A list of all the characters that have appeared in the Disney Fairies franchise.

Additional information about them can be found at the Disney Fairies Wiki.

Picture Character Description
Disney fairy tinker bell 1920x1080
Tinker Bell A tinker-talent fairy. The franchise's sassy and spunky central character.
Terence A dust-talent sparrow man who hands out pixie dust to other fairies every day. He is best friends with Tinker Bell, who he also has a crush on.
Silvermist A water-talent fairy of East Asian appearance.
Rosetta A garden-talent fairy. A redhead who speaks in a southern accent.
Fawn A Latina animal-talent fairy with a long braid and a tomboy-ish personality.
Iridessa A light-talent fairy of African appearance.
Vidia A fast-flying fairy with long black hair and a violet dress.
Periwinkle A frost-talent fairy and Tinker Bell's fraternal twin sister.
Zarina-The Pirate Fairy02
Zarina A dust-talent fairy who briefly became a pirate.
Fairy Mary A teacher-talent fairy with a plump figure and chestnut curls.
Clank and Bobble A pair of tinker-talent sparrow men.
975 display
Queen Clarion The leader of the Fairies.
Lord Milori The Lord of the Winter Woods and Queen Clarion's love interest.
Lyria A story-teller fairy. Pixie Hollow's equivalent of a troubadour.
Fairy Gary
Fairy Gary The boss of the dust-talent fairies.
Sweetpea pose
Sweet Pea A garden-talent fairy.
260px-Kit pose
Kit An animal-talent fairy.
Cassie A shopkeeper fairy.
Harmony Profile
Harmony A shopkeeper fairy.
Brook A shopkeeper fairy.
Bella Rose Profile
Bella Rose A shopkeeper fairy
Mendy Profile
Mendy A tailor fairy.
Bobbin Profile
Bobbin A sewing-talent fairy.
Char 56957
Fern A garden-talent fairy.
Cheese A cart-pulling mouse.
Blaze A young firefly.
Dewey The portly keeper of all fairy knowledge.
Char 83446
Fiona Dewey's pet lynx.
Viola A summoning fairy who gets dispatched to summon another fairy with her kazoo whenever Queen Clarion needs to see them.
BoltFairy Profile
Bolt A dust-talent sparrow man.
StoneFairy Profile
Stone A dust-talent sparrow man.
Flint A dust-talent sparrow man.
Rumble A slender and muscular storm-talent sparrow man with an arrogant personality.
Glimmer A storm-talent fairy with blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin, pointy ears and pink blushing cheeks and wears a black/gray sports shirt. Unlike Rumble, she is not arrogant.
933105 1349185564184 390 300
Sled A frost-talent sparrow man who is Rosetta's romantic interest and one of Periwinkle's friends.
Spike Frost Fairy
Spike A frost-talent fairy and one of Periwinkle's friends.
Gliss 1
Gliss A frost-talent fairy and one of Periwinkle's friends.
933107 1349185798143 390 300
Slush A frost-talent sparrow man and one of Periwinkle's friends. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin and pointy ears and wears a blue cap, an aqua shirt and pants.
Chloe A garden-talent fairy who wears a pink sports dress and leggings.
BuckFairy Profile
Buck An animal-talent sparrow man with brown hair, green eyes, fair skin and pointy ears and wears an orange sports shirt. He also has a crush on Fawn.
LuminaFairy Profile
Lumina A light fairy with brown hair, green eyes, fair skin, pointy ears and pink blushing cheeks and wears a yellow sports shirt.
Ivy Profile
Ivy One of Rosetta's garden-talent friends. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, pointy ears and fair skin and wears a red dress and shoes. She also cries a lot.
Lilac Profile
Lilac One of Rosetta's garden-talent friends. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, pointy ears and fair skin and wears a red strapless dress and shoes. Unlike Ivy, she is more laid-back in nature.
Marina pose cgi
Marina A water fairy with brown hair and skin, green eyes, fair skin and pointy ears and wears a blue sports shirt.
Zephyr Profile
Zephyr A fast-flying fairy with brown hair, green eyes, fair skin and pointy ears and wears a purple sports shirt.
Gelata A baking-talent fairy.
