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Larry, or Laser Pirate as he now calls himself, is one of the recurring villains from Teamo Supremo.

Larry was previously the technical college roommate of Mr. Paulson, and after completing work on what he considered his greatest invention ever, he ran out to a nearby pool party to show his fellow students his accomplishment. As a prank, a group of students threw him into the pool, causing his device to get wet and short out, destroying it.

Enraged, Larry swore vengeance, and swore off water, according to Paulson, he won't even take a bath. Sometime after, he adopted the identity of Laser Pirate, which is ironic, considering his hatred of water. He utilizes a floating pirate ship and a laser hook which can transform into other weapons, such as a blaster and a whip. His M.O. consists of stealing the most high tech devices he can find and utilizing them for his own use.

He also employs a trio of pirate themed henchmen known as Mauve-Beard, Chartruse-Beard, and Indigo-Beard.

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