Letter From the Refuge is a song from Newsies the Musical, written exclusively for the North American Tour, after the show closed on Broadway in 2014.


(Crutchie) How are you? I'm okay

Guess I wasn't much help yesterday

Snyder soaked me real good with my crutch

Oh yeah, Jack? This is Crutchie by the way

These here guards, they is rude

They say "jump boy, you jump or your screwed!"

But the food ain't so bad least so far, cause so far, they ain't brung us no food!

(spoken) Ha, ha.

(sung) I miss the rooftop

Sleeping right out in the open

In your penthouse in the sky

There's a cool breez blowin' even in July.

Any way, so guess what!

There's this secret escape plan I've got!

Tie a sheet to bed, toss the end out the window

Climb down and take off like a shot!

Maybe though, not tonight

I ain't slept yet, and my leg still ain't right!

But hey, Pulitzer! He's goin' down!

Then Jack, I was thinking we might just go, like you was sayin'

Where it's clean and green and pretty

With no buildings in your way

And you're riding Palominos, every day!

(whispers) Damn this place.

(sung) I'll be fine. Good as new,

But there's one thing I need ya to do

On the rooftop you told me a fam'ly looks out for each other

So tell all the fellas from me, to protect one another!

The end,

Your friend,

You best friend,

Your brother,