s getting ready for work looks like Benny the Cab from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • The title of the episode "The Great Louse Detective" (aired December 15, 2002) is a reference to The Great Mouse Detective.
  • In "Special Edna" (aired January 5, 2003), Bart nominates his teacher for a Teacher of the Year award and the family gets to attend the ceremony at EFCOT Center, a parody of Epcot. At the end, Homer escapes over the fence to the Magic Kingdom, where a Mickey-like voice is heard alerting him of trespassing.
  • The mugger in the episode "Strong Arms of the Ma" (aired February 2, 2003) is wearing a Disneyland Goofy hat.
  • One of the ranchhands in "Dude, Where's My Ranch?" is a redneck-like character named Cookie, referencing Atlantis.
  • In "The Fat and the Furriest" (aired November 30, 2003), Homer develops a phobia of bears after an encounter with one and soon has a hallucination of various fictional bears attacking him, one of whom is Winnie the Pooh and Baloo.
  • In "The Wandering Juvie" (aired March 28, 2004), Gina Vendetti explains to Bart Simpson that she got sent to juvie for pushing Snow White off the parapet in Disneyland.
  • In "Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass" (aired February 6, 2005), LeBron James claims he's starring in a new Disney Channel movie.
Tumblr mjj2mvWqnl1qh59n0o1 500
  • The episode "Mobile Homer" (aired March 20, 2005) has a scene in which a series of photographs are used to describe Homer's various near-death experiences. One of them is Homer getting beaten up by Mickey Mouse and Goofy at Disneyland.
  • In "The Heartbroke Kid" (aired May 1, 2005), when Homer is chasing away the "German backpackers" who have been staying at house now that Bart's fat camp expenses have been paid, one German asks what will they do now. Another answers "To Disneyland, where we will heap ze scorn on Goofy".
  • In "The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star" (aired May 15, 2005), Bart has converted to Catholicism and says a Latin prayer at the dinner table. When Lisa describes Latin as "the language of Plutarch", Homer answers "Mickey Mouse's dog?".
  • In "Girls Just Want to Have Sums" (aired April 30, 2006), the Itchy and Scratchy musical "Stab-A-Lot" spoofs the songs and the look of "The Lion King" musical. The song "The Circle of Knife" is a parody of "Circle of Life".
  • The chalkboard gag for "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind" (aired December 16, 2007) is "the capital of Montana is not Hannah". This is an explicit reference to Hannah Montana.
  • The second story featured in "Love, Springfieldian Style" (aired February 17, 2008) is a spoof of Lady and the Tramp titled "Shady and the Vamp". At one point, a parody of Goofy is seen in the pound despite his claims that he's "part dog". He later remarks "It's no picnic, but it beats working for Disney".
  • In "All About Lisa" (aired May 18, 2008), at the end Krusty the Clown dresses as Nana from Peter Pan as part of his act with Sideshow Mel as a fire hydrant.
  • The title of "Mypods and Boomsticks" (aired November 30, 2008) is a reference to Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Homer's dream sequence mimics Aladdin, with a magic carpet, lamp, and Genie, with Dan Castellaneta (the voice of Homer) reprising his role as the Genie.
  • In the episode "Gone Maggie Gone" (aired March 15, 2009), Homer discovers that there are rats in the kitchen, which he compares to "that movie I taped in the theater". He pulls out a bootleg DVD of Ratatouille, with the title misspelled as "Ratatooey".
