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Don't worry, it's a lot farther down than it looks.

Lalotai is a realm inhabited by monsters that appears in the Disney 2016 film Moana.


Also known as the Realm of Monsters, the entrance to Lalotai can be accessed atop a high mountain on a remote island. The passageway (a pit) leads to an undersea environment homed to a number of exotic, demonic and ferocious creatures — one of which being Tamatoa, a villainous giant crab.

To unlock Lalotai's entrance, one must perform the haka followed by a forceful ground smash. The necessary impact of the smash implies that Lalotai's entrance can only be accessed by beings with supernatural strength.

One can exit Lalotai by simply swimming to the surface. This will directly take you to the human world.


  • Carnivorous Plants - Monstrous plants that are the first monsters appearing in Lalotai. They appear to be giant spores on roots that have small eyes, a mouth, and a very long tongue. Moana Waialiki was almost eaten by one of them, but it's tongue was bitten off by another carnivorous plant.
  • 8-Eyed Bats - Hostile bats with 8 eyes that repeatedly tried to attack Moana. Maui is seen defeating one of them in "You're Welcome".
  • The Great Eel - A very large red eel. Was killed and buried by Maui, creating the coconut tree, as seen in "You're Welcome".
  • Tamatoa
Main article: Tamatoa

Places of Interest


  • Lalotai is a proto-Polynesian term that means "under the ocean".[1]
  • Lalotai is also known as "the underworld".[2]
  • Originally, Lalotai was to be a realm inhabited by ancestral spirits, as opposed to monsters.[2]
  • The creatures found in Lalotai were inspired by real deep sea fish, as well as creatures from Maui's legends, such as the great eel.[3]
  • Some of the monsters in Lalotai made cameo appearances earlier in the movie during "You're Welcome".



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