Lil Oldman is a Toon NPC Rabbit from Toontown Online in Blizzard Wizard, Walrus Way, The Brrrgh. He will be your first toon to visit in The Brrrgh for the final Gag Training Task.


His tasks gives toons the choice to pick the last 2 gag tracks.

Choosing Final Gag TrackEdit

  1. Defeat 10 Large cogs (Level 8+)
  2. Return to Lil Oldman
  3. Fish for 3 fuzzy dice out of the pond
  4. Return to Lil Oldman
  5. Take down 2 of the tallest cog buildings 4+ Floors (he rotates between the four cog types)
  6. Return to Lil Oldman
  7. Choose the last gag track you will train for in Toontown

Reward: Last Gag Track Training for the last 2 unpicked Gag Tracks.

Final Gag TrainingEdit

  1. Lil Oldman (The Blizzard Wizard, Walrus Way)
  2. Defeat 6 The Big Cheese for Lumpy Cheese or Retrieve 6 Caviar from Mr. Hollywoods
  3. Return to Lil Oldman
  4. Obtain a Simple Spoon from the strongest cogs (it rotates)
  5. Return Simple Spoon to Lil Oldman
  6. Catch a talking toad out of the pond
  7. Return to Lil Oldman
  8. Visit Sticky George (The Melting Ice Creme Bar, Walrus Way)
  9. Retrieve 10 Red Bean Ice Cream Cones from one of the strongest cogs anywhere (it rotates between the four)
  10. Return to Sticky George
  11. Return an Ice Cream Cone to Lil Oldman
  12. Obtain Wig Powder from Big Wigs or Make Up Powder from Mr. Hollywoods
  13. Return to Lil Oldman
  14. Defeat 20 4+ story cog buildings anywhere
  15. Return to Lil Oldman
  16. Fish for a girlfriend for the talking toad
  17. Return to Lil Oldman

Reward: Last Gag Track Training Film

SOS ToonEdit

Lil Oldman is also an SOS Toon. He is a 5-star Lure SOS. When called upon, he will use Hypno Goggles to lure all cogs in battle.

His Lure will last 4 rounds.


  • He is a 5-star SOS Toon. He uses Lure to disable the cogs for a certain amount of time. People say he is more rare than Flippy!
  • Many toons hate his tasks.
  • The reason why he gives hard tasks is because he is one of the leaders of toon council and one of the toontask masters.
  • He might be a toon that you have to save during the VP battle.