    Tigger and pooh simpsons
  • A segment from "Four Great Women and a Manicure" (aired May 10, 2009) parodies Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which includes the song "Ho-Heigh". During the credits, the song is sung again with the lyric "If Disney sues, we'll claim fair use". In addition, the manner in which the queen met her end resembled how Scar met his hand at the jaws of the Hyenas in The Lion King.
  • In the episode "Coming to Homerica" (aired May 17, 2009), when Carl and Lenny sit on a chair with balloons attached to it, Carl Fredricksen's House can be seen flying in the background.
    • The song "Amendment to Be" was a parody of "I'm Just a Bill" from Schoolhouse Rock!, and in fact Jack Sheldon even reprised the role as the Bill/Amendment to be.
  • In "The Color Yellow" (aired February 21, 2010), Ralph Wiggum displays a drawing for his Black History Month presentation: "Martin Luther King had a dream! Dreams are where Elmo and Toy Story had a party and I went there!"
  • In "The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed" (aired March 28, 2010), Ned refers to Jerusalem as "the happiest place on Earth".
  • "Elementary School Musical" (aired September 26, 2010) is a parody of High School Musical.
  • In "Loan-a Lisa" (aired October 3, 2010), the Itchy and Scratchy short "PU" is a parody of Up.
  • In "How Munched is that Birdie in the Window?" (aired November 10, 2010), the Itchy and Scratchy short featured, "Dogday Hellody of 1933", is a parody of "Pluto's Judgement Day".
  • Dumbkoff is a Nazi parody of Dumbo in the Christmas episode, "The Fight Before Christmas" (aired December 10, 2010).
  • In "Angry Dad: The Movie" (aired February 20, 2011), one of the nominees is Condiments, a parody of the film Toy Story and is created by Mixar, which is a parody of Pixar. Also, Mr. Carrot Head is a parody of Mr. Potato Head. In that same scene, Randy Newman sings "You've Got an Enemy", a parody of "You've Got a Friend in Me".
  • In "The Food Wife" (aired November 13, 2011), the meth dealer has a flashback about him as a child being prepared dinner by his mother after sampling a piece of food, styled after Anton Ego's flashback from Ratatouille.
Silly Simpsony
  • In "Ned 'n Edna's Blend" (aired May 16, 2012), Rod and Todd receive temporary tattoos of a sassy young princess who speaks her mind and a duck with no pants.
  • The couch gag opening for "Treehouse of Horror XXIV" (aired October 6, 2013) ends with Lisa falling into an open hole in reference to Alice in Wonderland.
  • The couch gag opening for "Four Regrettings and a Funeral" (aired November 3, 2013), which parodies The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, opens with a map showing different areas of the kingdom, one of which is Critter Country, detailed with a drawing of the Country Bear Jamboree.
  • The couch gag opening for "The Kid is All Right" (aired November 24, 2013) parodies the short Music Land, the "Silly Simpsony" short MusicVille.
  • In a clip of Homer taking the "Ice Bucket Challenge", a cargo of ice-related things get dropped on him, including Olaf from Frozen.
  • In the finale segment for "Treehouse of Horror XXV" (aired October 19, 2014), which parodies The Others, the CGI family are animated à la Pixar. Also, as part of the next family parodying several animes, Santa's Little Helper plays Haku from Spirited Away.
Simpsons Frozen Couch Gag 02

