Miss Lily St Regis, I'm named after the hotel
―Lily St. Regis

Lily St. Regis is the tertiary antagonist in Annie. She is the girlfriend of Rooster Hannigan. She is based on the villain of the same name from the Broadway musical Annie. She is portrayed by Kristin Chenoweth.


Lily St. Regis is a 1930's con-woman from New York. She is always looking for a way to get rich. She, along with her boyfriend Rooster, and his sister Agatha Hannigan, attempts to kidnap the orphan Annie.


Lily St. Regis has proven to be quite idiotic and dumb throughout the movie. Her lack of wit causes her allies Rooster and Agatha to put very little trust in her.

Lily is also very greedy. Her greed is what inspires her to help her boyfriend Rooster in many of his wicked plans. Her greed also causes her to ruin many plans, including the one to kidnap Annie.

She is also very vain. Despite being very poor, she wears very fashionable and expensive clothing. She has been accused of being a gold digger by Agatha Hannigan in the movie.

Her poor sense of judgment is also very prominent. She associates herself with very dangerous people in New York. She also cannot tell whether or not people are lying to her or even speaking metaphorically.

Physical Appearance

Lily has very fair skin and short blond hair. She is both thin and short. Her makeup fits the style of the 1930's when the movie is set. She has high-arching eyebrows and very dark lipstick.

She wears a lavish pink coat with a white fur scarf. When she dances, she often swings her scarf around. She has a matching hat which she wears throughout the film as well. Her purse is very small and similar to a pouch.


Early Life

Not much is known of Lily's early life. She is named after a popular hotel. She has most likely been conning for a long time. She and Rooster Hannigan began a relationship a short time before the events of the movie, and conned together before Rooster was arrested

Role in Annie

Lily is first introduced on the streets of New York City. After Rooster, her boyfriend, escaped jail by bribing the warden, he and Lily contact his sister, Agatha, for money. When they meet Rooster's sister at her orphanage. Agatha is pleased and surprised to see Rooster out of jail, but is annoyed by his new girlfriend, whom she believes is an airhead. Lily proudly announces to Agatha that she is named after a famous hotel, but she is only mocked further.

Furthermore, Agatha tells Lily and Rooster that she doesn't have any money to spare. Rooster becomes upset, as he has no money to give to the warden whom we bribed. Agatha adds that while the three of them are out of luck, Annie, an orphan she used to take care of, is spending the Christmas season at billionaire Oliver Warbucks' home.

All three of them express their annoyance at Annie's fortune. However, Rooster believes that they can use Annie's fortuity for their own gain. Lily and Agatha are overjoyed and excited by Rooster's idea. And together, they visualize a future where they live lavishly (Easy Street).

Meanwhile, Annie is enjoying life filled with love and care. Both Oliver Warbucks and his secretary Grace Farrell enjoy every moment with her. However, when Oliver invites her to live with him forever as his adopted daughter, she rejects. Stating that her parents left her with a promise to come back, she expresses to Oliver and Grace that she can't give up on them. Oliver understands and begins a quest to find Annie's parents, offering a $50,000 dollar reward to anyone who can prove they are Annie's parents.


Annie and her temporary caretakers, Oliver Warbucks and Grace Farrell

Back at Agatha's orphanage, a group of orphans are enjoying their favorite radio show, when they hear Annie's voice calling out for her parents. The girls are ecstatic to hear Annie. And begin singing and dancing. Agatha, annoyed by them, dismisses them.

Moments later, Lily and Rooster (disguised as a poor couple) enter Agatha's office. Introducing themselves as Annie's parents, Agatha is overwhelmed with disbelief. Lily incorrectly assumes that she truly didn't believe that they were Annie's parents. Agatha, however, states that she did fall for Lily and Rooster's trick before Lily ruined it.

Rooster tells Agatha about the $50,000 dollar reward set by Oliver Warbucks. Pretending to be Annie's parents, Lily and Rooster could successfully steal the reward money, and "dispose" of Annie. Agatha loves the idea but advises Rooster that Lily will ruin the charade, and get them all locked away forever. Rooster agrees and decides that Agatha will play the role as Annie's mother instead by shoving Lily onto the floor. Agatha and Rooster agree that they will split the money 50/50, half for herself, and the other for Rooster and Lily. Lily is angry that she only gets 25% of the batch, but acquiesces, as she wouldn't want to be cut from the deal entirely.

On Christmas Eve, Agatha and Rooster successfully prove themselves to be Annie's parents. By hiring a man who can make fake birth certificates, and by buying a necklace similar the one that Annie's parents left to her, the schemers fool Oliver. However, Oliver, announces that he will not hand over Annie, nor the reward money, until after Christmas. Therefore, the three con artists must wait another day for their money.

