GP - Ling-ling Bio
Ling-Ling Johnson is one of the detectives from the video game Guilty Party.

Official Biography

Butch and Charlotte adopted Ling Ling when she was just a few days old. Growing up around the most respected detectives in the world, she blossomed into an inquisitive youngster - so inquisitive, in fact, that the Commodore, despite some initial reluctance, allowed her to assist her mother and father on cases.

She quickly proved herself useful at detective work; the Commodore has praised her for her quick-witted and eagle-eyed examinations of clues. When she's not on a case she loves to read and has a great deal of technical knowledge that often comes in handy. She's managed to invent quite a few bits of technology to assist the Dickens family on cases - such as their handheld lie detectors.