The Simpsons as the cast of Frozen.

  • The couch gag opening for "I Won't Be Home for Christmas" (aired December 7, 2014) is an "obligatory Frozen reference", featuring Lisa as Elsa, Bart as Kristoff, Marge as Anna, Homer as Olaf, Santa's Little Helper as Sven, and Maggie as Pabbie.
  • In "The Man Who Came to Be Dinner" (aired January 4, 2015), the Diz-Nee-Land amusement park from "Old Money" returns with an updated appearance to give it a satirical design to the actual Disneyland theme park. Some places include parodies of Main Street, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Space Mountain (which was actually the ship of Kang and Kodos).
  • The title of "Bull-E" (aired May 10, 2015) is a reference to WALL-E.
  • The couch gag opening for "Puffless" (aired October 11, 2015) has the Simpsons' car designs reminiscent of Cars.
  • In "Halloween of Horror" (aired October 18, 2015), Rainier Wolfcastle was dressed up as Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit for Halloween.
    Simpsons Jessica Rabbit Who Framed Roger Rabbit spoof
  • The couch gag opening for "Friend with Benefit" (aired November 8, 2015) is a parody of the short film Feast.
  • In "Lisa with an 'S'" (aired November 22, 2015) we get a glimpse of Homer's Headquarters in his head from Inside Out with his emotions: Ned Flanders as Joy, Milhouse Van Houten as Fear, Groundskeeper Willie as Anger, Hans Moleman as Sadness and Comic Book Guy as Disgust.
  • The couch gag opening for "Teenage Mutant Milk-Caused Hurdles" (aired January 10, 2016), which parodies Knight Rider as well as pop culture of the 80s, has one scene in reference to Tron.
  • In "Lisa the Veterinarian" (aired March 6, 2016), Ralph says "I'm Finding Nemo".
  • The couch gag opening for "Fland Canyon" (aired April 24, 2016) features the family as several Disney characters (Maggie as classic Minnie Mouse, Lisa as Cinderella, Marge as Snow White, Homer as Baloo, and Bart as Sorcerer Mickey) in a segment homage to the Walt Disney era animation. The opening was also created by guest animator Eric Goldberg, a Disney animator.
  • In "Money Burns' Fleeing Circus" (aired September 25, 2016), one of young Mr. Burns' spectators is Itchy in his Steamboat Itchy, refering back to Steamboat Willie.
  • In "Friends and Family" (aired October 2, 2016), Homer's flashback of sharing spaghetti with Julia is a reference to Lady and the Tramp.
  • The title of "The Nightmare After Krustmas" (aired December 11, 2016) is a reference to The Nightmare Before Christmas. Also, Krusty's dream sequence is a parody of Frozen where his father serves as Olaf.
  • In "Fatzcarraldo" (aired February 12, 2017), Homer quotes a line from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Sonic Boom

Swifty Statue
  • In "Blue With Envy" (aired July 14, 2015), there are three Disney references:
    • A statue with Dr. Eggman and Swifty is a reference to the Disney Partners Statue.
    • One of Dr. Eggman's quotes, "It all started with a shrew", references one of Walt Disney's quotes "Never forget that it all started with a mouse".
    • A hat Eggman wears is loosely based off the Mickey Mouse hats.

South Park

  • In "Jewbilee" (aired July 28, 1999), the prophet Moses' appearance is based on MCP from Tron.
  • In "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000" (aired April 12, 2000), Romper Stomper tells Cartman that it's always been his dream to go to Disneyland. At the end of the episode, Cartman goes into his cell and gives him a present: he "somehow stuffed all of Disneyland in his a** and craps it all out for him personally" (similar to how he did that with a cigarettes earlier in the episode).
  • In "Cartmanland" (aired July 25, 2001), Cartmanland resembles Disneyland in several ways.
  • The Super Adventure Club's headquarters from "The Return of Chef" (aired March 22, 2006) is based on the former Adventurers Club at Downtown Disney.
  • In the "Imaginationland" trilogy (aired October 17-31, 2007), several of Disney's characters can be seen throughout Imaginationland including: Jack Skellington, Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse, Yoda, Cinderella, Br'er Fox, Br'er Rabbit, Uncle Remus, The Mad Hatter, Dreamfinder, the Green Goblin and Venom. While most characters are only seen in the background, Cinderella has a bigger but still minor part in the plot: She is first seen tied up and blindfolded among four other characters in the terrorist broadcast video and later among survivors of the terrorist attack. She along the crowd are trying to figure out what the terrorist are doing to Rockety Rocket and it is soon learned that they are going to blow up the barricade to the evil of Imagination Land. Cinderella points out that the evil is coming out and is lastly seen fleeing the danger.
  • "Elementary School Musical" (aired November 12, 2008) parodies the High School Musical franchise and its popularity.
  • Mickey Mouse is depicted as a villainous, greedy CEO in "The Ring" (aired March 11, 2009) and "Obama Wins!". He also appears as one of the 200 angry celebrities suing the town in "200".
  • In "Royal Pudding" (aired May 11, 2011), Mr. Garrison incorporates the song "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" in a math lesson.
  • In "Broadway Bro Down" (aired October 26, 2011), Randy Marsh needs to stop her daughter from seeing the musical Wicked. He does so by breaking in to a costume store and stealing a Spider-Man outfit to wear as disguise and assault the ongoing play. A Cinderella costume is also seen in the display window of the store.
  • In "Raising the Bar" (aired October 3, 2012), Cartman is seen going to Disneyland while riding on his rascal and is incensed to find other fat people with rascals on line for the Jungle Cruise.
  • "Obama Wins!" (aired November 7, 2012) satirizes Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise.
  • In "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers" (aired October 23, 2013), Henrietta uses the term "Disney Princess" to describe "conformist" attitudes.
South Park Frozen and Gotg Posters