Danelle Wilson annie

The orphans who question Lily

On the following day, Lily is left behind at the orphanage once again, as Agatha and Rooster return to the Warbucks' mansion to collect their bounty. Lily, who spends her time playing poker with the orphans, racks up a debt of $500 dollars to the orphans. Lily is immediately anxious because she doesn't know where she will find the money to pay up. However, she quickly calms down, stating that she'll be living easy in no time. The orphans are bewildered by her strange comment and command her to fess up. Realizing her mistake, she says her lips are sealed on the matter, much like her lipstick. However, by holding her purse ransom, the orphan girls force Lily to tell the entire plan to them.

During Lily's confession, the orphans begin to feel anxious for Annie. Moreover, Lily begins to realize that Agatha and Rooster may double-cross her after they receive the money. Remembering a time when Rooster let her take the fall for another con, Lily realizes that she cannot trust the Hannigan's. She and the orphans rush to the Warbucks' residence, where they ambush a "Shirley" and "Ralph Mudge." These two are revealed to be Agatha and Rooster, ruining their almost perfect escape.

Agatha, in a feat of desperation, nabs the $50,000 dollar check and bolts for the door. However, President Roosevelt appears in front of Miss Hannigan. Revealing all of Rooster's and Lily's several aliases, he arrests all three scheming villains. Unlike Agatha, who has to restrained by several men, Lily acquiesces, and states that at least she'll be wearing silver, referring to the handcuffs being placed on her.

Differences from the Source Material

In the original Broadway musical, Lily, instead of Agatha, pretends to be Annie's mother. This main difference is that Lily is given a smaller role in this movie than she has in the musical and in an older film adaption. However, when Lily is playing poker with the orphans in the movie, she decides to ambush Rooster and Agatha at the Warbucks' mansion. This scene is not included in the musical since Lily was posing as Annie's mother. But it gives Lily a role at the climax of the movie.


Daniel "Rooster" Hannigan

Although they are romantically involved throughout the film, Rooster and Lily seem to have very little attachments to each other. When introducing her, Rooster can't recall her last name. She has been shown to use and abuse Lily, either by using her as a scapegoat or pushing her off tables.


Lily St. Regis' boyfriend, "Rooster"

Miss Hannigan KB

Lily's brother's sister, Agatha Hannigan

Lily doesn't seem to have any more feelings for Rooster than he does for her. She seems to be more interested in the money he'd be able to give to her.

There seems to be very little trust between the two, as well. Rooster does not believe that she is able to help in the plot to kidnap Annie and that she'd ruin it. Conversely, Lily doubts that Rooster would share the reward money with her, and decides to rat Rooster out, than risk being cut out of a deal.

Agatha Hannigan

Agatha clearly shows distaste towards Lily. She mocks her constantly throughout the movie. When planning the kidnapping of Annie, Agatha convinces Rooster to kick Lily out of the plan, because she'd ruin it.

Lily develops a similar dislike for Agatha later on. She has very little trust that Agatha will fairly share the reward money for pretending to be Annie's parents. Because of this, she ambushes Agatha in the end, sending her to a mental asylum.

The Orphans

The orphans spend a small amount of time with Lily while she is left behind at the orphanage by Agatha and Rooster. During this time, she plays poker with the orphans which she supposedly teaches the orphans to play. Consequently, the orphans beat her at poker, and she owes them several hundred dollars. Lily becomes angry that she could lose to children, and the orphans state that it was beginner's luck that let


Pepper, one of the orphans Lily interacts with

them win. Because the orphans have been known to be tricky, they might have learned to play well before Lily "taught" them how to play.

The orphans also torment Lily in other ways. After hearing that Agatha and Rooster at the Warbuck's mansion, the orphans immediately become suspicious as to why they would be where Annie is. Lily attempts to stay quiet on the matter, but after the orphans keep her purse ransom (by playing Keep Away), she relents.

Both she and the orphans arrive at the scene of the Warbucks' mansion at the same time, implying that they chased after the Hannigans together. However, they are obviously not allies, as the orphans cheer when President Roosevelt arrest her, and the Hannigans.


  • Kristin Chenoweth, who plays Lily, would star in another movie musical produced by Disney, as protagonist Marian Paroo in The Music Man (2003).
  • St. Regis, the hotel which Lily is presumably named is a five diamond luxury hotel which opened in 1904.
  • Chenoweth once auditioned for the role of Annie but was turned down due to her thick southern accent. You can actually hear her accent in the movie.
  • Because of her many aliases, we are unsure whether or not Lily is her true name.
  • Kristin Chenoweth, who portrays Lily, would reappear along with Victor Garber, who played Oliver Warbucks, in another TV movie musical produced by Disney, The Music Man.


  • "Miss Lily St. Regis! I'm named after the hotel."
  • "Gee, I don't know!"
  • "Hey, wait a minute!"
  • "It ain't fair!"
  • "The Oliver Warbucks, the millionaire?"
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