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Lela is a character in Teen Beach Movie. She is portrayed by Grace Phipps.


Lela is a biker girl and hangs out with the biker clan, The Rodents. Her big brother, Butchy, is the leader.


Lela is a total 60s girl. She is shown to be very sweet and kind.


Teen Beach Movie

In Wet Side Story, Lela is a part of the biker group, "The Rodents". When Lela falls into surfer guy Tanner's arms, she instantly falls in love with him. Due to them being apart of rival groups, Bikers and Surfers, they must keep their love a secret.

When Brady, who is a real person, is transported into Wet Side Story, Lela falls into his arms instead, and instead falls in love with Brady rather than Tanner. At the end of Teen Beach Movie, she, along with her brother and a few other bikers and surfers, gets trapped inside the real world.



In the original plot for Wet Side Story, Lela fell in love with Tanner when he caught her from falling off of the stage.


When Brady accidentally interferes with the plot of the movie, Lela falls in love with him when he catches her from falling off the stage due to Tanner being distracted by catching Mack.


McKenzie is one of Lela's friends from when they first met.At first she thought that McKenzie was with Brady who she loved then and was sad.Then Mack let Brady take Lela for a walk so she was happy.

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