Space Goofs

  • In "Toon In, Drop Out" (aired October 30 -November 6, 1997), Mickey Duck, as was transformed by Candy was a hybrid mix that were based on the characters, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.
  • In :The Thing from Beyond" (aired March 7, 2003), Candy manages to take control of a bunch of shape-shifting, mind-reading blobs. Set to the music of The Sorcerer's Apprentice, he then orchestrates them into transforming into vacuum cleaners and tidying up the house. When the collected pile of dust washes out of the house, carrying the aliens with it, Gorgious says, "You know, Candy, you gotta stop watching those old cartoons."

SpongeBob SquarePants

  • In "Pressure" (aired March 8, 2001), SpongeBob goes up with an umbrella, a reference to Mary Poppins.
    • The owner of Foofy also does this in "Grooming Gary" (aired November 28, 2008).
  • In "The Lost Mattress" (aired May 13, 2005), a character named Administrator Flotsam shares his named with the one of the two eel minions from The Little Mermaid.
  • In "The Thing" (aired January 15, 2007), when Squidward, who was covered with cement, is taken in by the other animals at the end, SpongeBob said to Patrick, "But he's with his own kind now, where he belongs, and with that, let us go back to where we belong." This references the final scene in The Jungle Book, where Bagheera and Baloo quote about Mowgli being where he belongs, and going back to where they belong.
  • In "Squid Wood" (aired July 24, 2007), Squidward plays a tune on his clarinet that sounds remarkably similar to the song "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" from Cinderella.
  • The title and plot of the episode "Squidward in Clarinetland" (aired March 24, 2010) is a reference to Alice in Wonderland.
  • In "Married to Money" (aired May 3, 2016), after Mr. Krabs tells his daughter Pearl that he has found her a new mom, Pearl replies with, "No way! I have seen stepmoms in movies, Dad. She'll make me sweep up the cinders, and then she won't let me go to the ball! And then I'll never meet my Prince Charming!" This is an obvious reference to Cinderella.
  • In "Goodbye, Krabby Patty?" (aired February 20, 2017), the scene where Mr. Krabs dives into a large vault of golden coins is similar to the opening of Ducktales.

Steven Universe

  • In "Onion Trade" (aired March 17, 2014), Steven marks his toy (which is one of the G.U.Y.S.) under the feet, a reference to Woody from Toy Story.
    • Onion later receives advice from Steven on his Dave Guy pool to "try to act like a rich duck", an implied reference to Scrooge McDuck and the DuckTales theme.
  • In "Steven the Sword Fighter" (aired April 9, 2014), Steven puts next to Pearl's gem a lamp that greatly resembles Luxo, Jr..
  • In "Keystone Model" (aired July 14, 2015), scenes at Keystone Model and the Best Diner in the World are similar to a scene in A Goofy Movie.
  • In "Nightmare Hospital" (aired September 10, 2015), as the group walks down the hallway of the hospital, a painting with a mountain and forest can be seen. The middle of it resembles the emblem of the hat worn by Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls.
  • In "The Answer" (aired January 4, 2016), Ruby and Sapphire dance together as a reference to the song "Once Upon a Dream" from Sleeping Beauty.
    • In addition, Garnet's attire resembles that of Aurora during the song "Pink and Blue".
  • The title of the episode "Same Old World" (aired May 19, 2016) is a reference to the song "A Whole New World" from Aladdin.
  • In "Steven Floats" (aired July 18, 2016), when Steven falls down he mentions about happy thoughts referencing Peter Pan.
    • He also says "Oh, bother" which is the catchphrase said by Winnie the Pooh.
  • In "Beach City Drift" (aired July 22, 2016), Greg shows the pictures when he was young doing a spaghetti kiss with a car, referencing Lady and the Tramp.


