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"Like Other Girls" is a song featured in Mulan II. The song is sung by Princesses Ting-Ting, Su and Mei (Judy Kuhn, Beth Blankenship, and Mandy Gonzalez respectively). It was also performed by Atomic Kitten.


Ting-Ting: The life of a princess,
from her birth is well defined.

She must humbly serve her country, play the part she's been assigned.
She guards the hopes of her people, weak and mighty, rich and poor!

Who could ever ask for more?
Who could ever ask for'
Su & Ting-Ting: Who could ever ask for more?

Mei: I wanna be like other girls
limb up a tree like other girls can
Mei & Su:
Just to be free like other girls get to be

Mei & Su: To slouch when I sit
To eat a whole cake

Feel the sun on my feet

Su: Get dirty
Act silly'
Mei & Su: Be anything I want to be

Su: Dance around!
Mei: In my underwear!

Mei & Su: To run really fast!
Get rid of this fan!
To eat a whole cake!
Get crazy!
With frosting!

Mei & Su: No escorts!
No manners!
No nursemaids!
No worries!
No hands folded perfect, like holding a lily!

Ting-Ting: No pinchy shoes? (giggles)

Mei, Su, Ting-Ting: I wanna be like other girls,
Scrape up my knee like other girls can!
Just to be free, like other girls!
Get to be!

Mei, Su, Ting-Ting: To speak for myself!
To sing way off key!
Mei, Su, Ting-Ting:
Marry someone I've met, who loves me for me.

Ting Ting: No escorts!
No manners!
Mei & Ting-Ting:
No nursemaids!
No worries!
Mei, Su, Ting-Ting:
No hands folded perfect, like holding a lily!
No pinchy shoes!

Mei, Su, Ting Ting: I wanna be like other girls!
Climb up a tree like other girls can!
Just to be free like other girls!
Get to be!

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