Leonard Simon Nimoy was an American actor, film director, poet, singer-songwriter, and photographer who was best known for his role as Spock in the Star Trek franchise.

He had done some voice work for Disney as well as directing the ride films for the Epcot attraction Body Wars and voiced Xehanort, the series' leading villain, in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. He also voiced Galactus in the Marvel animated series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and Kashekim Nedakh in Disney's 2001 animated feature film Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Nimoy was interviewed by Dr. Julius Strangepork for the Summer 1984 issue of Muppet Magazine, and he made a cameo appearance in "Garth Brooks" of Muppets Tonight.

In addition to his acting work for Disney productions, Nimoy directed the 1987 Touchstone Pictures film Three Men and a Baby, the 1988 Touchstone Pictures film The Good Mother and Holy Matrimony.

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  • Tetsuya Nomura, creator and director of the Kingdom Hearts video game series, stated that he chose Nimoy for the role as Xehanort, specifically because of his role as Spock in Star Trek. Since Xehanort's rival Eraqus is voiced by Mark Hamill (who plays Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars series), their rivalry is, to Nomura, Star Wars VS Star Trek.