Larry is one of the minor antagonists turned supporting characters of the 1993 comedy film, Cool Runnings.


Cool Runnings

Larry is first seen walking with Roger and Kurt Hemphill through the Olympics registration building when they run into Irv Blitzer. Though Roger is delighted to see him, Larry and Hemphill brush him off with contempt.

Later, after the Jamaicans chase their sled down the track, Larry meets with Derice Bannock, driver of his team, working on their sled. Larry offers some support to the Jamaican team, but when Derice says they have a good coach, Larry laughs this off and reluctantly tells him that he believes that Blitzer is the real cause of their problems.

Roger is last seen at the end, cheering on the Jamaican team as they carry their sled across the finish line after crashing it.