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The primary characters of the series.

The following characters that have appeared in Sofia the First.


  • Princess Sofia - (Ariel Winter) A little girl who once lived in the village until her mother married the King and suddenly became royalty. She learns that looking like a princess isn't all that hard, but behaving like one must come from the heart.
  • Princess Amber - (Darcy Rose Byrnes) Sofia's stepsister and the twin sister of Prince James. Although she cares for family and friends, she can be a little vain and prissy in certain regards to what she thinks being a princess is all about.
  • Princess Hildegard - (Coco Grayson) One of Princess Amber's best friends, and one of the most popular princesses at Royal Prep.
  • Princess Clio - (Harley Graham) The princess of Corinthia and close friends with Amber, Hildegard and Sofia.
  • Princess Jun - (Michaela Zee) The princess of Wei-Ling and good friends with Sofia, Hildegard, Amber and Clio.
  • Princess Vivian - (Sabrina Carpenter) A shy princess who had trouble talking to other people and later with Sofia's help overcame her fears.
  • Princess Maya - (Olivia Grace) A minor character from the series. She appears in "The Princess Test" where she gives Sofia some advice on being a princess.
  • Oona - (Kiernan Shipka) A mermaid princess who befriends Sofia in the special Sofia the First: The Floating Palace.
  • Cora - (Sarah Mitchell) A mermaid princess who is Oona's older sister in the special Sofia the First: The Floating Palace.
  • Princess Leena - (Sarah Mitchell) A clumsy princess who only makes minor appearances in the series. Her more active roles have been "The Princess Test" and "Tri-Kingdom Picnic".
  • Princess Lani - (Abigail Mavity) A native princess of the kingdom Hakalo.
  • Princess Zooey - (Fiona Bishop) A princess who has travelled a lot with her mother.
  • Princess Astrid - Princess Hildegard's older sister. Astrid was first seen in a flashback during the song Know It All. Her name hasn't really been revealed on the show yet, but according to Craig Gerber, Astrid is her name.


  • Prince James - (Zach Callison/Tyler Merna) The twin brother of Princess Amber and Sofia's stepbrother. Unlike his sister, James is not at all vain and is very helpful towards Sofia. He is rather easygoing for a prince, sometimes displaying behavior not normally seen in royalty.
  • Prince Zandar - (Karan Brar) The Prince of the kingdom Tangu and Prince James's closest friend.
  • Prince Hugo - (Colin Ford/Grayson Hunter Goss) A prince and the best flying horse racer at Royal Prep. In his debut he is portrayed as a bully towards Sofia and James. In the episode "The Flying Crown", when he is paired with Sofia for a flying derby race, she completely reforms him, and they become friends. He is currently voiced by Grayson Hunter Goss.
  • Prince Jin - (Brian Lee) The prince of Wei-Ling who appears in the episode "Tri-Kingdom Picnic".
  • Prince Desmond - (Maxim Knight) A prince who admits to being afraid of a lot of things. Even so he's very intelligent, called the smartest student in school by his friends Sofia and James.
  • Vaughan and Vance - (Sage Ryan) Two rival Flying Derby riders from Junior Knights academy.
  • Prince Khalid - (Khamani Griffin) Prince of Kaldune and brother of the two princesses Maya and Leena.
  • Prince Axel - (Colin Ford) Prince Hugo's older brother, who made his debut in "The Flying Crown".

Kings & Queens


  • Clover - (Wayne Brady) Sofia's pet lop rabbit and best animal friend of whom he helps by making her life in the kingdom. While he looks cute, he hates to cuddle, except during tender moments, but he does love snacks.
  • Whatnaught - A silent squirrel who is one of Sofia's animal friends.
  • Mia - (Ashley Eckstein) A helpful and kind bluebird who misunderstands a figure of speech and takes literally. Even so, she can have a witty comeback to say, often towards Clover.
  • Robin - (Meghan Strange) A kind and guiding Robin who is the voice of reason among Sofia's animal friends, and is very responsible.
  • Wormwood - (Jim Cummings) Cedric's pet raven who is every bit as wicked as his master.
  • Minimus - (Eric Stonestreet) Sofia's flying derby pony who gets worried about almost everything.
  • Crackle - (Ellie Kemper) Vivian's loud and outgoing pet dragon who is very fond of Clover.
  • Sven - (John Ross Bowie) A little seahorse who is Oona's friend and lives in the waters of Merroway Cove.
  • Farley - (Jeff Bennett) A seagull usually looking for a snack.
  • Rex - (Jim Cummings) The palace dog who loves to bury objects and head to the kitchen and beg for scraps of food.
  • Electra - (Rose Abdoo) Prince Hugo's flying horse in the flying derby.
  • Jasper - (Lyons Luke Mathias) A young griffin that lives in the castle jewel room along with his parents.
  • Wilbur the Wombeast - (Corey Burton) A Wombeast who lives in The Horrid Hills. On the outside he looks scary and vicious, but on the inside he's a clumsy and yet lonely critter who has no family and loves apples.
  • Praline - (Keith Ferguson) Princess Amber's pet peacock.
  • Freedo - (Mick Wingert) Prince James' pet baboon.
  • Dragons of Enchancia - A group of dragons who live on and island known as the Blazing Palisades.
  • Whiskers - (Nick Offerman) A fox who lives in the forest and a friend of Clover.
  • Ginger - (Meghan Strange) A white rabbit who lives in the castle zoo and can whistle.
  • Hexie - Lucinda's pet rabbit.
  • Mazzimo - (Dean Norris) Minimus' brother.