French Fairy A fairy that appears briefly in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure.
Copper A tinker-talent fairy.
Copper A tinker-talent fairy.
Minister of Spring Profile
Minister of Spring A sparrow man who is of high rank and is the Minster of Spring. He worries a lot.
Minister of Summer Profile
Minister of Summer A fairy of high rank who is the Minister of Summer.
Minister of Autumn Profile
Minister of Autumn A sparrow man of high rank who is the Minister of Autumn.
Snowflake Profile
Minister of Winter A fairy of high rank who is the Minister of Winter.
Grimsley and Leech A pair of trolls who guard a bridge on a lost island north of Neverland.
Elizabeth Griffiths
Elizabeth "Lizzy" Griffiths A 9-year-old little girl who befriends Tinker Bell.
Dr G
Dr. Martin Griffiths Lizzie Griffiths' father.
Twitches pose
Mr. Twitches The Griffiths family's pet cat.
225px-Ms Perkins Profile
Mrs. Perkins A neighbor of Lizzie and her father. She is given the task of babysitting Lizzie while Martin is away.
Drowl pose
Dr. Owl An owl that some of the fairies go to for advice.
20081008014851!Mother Dove 1
Mother Dove A magical dove whose egg is responsible for keeping people in Never Land young.
Rani A water-talent fairy who gave up her wings to save Mother Dove, becoming the only fairy who can swim.
Brother Dove
Brother Dove A dove who carries Rani on his back when she wishes to fly.
Beck An animal-talent fairy who cares for Mother Dove.
Bess An art-talent fairy who is responsible for Mother Dove's annual portrait.
Fira A light-talent fairy who is responsible for training all the fireflies that light Pixie Hollow.
Thistle1 2010
Thistle A garden-talent fairy.
Prilla Profile
Prilla A clapping-talent fairy who is the only one of her kind in Pixie Hollow.
Kyto Profile
Kyto A dragon who makes Mother Dove's egg whole again.
Queen Tutupia Profile
Queen Tutupia The leader of the seven-foot tall Great Wanded fairies (or Great Wandies).
Fufalla One of the Great Wanded fairies. She loves to play pranks and practical jokes on others.
Lily A garden-talent fairy of African appearance. She has the most beautiful garden in Pixie Hollow.
Dulcie A baking-talent fairy. The only thing Dulcie loves more than making delicious treats is watching other fairies eat them.
Mixie A baking-talent fairy who helps Dulcie.
Dunkin Making Flatbread
Dunkin A baking-talent sparrow man who has more patience than Mixie.
Iris A garden-talent fairy.
Tor A story-teller sparrow man.
Pluck A harvest-talent fairy.
Precious Profile
Precious A mining-talent fairy.
Orren Profile
Orren A mining-talent sparrow man.
Luna A light-talent fairy.
Horace An animal-talent sparrow man and a good friend of Fawn.
Amaryllis A butterfly-herding-talent fairy.
Pell A harvest-talent fairy.
Twire A scrap metal-talent fairy who melts down metal to recycle. She sometimes fights with Tinker Bell over who gets to keep the metal for melting or fixing.
Cinda One of Queen Clarion's helper-talent fairies.
Lisel One of Queen Clarion's helper-talent fairies.
Rhia One of Queen Clarion's helper-talent fairies.
Grace One of Queen Clarion's helper-talent fairies.
Ginger A young baking-talent fairy and a possible rival of Dulcie.
Sera A scouting-talent fairy.
Quill An art-talent fairy who is quiet and shy.
Hem A dress-making fairy.
Violet A dyeing-talent fairy who is best friends with Bess.
Zuzu A tinker-talent fairy who is very dedicated to her job.
Scarlet An art-talent fairy.
Myka Profile
Myka A scouting-talent fairy.
Trak A scouting-talent sparrow man who is Myka's best friend.
Clover A writer-talent fairy.
Nettle A caterpillar-shearing-talent fairy.
Jason A caterpillar-shearing-talent sparrow man who is friends with Nettle and Prilla.
Tack A sewing-talent sparrow man.
Niko A sewing-talent sparrow man.
