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Linguini is one of Pucca's uncles and is another chef from the Go-Rong trio, who are dedicated to creating the most amazing noodles in the world. Linguini is the most hot-headed of the bunch and slightly scary.

In episode Chef Slump he fell depressed like his brother and go in search for the chef challenge and help the other to cook with not problem.

In episode Feud Fight, he culped his brother to ruined the dish that they where cooking and go to make his own restaurant Brochette and the war started but for the cry of Pucca he retracts the things he do and for fault his bothers. In Noodle around the world, he was angry because his old apprentice filled the coliseum of Italy of noodles so he decided to make the mast longest noodle of the world with his brothers, and make Garu to the mission.

In Dance, Pucca, Dance he asked Pucca to wear his fairy costume but when Pucca shows her designing he put it on himself for the party.

Also in episode Noodle to the stars with his brothers tell to the villages that how they want they noodle with Ho.


He is bald, except for his black pony tail. He has a white flannel and a gray chef tunic in the waist.

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