  • In the beginning of "Hunka Hunka Burning Reef" (aired December 9, 2011), Reef and Lo were seen eating spaghetti and kissed together, as a reference to Lady and the Tramp's famous spaghetti-eating scene.


The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries

  • In "Something Fishy Around Here" (aired October 7, 1995), Mary Poppins makes a cameo for they were doing the Umbrella Dance.

Teen Titans

  • In "Kole" (aired November 5, 2005), Raven says to Doctor Light, "You are a sad, strange little man," a quote Buzz Lightyear said to Woody in Toy Story.

Teen Titans Go!

  • In "The Date" (aired May 7, 2013), Beast Boy dreams what his fortune from Robin's fortune teller will be which is being a millionaire, referencing Scrooge McDuck's money bin from DuckTales.
  • In "Gorilla" (aired June 11, 2013), when Robin tickles Beast Boy, Beast Boy laughs in a similar way to when Baloo tickles King Louie in The Jungle Book.
  • In "Birds" (aired February 26, 2014), when the mocking birds said "Step in Time" before they attacked Robin with their beaks, probably a reference to the Mary Poppins song of the same name .
  • In "Missing" (aired March 26, 2014), while debating on how to spend their reward, Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy think up Scrooge McDuck as the richest person they know and decide to spend their money in the style of DuckTales, complete with a parody of the DuckTales theme song.
  • In "Pirates" (aired June 26, 2014), Aquaman dances in front of Raven similarly to the Hot Crustacean Band from The Little Mermaid. Later on, Aqualad dresses as a pirate, making him resemble Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.
  • In "Knowledge" (aired August 21, 2014), Raven sings a musical number to Starfire in an animation style reminiscent of Schoolhouse Rock!.
  • In "Mouth Hole" (aired January 8, 2015), the whistling master is Mrs. Potts. Later on, while Robin fights the H.I.V.E., Cyborg cheers him on to "whistle while you work." And earlier in the episode, Cyborg says "give a little whistle" while he was searching for the H.I.V.E's plans and see what they are up to.
  • In "Hot Garbage" (aired January 15, 2015), Beast Boy tours the team around his garbage domain with a magic carpet he collected and the sequence becomes a spoof of A Whole New World but with some discrepancies from the song, including Beast Boy calling it a "great new world" instead.
  • In "Real Boy Adventures" (aired February 12, 2015), when Beast Boy becomes Cyborg (or Fleshy Guy's) guide as a cricket, probably as a reference to when Jiminy Cricket was Pinocchio's guide.
  • In "Rocks & Water" (aired March 12, 2015), Robin and Starfire decided to have a spaghetti kiss as a reference to Lady and the Tramp until Cyborg came up and kissed Robin as a third wheel.
  • In "Spice Game" (aired August 27, 2015), the design of Beast Boy's dragon form is based of that of Jake Long from American Dragon: Jake Long.
  • In "Black Friday" (aired November 19, 2015), Starfire mentions Scrooge McDuck.
  • In "The Titans Show" (aired August 5, 2016; one of the week long events called "Island Adventures"), the freckle on Beast Boy's buttocks apparently looks like Mickey Mouse, says he.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

  • In "Return of the Fly" (aired November 22, 1989), the Rat King addresses one of his rats by the name Mickey. When the Turtles express disbelief at the rat being named Mickey, the Rat King replies "We all have our role models".