Hydrangea A water-talent fairy who wears a purple dress and blue eye-shadow.
Tizzywing A fast-flying fairy who gets sick easily and, unlike Vidia, is very kind.
Baden Profile
Baden A scouting-talent sparrow man who is brave, cautious, protective and a safety-freak. He secretly has a crush on Abby.
Abby A tinker-talent fairy who is beautiful, unique, blonde and very good at her talent. She secretly has a crush on Baden.
Dooley A sparrow man whose talent is unknown.
Soop A beautiful and generous mermaid of middle rank who gets mad easily.
Pah A beautiful mermaid who talks funny and is Soop's best friend.
Voona A mermaid with yellow-orange hair, a yellow-orange tail and a violet scarf.
Oola A mermaid with yellow-green hair, green eyes and a yellow-green tail. She's the first mermaid to actually befriend Rani, but has a weird way of showing it.
Numi Profile
Numi A mermaid with blue hair and a magenta tail.
Mara Profile
Mara A mermaid with a blue tail and hair.
Crystaline A beautiful and kind mermaid with a high rank that also has a sour plum personality like Vidia.
Crystal A beautiful water-talent fairy who is very musical, has her own pet rabbit named Bunny and often helps Lyria in her plays. She is also Crystaline's older sister.
Helios Profile
Helios A light-talent sparrow man.
Nollie Profile
Nollie A brunette, cute, grateful and happy-go-lucky animal-talent fairy.
Qana A snow-talent fairy.
Olwen Profile
Olwen A young garden-talent fairy who loves planting seeds and looks up to Tinker Bell and Queen Clarion.
Idalia A garden-talent fairy with dark brown hair.
Chipper A tinker-talent fairy.
Magnolia A leaf-talent fairy.
Rune Profile
Rune A story-telling sparrow man.
Mariana A kind and stylish tailor and shopkeeper fairy.
Augustus A shopkeeper sparrow man who works with Mariana in her shop.
Winda Quickwing
Winda Quickwing A legendary fairy hero who once fought to save Pixie Hollow from an army of ants, but died in the battle.
Luminaria A cheerful blonde light-talent fairy.
Cera Profile
Cera A water-talent fairy who loves listening to gossip from the babbling brook.
Glissandra A cheerful blonde light-talent fairy who wears makeup a lot.
Elixa A brunette nursing-talent fairy. However, unlike most nursing-talents, she helps animals get better instead of fairies.
Dewberry A fruit-talent fairy who wears eye-shadow a lot and is very kind and more emotional then everyone except for the water fairies.
Blair An art talent fairy who is very creative and also enjoys sewing.
Finn An animal-talent fairy.
Junebee A music-talent fairy.
Elwood Profile
Elwood A kind-hearted fast-flying-talent sparrow man who loves purple and talks as fast as he flies.
Nilsa A scouting-talent fairy who dies of disbelief in "Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg".
Temma A shoe-making-talent fairy who died drowning in a flood in "Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand".
Wisp A fast-flying fairy who is almost as fast as Vidia through training.
Angus An expert pot-and-pans sparrow man.
Rolo A round messenger-talent sparrow man.
Althea A scouting-talent fairy.
Aster A garden-talent fairy.
Costy A nursing-talent fairy.
Carlotta A scouting-talent fairy that died during the quest for Never Land by Kyto's fire.
Breeze A blonde laundry-talent fairy.
Ellery A music-talent fairy.
Ariette and Lyra
Ariette & Lyra A pair of twin sister music-talent fairies.
Blaze A fast-flying sparrow man who was Rosetta's second crush.
Aidan A crown-repairing-talent sparrow man.
Melina A glass-blowing art-talent fairy with strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes and peach skin. Her main outfit is a blue shirt, teal pants, an emerald green leaf headscarf, a green apron and olive green shoes.
Spring A spunky message-talent fairy who is good friends with Fira and Lily.
Humidia A water-talent fairy who makes the jet at the top of the water fountain in "Rani in Mermaid Lagoon".
Thimble An embroidery-talent fairy.
James-Pirate Fairy
Captain Hook
Mr. Smee
Pirate Crew
Croc-The Pirate Fairy
Tick-Tock the Crocodile

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