"Light or Dark Meat?" is the second segment of the thirteenth episode of The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show.


Pith Possum and Obediah take a vacation cruise on the S.S. Gasbubble, unaware that the captain is actually Dr. Paul Bunion in disguise.


  • The original S.S. Gasbubble captain makes a single, brief appearance.
  • This marks the final appearances of Pith Possum, Obediah, and Dr. Paul Bunion.
  • Obediah mentions the fact that Super Cicada is taking over Pith and Obediah's crime fighting duties, while Pith and Obediah are on their vacation. This could mean that the heroes have other contacts with other superheroes outside Possum City that can handle the work for them while they are away.