Lance Fishman
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Lance Fishman is the life guard at the Tipton. He is obsessed with anything to do with water and wants to be a merman when he grows up. His obsession wit water has led him into some trouble when it comes to relationships, however. He is very hunky and attractive to several girls. In the episode "Hotel Hangout", he asks Maddie out, however she finds him annoying as every date she goes on with him ends up in conversing only about water. Maddie makes London teach her how to be mean and bargains to help tutor London in return. Finally, Maddie tells Lance that his obsession with water is annoying and that she cannot be with him because of it. They then break up. He previously dated London Tipton (Brenda Song) for several episodes,but they both dump each other in the episode "The Arwin That Came to Dinner". Lance dumped London first for Wanda (Samantha Droke) who has more things in common than London and Lance do. Eventually London breaks-up with Lance and so does Wanda. And Lance remained a lifeguard and a fish freak.