Thomas & Friends

  • A third season episode (aired March 31, 1992) based on a story of the same name in The Railway Series is titled "Donald's Duck", which is a play on Donald Duck.
  • A few episodes from later on in the model era, for instance, "Bowled Out" (aired February 20, 1995) and "Double Teething Troubles" (aired October 5, 1998), use the sputtering sound effect made by Georges Hautecourt's car in The Aristocats.
  • The title of the eleventh season episode "Cool Truckings" (aired September 14, 2007) is a reference to the 1993 movie Cool Runnings.
  • In the seventeenth season episode "Not Now Charlie" (aired June 14, 2013), Charlie cracks two elephant jokes: one being what is big, pink and grey, and how do elephants fly. Both jokes are likely references to Dumbo. He also tells another joke about why pirates are pirates, which is also a possible reference to Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan and TaleSpin.
  • In "A Cranky Christmas" (aired January 4, 2016), a song had a reference to the Frozen song "Let It Go".
  • In "Thomas the Babysitter" (currently unaired in the US and UK), some of the baby's crying noises are sampled from Finding Nemo.

Time Squad

  • In "White House Weirdness" (aired November 8, 2002), Tuddrussel refers to the White House as The Haunted Mansion due to its scary, haunted-like condition.

Tiny Toon Adventures

  • In the premiere episode "The Looney Beginning" (aired September 14, 1990), one of Babs Bunny's first impressions is Jessica Rabbit. Later, as Buster and Babs get out of the trash can, Babs requests clearance for landing, with Buster answer "Roger, rabbit!" (Babs then replies, "You've got the wrong bunny.") Daffy Duck is also seen attempting to pitch a script for Honey, I Shrunk the Laundry.
  • In "Test Stress" (aired September 18, 1990), Plucky Duck's transformation into Albert Einstein is based on the "Pink Elephants on Parade" sequence from Dumbo.
  • The wraparounds of "The Buster Bunny Bunch" (aired September 20, 1990) is a parody of The Mickey Mouse Club.
  • In "Fields of Honey" (aired November 2, 1990), Babs asks Hamton what he knows about the 1930s cartoon character Honey, to which Hamton answers, "Well, it's sweet, Winnie the Pooh has a problem with it."
  • In the "Looniversity Daze" (aired November 20, 1990) episode segment "The Learning Principle", Bugs Bunny mentions Roger Rabbit at one point.
  • In the intro scene of "Best O' Plucky Duck Day" (aired November 21, 1990), Buster says that "today, we're presenting three hysterical duck tales", to which Plucky responds, "Don't use that word!!", prompting Buster to reword that line.
  • The episode "Who Bopped Bugs Bunny" (aired December 14, 1990) is a parody of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • In "Tiny Toon Music Television" (aired February 1, 1991), one segment named "Top Secret Apprentice" is a parody of The Sorcerer's Apprentice from Fantasia.
    Roger Rabbit in Tiny Toon Adventures

