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"Lambie Gets the Linties" is the first half of the seventy-seventh episode of Doc McStuffins. It aired on November 6, 2015.


Doc must help Lambie remove the lint from her plush in time for her to be a part of Professor Hootsburgh's plush portrait painting.


As Professor Hootsburg plans to paint a portrait of the "plushies", Lambie falls into a mud puddle while doing a pirouette and got muddy and cannot participate in the portrait, in the meanwhile The Wicked King tries to Photobomb the portrait. As Lambie returned she discovered that she had lint all over her body and needed surgery to remove the lint from her plush.

Characters Present


  • Out of Sight
  • I Feel Better


  • This is the third time Lambie sings "I Feel Better" after her checkup.
  • This is the sixth time Ben and Anna were seen at Doc's house as Doc borrowed them from Emmie and Alma's house.
  • This is the third time Doc was seen in her operating clothes.
  • This is the second surgery episode where a patient doesn't need to be asleep.


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