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This is a list of hidden Mickeys found in the Virtual Magic Kingdom online game.

Hidden Mickeys

Main Street

  • VMK Central - Stage, directly below Hidden Mickey Quest ad
  • brick wall at entrance of VMK central
  • Central Plaza - brick wall
  • Central Plaza - top of bush/tree
  • Street Party Music Game - on roof above stage


  • Jungle Cruise Dock, pier
  • Jungle Cruise Dock, wall
  • Lost Safari Party, Far Shore
  • Lost Safari Party, lion's den
  • Pirate Treehouse, sail
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Game Lobby, sail
  • Shrunken Ned's Shop, pirate flag
  • Tiki Tiki Tiki Island, temple entrance
  • Tiki Tiki Tiki Island, tunnel
  • Forbidden Temple, fallen column
  • Forbidden Temple, Chains


  • Banquet Hall, spiderweb
  • Banquet Hall, left red cross
  • Castle Forecourt, tower
  • Castle Gardens, evil
  • Castle Gardens, good
  • Castle Spell Room, table
  • Castle Spell Room, wall
  • Dungeon, dragon head
  • Dungeon, dragon tail
  • Fantasyland In the Sky, Matterhorn
  • Gallery, Castle stained glass
  • Gallery, Sleeping Beauty stained glass
  • Matterhorn, stage entrance
  • Matterhorn, waterfall
  • Snow White's Hide n' Seek Forest, tree
  • Storybook Land, mine
  • Storybook Land, treetop


  • Star Trader's Shop, wall


  • Golden Horseshoe, upper-left hand balcony
  • Golden Horseshoe - on wall to left of piano
  • Golden Horsehoe, On the mirror


  • Front Center of Monorail

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