    Roger Rabbit's cameo in Tiny Toon Adventures

  • In "New Character Day" (aired February 20, 1991), Roger Rabbit (voiced by Steven Spielberg) appeared trying to audition as a new character on Tiny Toons. He is rejected.
Plucky watching Rescue Rangers
  • In "Here's Hamton" (aired February 27, 1991), right before Plucky changes the channel on the TV, a parody of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (with Chip 'n' Dale drawn as squirrels) is seen on the TV.
  • In "K-ACME TV" (aired February 26, 1991), Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is one of many TV shows to be parodied.
  • In the "Pledge Week" (aired September 16, 1991) episode segment "It's All Relatives", Babs does an impression of Roger Rabbit.
  • The episode "Acme Cable TV" (aired November 11, 1991) features a parody of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, with Babs Bunny in the role of Tinker Bell in a parody of the show's theme song. The show features "Walt Dizzy" (played by Dizzy Devil) introducing "another heartwarming nature story" titled The Cat Who Thought He Was a Hammerhead Shark, which is narrated by a Rex Allen-styled voice.
  • In "Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian" (aired November 18, 1991), Roger and Jessica Rabbit make a cameo riding in a limo (only Roger's arm and Jessica's legs are seen). Later in the episode, Babs does an impression of Mary Poppins.
  • In the direct-to video movie Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation (aired March 11, 1992), Babs falls into the ocean and sees a mermaid dancing and singing with some sea creatures, as a parody of The Little Mermaid. Later in the movie, Babs does an impression of Jessica Rabbit. Also the theme park "Happy World Land" is a parody of Disneyland. A113 can be seen on a car's license plate.
  • In "Kon Ducki" (aired February 3, 1992), when Plucky notes that his crew are nearing "the point of utter terror", Hamton and Sweetie are seen having fallen asleep watching a parody of Mickey Mouse on TV. Plucky says to the audience "Utter terror takes a lot of different forms, okay?"
  • In "Thirteensomething" (aired September 14, 1992), Babs does an impression of Jessica Rabbit while bragging about always getting what she wants.
  • The "It's in His Kiss" music video from "Toon TV" (aired November 9, 1992) features a parody of "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid.
  • In the Christmas episode "It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special" (aired December 6, 1992), when Buster storms on to the set of Tiny Toons in the alternate universe, he says to Alternate Plucky, "What are ya, goofy?", which Plucky considers an insult. He then asks Buster "Who are you, a spy from Disney?" and has Alternate Arnold and Sneezer throw him out, saying "Nice try, Katzenberg!" (Note, at the time this aired, Jeffrey Katzenberg had not been forced into retirement from Disney)
  • The opening sequence of the special "Night Ghoulery" (aired May 28, 1995) starts with a parody of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Tom and Jerry Show (1975)

  • In "Beanstalk Buddies" (aired November 15, 1975), the inability for the giant to speak the iconic quote "Fee-Fie-Fo-Fum" is a possible reference to Willie the Giant from Mickey and the Beanstalk.
  • The plot of "The Sorcerer's Apprentices" (aired November 22, 1975) is generally similar to that of the segment in Fantasia because it recalls the actions of Mickey Mouse with Yen Sid's hat on.
  • "Chickenrella" (aired November 27, 1975) is a parody of Cinderella.
  • In "The Great Motorboard Race" (aired December 13, 1975), Jerry causes the whale to sneeze in attempt to get himself out. This tactic was similar in a segment of Pinocchio where Pinocchio tried to get himself and Geppetto out by making Monstro sneeze.

Tom and Jerry Tales

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  • In "Digital Dilemma" (aired November 18, 2006), Tom builds a home PC out of junk and winds up getting zapped inside it, along with Jerry, whom he chases through the digital realm, even playing a game of Pong with a fiery ball of energy reminiscent of Crom and Kevin Flynn's jai alai game.
  • In "Medieval Menace" (aired November 25, 2006), a spoiled little princess engages in a tea party with her toys (each resembling Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Winnie the Pooh) while reading a fairy tale story to them.
    • In "The Itch", when a band member breaks Jerry's flute, Jerry pulls up another one referencing Donald Duck's way of doing it from 1935's The Band Concert.
  • "I Dream Of Meanie" (aired September 29, 2007) is a parody of Aladdin, with Jerry as Aladdin and Spike as the Genie. The scene where Tom enters the magic lamp and transforms into an evil genie himself is a reference to the scene from the film where Jafar transforms into a genie.
  • In "Jungle Love" (aired October 13, 2007), it shows Tom the Jungle Cat in the Elephant Graveyard.


  • On October 27, 2012, Toonami broadcast a "Paid Immersion Event", where T.O.M. 3.5 performed a game review of Fix-It Felix, Jr. as part of a promotion of the film Wreck-It Ralph. The game was rated 8.5 out of 10.

