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This is a list of characters from the Disney film Robin Hood.

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  • Robin Hood -In true Robin Hood tradition, this foxy hero robs from the rich to give to the poor, defeats the wicked Prince John and Sheriff of Nottingham at every turn, and wins his lady.
  • Maid Marian-Maid Marian is the lovely vixen who is in love with Robin in Robin Hood. Though time has kept them apart, she never gives up hope that he will one day return to marry her.
  • Little John-Little John is Robin's best friend and partner in Robin Hood. He's always at Robin's side through the practical jokes, disguises, and schemes-though sometimes he displays more of a sensible, level head and isn't quite as brash as Robin.
  • Prince John-Prince John is the selfish, gold-loving (and very often childish) villain of Robin Hood. He hates Robin with a passion and wants him dead; however, none of his plans ever seem to work in catching the hero and in the end he gets what he deserves.
  • Sir Hiss-Sir Hiss is Prince John's companion in Disney's Robin Hood. The poor snake usually gets the brunt of PJ's anger and amusement alike, but he always has a good line to lighten things up.
  • Lady Kluck-Lady Kluck is Maid Marian's lady-in-waiting in Robin Hood. Fiesty and hot-tempered, but with a sensible streak, she dislikes Prince John and approves of Marian's love for Robin. She's always eager to take on the bad guys and support King Richard.
  • Friar Tuck-Friar Tuck, from Robin Hood, is the local preacher in the small church of Nottingham. He's good friends with all the local village people, as well as Robin and Little John, and disapproves of Prince John taxing the village for all they're worth. However, after he gets in a confrontation with the Sheriff of Nottingham, he's arrested and sentenced to death-until Robin Hood and Little John rescue him.
  • Sheriff of Nottingham-The Sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood is physically strong, suspicious of everyone and very alert. In his job as tax collector, he constantly moves around the community, observing everything that is going on.
  • Rooster/Alan-A-Dale-The Rooster from Robin Hood is also called "Alan-A-Dale" and is the singing minstrel that tells the story. He supports Robin and is often seen helping the other animals in their battle against Prince John.
  • Skippy-Skippy is a young rabbit in Robin Hood who idolizes Robin and wants to be like the hero. At the start, he's having his 7th birthday, and Robin unexpectedly turns up to give Skippy a bow-and-arrow and his very own "Robin Hood Hat". Skippy often does rash things (like shooting his arrow right into Prince John's backyard), and does his very best to join Robin in the fight against Prince John.
  • Sis-Sis is the oldest daughter of the Rabbit Family from Robin Hood. She's roughly the age of a young teenager and thinks Robin is extremely handsome, and has a crush on him. But despite this, she also tends to have bad habits, like stratching herself in public, giggling excessively and being a little rough around the edges.
  • Tagalong-Tagalong is one of the younger rabbits in Robin Hood and is often seen running behind her older borther and sister throughout the movie. However, she often has the smartest comments, knows her manners and often reminds her sister and brother to remember their manners. She always carries around her rag-rabbit-doll wherever she goes.
  • Rabbit Family-The Rabbit Family from Robin Hood is a large family governed by the Mother Rabbit, a widow who strives to take care of her babies and make sure they're happy. Among her children are Sis (the girl rabbit), Tagalong (the baby toddler with the rag doll), and Skippy (the oldest boy).
  • Otto-Otto is the local blacksmith in Robin Hood. He broke his foot and is going through some hard times, and Robin Hood sends Friar Tuck along with some gold to help with Otto's problems. However, the Sheriff of Nottingham takes advantage of the situation and takes the gold anyways, for Prince John.
  • Toby-Toby, from Robin Hood, is a cowardly turtle, and his friends are Skippy, Sis and Taglong.
  • Nutsy & Trigger-Nutsy and Trigger are two vultures from Robin Hood that assist the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John. They help build the gallows and keep the prisoners in line, but the aren't exactly the most competent guards for the job. Nutsy wears the cape and hood and isn't the brightest crayon in the box, and Trigger has the helmet and is itchy for bad things to happen, often setting his crossbow off. Both are captured by Robin and Little John in the jail break.
  • Church Mice-These two mice from Robin Hood are close friends to Friar Tuck and live in his small country church, assisting him with daily chores and offering their company. The male mouse is called "Sexton" and can play the organ; the female mouse is simply known as "Mother" and offers Friar Tuck her very last gold coin for the poor box-which the Sheriff of Nottingham steals.
  • King Richard-King Richard from Robin Hood was sent on "that crazy crusade!" by Sir Hiss and Prince John before the film starts, and doesn't show up until the end of the movie when he pardons Robin and sets everything right again. He is present at Robin and Marian's wedding and is clearly loved by his subjects in Nottingham.
  • Captain of the Guard-The Captain of the Guard is a crocodile who is the first animal in the king's parade, holding the flag, and he hosts the archery tournament.
  • Elephants-The Elephants are a part of the king's parade and their trunks serve as trumpets.
  • Hippos-The Hippos are a part of the king's parade and they play the drums.
  • Rhinos-The Rhinos are the king's guards who are in the parade and in other instances. They try to capture Robin Hood, but fail everytime.


Little John is similar to Baloo, the bear in the film The Jungle Book. They are both bears and are very similar except for their heads and coloring. They were also voiced by the same voice actor, Phil Harris.

The robe Prince John wears the crown on the puppet of Prince John are the same robe and crown wore by the king in the film Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Sir Hiss's hypnotic ability is the same as Kaa's in the film The Jungle Book.

Nutsy and Trigger are identical to two of the vultures in the film The Jungle Book.

King Richard bears a strong resemblance to Mufasa, the lion king in the film The Lion King.

It is questionable whether the Captain of the Guard is really the leader of the king's parade or whether it's another crocodile, because in the opening credits, two of them are seen at the front of the parade.

At one point, one of the elephants who act as herolds for Prince John attempts to trumpet a warning, Lady Kluck grabs the trunk, preventing the trumpeting and leaving the elephant flapping his ears ineffectually. The same joke was used in The Jungle Book with identical sound.

The Elephants and Hippos aren't seen again in the film after the archery tournament.

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