Lemur Island is a location in Disney's 2000 CG film Dinosaur. An incredibly lush place inhabited by lemurs, it was ultimately destroyed by a meteor shower.



A clan of lemurs including Plio, Yar, Zini and Suri are seen living on Lemur Island. When a dinosaur egg falls on the island, all the lemurs scatter in a frenzy. As the other lemurs gather around the fallen egg, Zini tries to get closer, but his father Yar stops him, telling him it's not safe. After the egg cracks, Yar's daughter Plio opens the shell and is happy to see a baby Iguanodon. After some protesting from Yar, he allows Pilo to raise the hatchling, whom she names Aladar.

Years later on Lemur Island, Aladar has grown up a vegetarian dinosaur, thanks to Plio's care. Shortly after a mating ritual takes place, Suri climbs up a tree to see a gentle meteor shower. Suddenly, a meteorite severely hits the ground, causing violent tremors. Other meteorites soon start falling, destroying the island. Aladar promptly flees the island and takes Plio, Yar, Suri and Zini on his back. They manage to escape the island by jumping across the sea to the mainland.

After the disaster on Lemur Island, as Aladar and all of the surviving lemurs make their way to the place where trees and twigs burn, Aladar and his lemur family are devastated that everyone on the island was killed by the fireballs, and that he and the lemurs are the last ones of their kind. Suri then performs a crying call for the deceased lemurs on the island, and Aladar bellows a similar mournful roar.


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