The Land of the Dead is a realm in the upcoming Pixar film, Coco. It is an underworld known in Mexican folklore as the final destination for spirits of the deceased.


The Land of the Dead is a realm with complex dimensions occupying deep space. In its heart is a large city full of bright lights and colors, while bridges covered with marigold petals branch from the city for the dead to venture across. The structures in the city are actually buildings upon buildings of previous homes, as the world is constantly expanding to accommodate the new souls that enter.[2] The only beings that inhabit this world are spirits or the deceased (who have the appearance of "living" skeletons) and the animal-like Alebrije.[2] The alebrije not only coexist with the humans of the afterlife, but also act as a guide for them.[3]

Reflecting Mexican folklore, the souls of those departed come to the land to reunite with their loved ones in the afterlife, but on Día de Los Muertos, those souls can cross over the bridges and return to the Land of the Living to see their living relatives once again.

Places of Interest

  • Department of Family Reunions - A resources department responsible for directing new arrivals to their respective family clans.
  • Grand Central Station - The center for the realm's main transport system.



  • Several Mexican stars and idols make cameos in the Land of the Dead, including Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete, Maria Felix, Agustín Lara, Cantinflas, El Santo and Zapata.[4]
  • Alebrije were not traditionally tied to Dia de Los Muertos; however, the filmmakers felt the folk art would be well-represented in the film and were excited to see these figurines come to life. In addition, Pedro Linares, the creator of alebrije, dreamed of these creatures when he was sick and near-death, leading to him creating the art. The Coco team saw the connection between the alebrije and death to incorporate them into the Land of the Dead as as guides in the spiritual world.[3]


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