Magical Characters

  • Cedric the Sorcerer - (Jess Harnell) The bumbling Royal Sorcerer of Enchancia who desires to steal Sofia's magic amulet and take over the kingdom.
  • Lucinda - (Merit Leighton) A little witch who used to cause trouble until she later changed her ways with Sofia's help and became friends with all the other kids in the village.
  • Goodwyn the Great - (Jim Cummings) The former Royal Sorcerer of Enchancia and Cedric's father.
  • Winifred the Wise - (Russi Taylor) Cedric's mother and wife of Goodwin the Great.
  • Boswell - (Liam O'Brien) An unfriendly magician who appeared in the episode "Finding Clover".
  • Madam Ubetcha - (Nika Futterman) A fortune teller from Tangu who knows all and tells all.
  • Miss Nettle - (Megan Mullally) An evil fairy who was once Flora, Fauna and Merryweather's apprentice and desires to become the most powerful fairy in the world.
  • Aunt Tilly - (Bonnie Hunt) King Roland's whimsical older sister who loves to bake pies and embark on incredible adventures.
  • Rosey - (Pamela Adlon) An enchanted rose who is Miss Nettle's companion.
  • Marla - (Tracey Ullman, later Laraine Newman) Lucinda's mother and a true wicked witch who embraces the family legacy and takes great pleasure from hexing people.
  • Wishing Well - (Keith Ferguson) A mysterious magic well that grants wishes.
  • Sofia the Worst - (Ariel Winter) Sofia's opposite double who was created by a copying spell. Unlike the real Sofia, Sofia the Worst wears a pink dress and likes to cause trouble. Her troublesome nature is due to the copying spell being cast incorrectly, so if the spell was cast correctly, everything about her would've been the same as the real Sofia.
  • Wu-Chang - (Keone Young) The elderly royal sorcerer of Wei-Ling.
  • Princess Ivy - (Anna Camp) A wicked enchantress princess who grew up in a black and white kingdom. When Amber took Sofia's amulet without her permission, it counted as a bad deed, and the amulet cursed Amber by bringing Ivy to Enchancia.
  • Greylock the Grand - (Mitchell Whitfield) King Magnus's royal sorcerer and a former schoolmate of Cedric's.
  • Mamanu - (Angelique Perrin) An evil sorceress who was once the royal sorceress of Hakalo. But she was caught by the King of Hakalo stealing magical crystals from the royal museum, and she was banished from the kingdom forever.
  • Glacia the Ice Witch - (Phylicia Rashad) An Ice Witch who places a curse on Winter.
  • Grimtrix - (Billy West) The headmaster of Hexley Hall.
  • Marty and Maple - (Greg Cipes and Sarah Mitchell) Counselors of Camp Wilderwood.
  • Indigo - (Bailey Gambertoglio) Lucinda's wicked witch best friend.
  • Lily - (Brennley Faith Brown) Lucinda's good witch best friend.

Various Characters

  • Baileywick - (Tim Gunn) The Castle Steward who is responsible for everything that goes on in the castle.
  • Ruby Hanshaw - (Diamond White) A village girl and one of Sofia's best friends.
  • Jade - (Isabella Acres) A village girl and one of Sofia's best friends.
  • Helen Hanshaw - (Viola Davis) Sofia's Buttercup Scout Master and Ruby's mother.
  • Mrs. Higgins - (Russi Taylor) The librarian at Royal Prep.
  • Meg and Peg - (Fiona Bishop) Identical twins who are part of Sofia's Buttercup Scouts. They often get mixed up for one another, though they claim to be completely different.
  • Professor Popov - (Jim Cummings) The dancing teacher at the Royal Preparatory Academy.
  • Plank - (Phil Morris) A Merman who is Queen Emmaline's chief adviser.
  • Sir Gillium - (Jess Harnell) The Flying Derby coach at Royal Prep.
  • Sir Bartleby - (Keith Ferguson) A brave and yet silent knight with a high pitch voice.
  • Sir Maxwell - (Thomas Bromhead) An opera-singing knight who loves to sing.
  • Gwen - (Ginnifer Goodwin) The daughter of the castle chef Andre. Formerly a kitchen maid until she finally fulfilled her dream of becoming an inventor.
  • Chef Andre - (Robin Atkin Downes) The castle chef and Gwen's father.
  • Lady Joy - (G. Hannelius) Daughter of Lord Gilbert.
  • Lord Gilbert - (Keith Ferguson) The Duke of Ramblingham and Lady Joy's father.
  • Trolls - Short, green, and furry creatures found who only come out at night because the sun's too bright for their eyes, but starlight is just right. For this reason they love to come out and look up at the stars, and when they're happy, the bang their Troll Clubs, which is how they make their music.
    • Gnarlie - A Troll who's lives in the caves, beneath the Castle of Enchancia.
    • Teeny - A Troll child who lived beneath the Castle of Enchancia.
  • Slickwell - (Christian Borle) King Magnus's former castle steward who tried to steal Baileywick's job by giving him the Pin of Klutzenheimer.
  • Winter - (Alyson Hannigan) A Faun who who was once cursed and loves to play her pan flute.
  • Admiral Hornpipe - (Jim Cummings) The Captain of the Royal Family's Floating Palace.
  • Mossy - (Kari Wahlgren) A Swamp Monster who likes jewellery.

Guest Characters

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