Lilly the Witch – The Dragon and the Magic Book (original title Hexe Lilli: Der Drache und das magische Buch) is a 2009 German children's film directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky. It is a partly animated comic fantasy based on the books by Knister, who co-wrote the screenplay.

Plot summary

The old witch Surulunda orders little clumsy dragon Hector to find a successor for her. Bringing along a magical book, Hector flies into the room of the young girl Lilly. She agrees to be the new witch, and has to prove her fitness for the job during a probationary period of 99 hours. She has to deal with evil Jerome who wants to steal the book, which he wants to use to control the world. For this purpose he tricks people into looking into his eyes, so that he can hypnotize them. The victims, including Lilly's mother, start to behave oddly and dress in grey.

Lilly and her little brother Leon often quarrel. However, when Jerome kidnaps Leon and demands the book for his release, Lilly gives up the book temporarily. The two, together with two boys from school, succeed in recapturing it, thus saving the world from Jerome's control. This also improves Lilly's relationship with Leon.


  • Pilar Bardem as Surulunda
  • Michael Mittermeier (voice) as Hector
  • Alina Freude as Lilly
  • Ingo Naujoks as Jerome (Hieronymus)
  • Sami Herzog as Leon


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