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Lana (voiced by Katelyn Pacitto) is a character from the live-action television program, I'm in the Band. She is the hottest girl in Tripp's school and his ex-girlfriend. She is described as: " Dumb, spoiled, rich girl" by Burger. Lana and Tripp dated a while, until they broke up in I Wanna Punch Stuff when the band made her to want to break up with him but they got together later. But in Money Bags they break up again because Tripp isn't rich and can't buy her nice and expensive things. In the same episode, it is stated that she only liked Tripp cause he was a rock star. Eventually, she goes back to her ex boyfriend - Bryce Johnson. (The male version of Lana) Her catchphrase is: " I know, right! "


  • Lana is very rich as seen in Money Bags.
  • Actually Lana broke up with Tripp two times, the first time in I Wanna Punch Stuff when Iron Weasel made her to want to break up with Tripp and the second time in Money Bags where she breaks up with him because he wasn't rich.