"Lights Out" is the first segment of the twentieth episode of the first season of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.


One morning, Rabbit storms into Pooh's house and demands that Pooh give him back the shovel he has borrowed from him so he can grow carrots for midnight snacks. Rabbit then orders Pooh never to borrow anything from him again. Pooh states that he left the shovel in the closet. Rabbit retrieves his shovel, but not before he gets trampled by Pooh's junk in the closet. That night, Rabbit goes back to gardening, but he trips on his wheelbarrow and realizes he has a hard time trying to see in the dark. To help him garden at night, Rabbit borrows Gopher's helmet while he's sleeping, and goes back to work.

But in the morning, without his helmet, Gopher is now scared of the dark and whenever he hears someone say the word "dark", he freaks out. Pooh thinks that he was the one that one that took Gopher's helmet (which was really Rabbit who borrowed the helmet) and goes down Gopher's hole to go look for it. Tigger, Rabbit, and Eeyore follow Pooh and join in the search. Tigger is worried that they are lost in the tunnels and wants Rabbit to help them. Pooh also says to Rabbit that he was the one that lost Gopher's helmet and that Rabbit knows how to get them out. Rabbit says he can't and also saying that Pooh got it all wrong. Rabbit says that he was the one who lost Gopher's helmet and not Pooh.

Piglet and Gopher catch up to them and end up in Rabbit's house. Piglet finds Gopher's helmet under Rabbit's pillow and Rabbit is about to return it to Gopher, but he doesn't need his helmet, claiming that he is no longer afraid of the dark. The word dark also makes Rabbit faint, probably because he learns his lesson not to plant carrots in the dark or he is afraid of noises in the dark. Pooh begins to eat Rabbit's honey, but when Rabbit is about to take the pot back, he decides that Pooh can have some.



Voice actor Character
Jim Cummings Winnie the Pooh
John Fiedler Piglet
Paul Winchell Tigger
Ken Sansom Rabbit
Peter Cullen Eeyore
Michael Gough Gopher