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Lance Penn is Artha's little brother. He can be annoying at times, what with his red hair and 10 year old small stature poking into unneeded places (episode 3, Into The Fire: Lance knocks out the vidd game controller during a race at a crucial time, at Artha's question, Parmon says, "A small technical problem." Artha asks, "Let me guess, about four feet small, call himself Lance?"); but, as shown in episode 19, The Wraith Booster, he is really a good little boy. He often sitcks to Parmon Sean or Kitt Wonn, if he's not hanging out with his big brother. Lance is proud to have the Dragon Booster as his brother, even if he is jealous.

Lance's dragon is Fracshun, a blue energy class dragon that is about 10 years old, just like his rider. If you look carefully, you can see that Fracshun has a stylized dragon on his rear end, right around the emblem of the Penn Stables racing crew. Lance has this same picture on his helmet, and, as confirmed by Rob Travalino, using a Chromo-Shifter this logo of Lance's was put on Fracshun's back end.