"Let's Make Peace" is a song from the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command episode "War and Peace and War". It was written and performed by Eric Idle as the character Guzelien .


Let's make peace,

Let's not give war a chance.

No more bloodshed,

war makes you dead.

Why not instead just have a dance?

Let's make peace.

There's so much more to do.

There's gardening and macramé and visiting the zoo.

Let's put away the sicky things,

the nasty yucky sticky things,

the particularly icky things.

Let's all make peace.

Let's make peace,

let's put away the bombs.

Let's say no thanks to rays and tanks,

let's all shake hands and just be chums.

Let's make peace, let's have a cup of tea.

Let's hug our neighbors can't we please

Simply hug our enemies

Let's hug the wasps, let's hug the bees, let's hug the bugs, let's hug the fleas, let's hug the trees.

Let's all make peace

So let's not argue, let's not sue,

let's not fight about who did who,

let's all hold hands and look at the view

Let's all make peace!