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Lena Hyena
Background information
Feature films Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Matt O'Callaghan
Voice June Foray
Performance model
Inspiration Grandma from Red Hot Riding Hood
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Toon Hag (original credit listing)
Personality Hideous, unattractive, gangly, loony, psychotic, obsessive, man-hungry, lustful
Appearance Big, unkempt, red hair; freckled skin, purple eyelids, green eyes, pointy nose, red lips, overbite, missing teeth, saggy bosom, lanky body, purple opera gloves, red strapless dress, polka-dot bloomers, large green pumps
Alignment Neutral
Goal To get a man
Home Toontown
Allies Jessica Rabbit (comics)
Enemies The Toon Patrol, Judge Doom (by default)
Likes Looking like Jessica Rabbit, men
Dislikes The Dip (presumably)
Powers and abilities Speed, strength, disguise
Fate Runs into a brick wall after Eddie places a torn street line towards it
Quote "Yoo hoo, lova boy, it's Lena Hyena."
―Lena's first reaction to Eddie Valiant

Lena Hyena is a minor character in the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit voiced by veteran voice actress June Foray. She's an ugly, crazy, haggish Toon woman who Eddie Valiant encounters in Toontown after mistaking her for Jessica Rabbit. Believing him to have come visit her out of romantic intent, she chases him in a lustful, chaotic spasm.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Eddie Valiant pursues Jessica Rabbit into Toontown believing her to have just committed murder. Upon arrival, he notices a half-silhouette of a woman resembling Jessica doing her hair in a hotel window and proceeds to intercept. Once he gets to the apartment, the seemingly stunning woman immediately reveals herself to be the hideous Lena Hyena, who instantly falls in love and chases after him upon sight. Not knowing where to turn, he retreats into the men's restroom.

Eddie discovers the restroom is non-existent leading to open air a million miles high in the sky causing him to plummet countless stories. Just as he's about to hit the street below, Lena manages to catch him just in time and gives him a big kiss very much to his dismay. The recoil of it was powerful enough to send him flying several yards down the street. Still madly passionate for him, she continues to run after him. He quickly tears a street line and places it towards a brick wall to which she mindlessly follows, flattening upon impact.

Roger Rabbit's Toontown

Lena appears in the Roger Rabbit's Toontown issue, "The Kissing Bandit" where it's revealed she's actually been a long-time friend of Jessica. In the issue, Jessica visits Lena in Toontown as she's pursued by a Toon Wolf who's overly smitten by her. The Wolf keeps confusing Lena for Jessica in his multiple attempts to kiss her, much to his horror. He runs away not knowing what to learn from his shenanigans. Unaware Lena had a cold, the Wolf gets sick after kissing her so many times.

"Lena the Hyena"

Abner Delivery Lena'46

Lena the Hyena finally revealed, 1946.

Lena Hyena is similar in concept to Lena the Hyena, a character created by cartoonist Al Capp for his comic strip Li'l Abner circa 1934. A resident of the fictional nation of Lower Slobbovia, Lena the Hyena was said to be the "ugliest woman in the world", so much so that anyone who saw her instantly went insane and no one could ever describe her appearance.

Initially, her face was usually hidden either behind censor bars and word balloons or by being seen only from the neck down. Capp later invited his readers to draw the best interpretation of her in a nationwide contest in 1946. The winner was comic book illustrator Basil Wolverton, who would go on to do artwork for Mad Magazine.

There's been a long standing rumor that Roger Rabbit's Lena Hyena may have been loosely adapted from or was, at least, an obscure reference to the Li'l Abner character. While this all remains unconfirmed, it seems more than likely that they're just two completely different characters that happen to share a few traits.


  • Lena's scene was heavily inspired by a segment from the 1943 Tex Avery short Red Hot Riding Hood where Grandma chases the wolf after he mistakes her for Red. It also references the moment when he runs through a door and almost falls off a very tall apartment building.
  • Real saliva was used when she kissed Eddie.
  • Lena has a portrait of Screwy Squirrel hanging in her room.



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