Total Drama

  • In TDI's "Paintball Deer Hunter" (aired August 26, 2007), Owen calls Duncan "Bambi".
  • A skull head wearing a Mickey Mouse hat is seen underground in TDA's "The Chefshank Redemption" (aired April 5, 2009).
  • Courtney's princess dress in TDA's "The Princess Pride" (aired November 5, 2009) is similar to Cinderella's dress in the original movie.
  • The plot of TDWT's "Jamaica Me Sweat" (aired December 2, 2010) is similar to that of Cool Runnings.
  • Ella in Total Drama Pahkitew Island (aired January 9-November 20, 2014) is modeled after Snow White.

Totally Spies!

  • In "Wild Style" (aired March 16, 2002), Alex calls the mutant lion man "Lion King", which references the 1994 animated movie.

T.U.F.F. Puppy

Kitty as Mary Poppins
  • In "Dog Save the Queen" (aired October 10, 2011), Kitty Katswell's disguise is a spoof on Mary Poppins.
  • In "Dog House" (aired August 6, 2013), the movie on Dudley Puppy's television is "Toy Poodle Story", which is a parody of Toy Story.


  • In the third Silly Songs with Larry segment "Dance of the Cucumber" from Rack, Shack & Benny (aired October 1995), Junior wears a Mickey Mouse ear hat from Disneyland while the peas disguised as the Seven Dwarves got his mom confused thinking she was Snow White.
  • "The Wonderful World of Auto-Tainment" (aired March 20, 2003) is a pun on "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color".
  • In Sweetpea Beauty (aired 2010), Larry wears an outfit similar to what Prince Phillip would wear.

The Venture Bros.

  • In "The Incredible Mr. Brisby" (aired August 24, 2004), Roy Brisby is a parody of Walt Disney and Roy Oliver Disney. The theme park he has created, Brisbyland is also a parody of Disneyland. One of the attractions, the Brisby Dome, is a parody of Disney's Animal Kingdom.
  • In "The Trial of the Monarch" (aired October 24, 2004), Hank and Dean are dressed as Chip and Dale from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.
  • In "The Doctor Is Sin" (aired June 8, 2008), Dr. Killinger's usage of an umbrella is a reference to Mary Poppins.
  • In "The Invisible Hand of Fate" (aired June 15, 2008), the Nozzle bears a strong resemblance to Max from Flight of the Navigator.
  • In "The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-Glider" (aired September 12, 2010), the Monarch's song is a parody of "A Whole New World" from Aladdin.
  • In "Pomp and Circuity" (aired September 19, 2010), Roy Brisby reappears. Also, the Impossible Science Theatre greatly resembles the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.
  • In "Bright Lights, Dean City" (aired October 19, 2010), Brisby's plot to destroy the Times Square is a reference to an accusation of Disney attempting to do the same thing.

Uncle Grandpa


  • In "Ice Ice Bunny" (aired September 28, 2015), when Bugs went to talk to the Winter Stag, he went like, "Hey, Bambi?"

Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones

  • In "Work" (aired October 17, 2003), Robot Jones' checklist number is A113.

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

  • In "Pompeii and Circumstance" (aired February 22, 2003), Shaggy and Scooby kissed each other by eating the same spaghetti noodle, parodying Lady and the Tramp.

We Bare Bears

  • In "Burrito" (aired August 6, 2015), Log Drop Lodge, which is a parody of Splash Mountain, makes it first appearance.
    • It is later the primary focus of "Log Ride" (aired November 2, 2015).
  • "Shush Ninjas" (aired September 3, 2015) features Panda as Ariel from The Little Mermaid in one of the montages.

Yo-Kai Watch

  • In the English dub of "Yo-Kai Hidabat" (aired October 26, 2015), Jibanyan says "This actually feels kind of nice" when he is pretending to be lazy. This is a reference to a line Sadness says in Inside Out when she is lazy.



  • The 2015 commercial, which features very different animals playing and getting along with each other, with the tag "Friends Furever", has "Oo-De-Lally" playing in the background.


  • While the narrator says that some of the greatest things in history started in a garage in one commercial, Walt Disney is mentioned.

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